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The birthday KICKS I GOT on my A**

I was not even bothered about what was going to happen with me at 12:00AM on 15 th -Sep-2008 . I'll let you will soon come across what happened to me on that day..... 15 th -Sep-2008 :I had my physics pratical test on 15th and alongwith everything i had to get my computer assignment get evaluated, so i was preparing for that.....and then.......Saurabh(guy in blue below) arpit and saurabh came with a thunder. But that was just a glimpse of starters for the night . Everyone lifted me up and took me to the kitchen(actually we got the faculty hostels....).There surprisingly i saw a birthday cake waiting for me..... But later i realized that it was toooooooooooooo creamy when instead of my mouth it came on to my face thats what the our(hostler's) tradition says: "have it on your face" However it was not all over with cake as it followed with COKE BATH ....Then i thought that they got some mercy on me and stopped to let me wash my face, b