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He did that at 100, can you do that at 20...???

Well, how many of you, especially those who're in 20-30 year age group, are comfortable, if asked to run for quite a distance, say for 10 km race...??? If yes, then imagine yourself running the same distance at the age 100. Obviously many of you might be thinking that you won't be alive to celebrate your 100th birthday, then how can I ask you to participate in a race, isn't it...??? Anyways, lemme tell you, there's a guy who completed full marathon, 42.195 km, at the age of 100years 6months and 15days , he is Sardar Fauja Singh , the Guinness World Record holder for oldest marathon runner and the one with the fastest time among the people of 90+ age group with 5hours and 40minutes . Here are his world records(all of them for age 100 and above): 1) Fastest 100 meters, 2) Fastest 200 meters, 3) Fastest 400 meters, 4) Fastest 800 meters, 5) Fastest 1500 meters, 6) Fastest 1 mile, 7) Fastest 3000 meters, 8) Fastest 5000 meters, 9) Fastest 10000 meters, 10) Fastest MA

Mama...Its Kolaveri...!!!

Finally after a long time something got so stuck in me that I can't get it out of my mind...well, its not about any girl...Its just about song...I guess all of you might have heard it by now... Why This Kolaveri Di...??? Its in South-Indian language...I guess its Tamilian...but you will surely love the music and as far as the question of understanding the song comes, there are subtitles(most of the lyrics is already in English)...and for some of the tamil's the lyrics in English... :P .................................. You will realize that its typically an Eminem Version...especially the English Version Lyrics... :P Soup: love failure Soup Boys: Love Failure Boys Soup Song: Love Failure Song Moonu: Moon Mama: Dude Kolaveri: Murderous Rage Di: used to usually call girls in a crude way (some says its shortened form of de’ar and boys are called ‘da’ which is shortened form of darling) Kai: hand ............................... Here goes the Lyrics:

In Quest of the Last Victory...!!!

I know that this is my second consecutive post giving reviews to any book. Obviously "Gone With The Wind" was on different theme, but this one surely deserved an appreciation for the author, Mr. Navin Gulia, Ex-army officer, who got injured in an accident during the completion of his training at academy, and but now he has reached that point of his life where many of us would never think of reaching, if we're given the same situations to face. The cover page of his book...!!! Since the accident he has been on wheel-chair, but never appeared to be on it if we look at his achievements. He has achieved so many things which we, especially those who say they are completely fit, might not be able to achieve. No doubt he's far more mentally fit than any of us...BTW don't ever dare to doubt his physical fitness as he's survived some of the expeditions which we won't even plan to attempt. Here are his list of achievements: *Mind of Steel Award, 2010 *Karamvee

Gone With The Wind...A TRUE MASTERPIECE...!!!

Last week I completed with another book and couldn't help but mentioning it here as for me it was truly a MASTERPIECE . Obviously, for past 6 months I've been busy in a couple of tasks, so couldn't devote a proper time to read and after finishing it I realized that it took me almost 6 months to complete the novel. The novel covers the story of a young girl(Scarlett), who wants to live her dream as she wants to, without anyone else's intervention and wants to have anything she wanted(and all of this in the times when the whole society was dominated by men, and any wrong deed by any women is considered as evil and no one will respect you...). Margaret Mitchell (the author) has so beautifully shown that the inner self(especially the evil part) of some people never dies no matter how many worse condition he/she has to face in life by the example of "Scarlett O'Hara" . And obviously, how can I forget the character of "Captain Rhett Butler" , and mos

Deciphered...??? Maybe...!!!

Actually I was thinking that... " Why its always hard to decipher anyone completely...sometimes its even impossible, why...??? " Then I guess, I had my answer, but obviously, not a solution... :P Man learns everything from his past experiences, and when dealing with people, if we understood them completely then we can change the world around us according to our own, and that's the power with which we(the human race) are not provided with. Obviously... " Somethings are not ours to tamper with, they are GOD's ". PS: Some of you might feel, that this post is from a different person, i.e., not real me. PS: For those who feel that this post is not from real me, I'll say... "its always hard to decipher anyone completely..." cya... :)

Pablo Picasso - Reverse Engineered or maybe Re-Engineered...!!!

Modern art has always been one of the most famous form of painting, as it can be interpreted by anyone in anyway-that's what I think about it, and no doubt about it that I'm also very fond of it, but obviously I won't deny that I've already made fun of it before in my earlier post related to Pablo Picasso and his painting...ummm...but no apologies for it...that's how I interpreted it... ;) By the way, I got this image which really made me wonder that in optics if two opposites lenses can again make the image straight, then why can't we think similarly in case of modern art painters like Pablo Picasso... :P Courtesy: Abstruse Goose PS: You must be thinking why did I titled this post using the word "Engineered", and I think that I must make it clear that after all I'm an engineer and an engineer's brain works using these terminologies... :D PS: especially for Picasso Lover's...Sorry guys, couldn't help, it was worth sharing... ;)