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Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Desire for Satire...!!!

Generally, every month on 3rd Saturday I go for a Poetry meet-up, "Let Poetry Be". Every month we're given a topic and we've to come up with a poem of our own on the same topic. This generally is fun till the time topic is reasonable. Unlike every other time, this time the topic was weirdest, "I found you at LPB". But I had to come-up with something and here's how everything came up.

Well, I was really confused what to write till the very last week. By chance I asked one of my friends with whom I generally discuss such stuff. During discussion I came up with a thought that in college a guy used to had weed when he wanted to think anything that was tough. So, considering the guy with whom I was discussing is not in town, I went to have a word with another friend of mine and that's how it went: 

I asked "Dude, let's go for a weed."
He replied "That's not a good deed."
I again asked, "Lord Shiva used to have it, why do you think so?"
He said, "My mom would kill me, if I do so."
I said, "Dude, don't exaggerate, just have some and let's perform some hora;

Coz your mom's not Indrani Mukherjee and you're not Sheena Bora."

That's when I realized,
What I had to confess at LPB.
Oh my desire for satire,
I met you at LPB.
Oh my talent of making rhyming puns,
I met you at LPB. :)

Anyway, that also at the end became my final entry for the event this time. Initially it looked weird to me when I wrote it, but somehow it turned out to be fun. :P

PS: I don't smoke weed. It was just a time-pass thing. So don't start making complaints to my parents against me(if you know them) :D


Friday, May 20, 2016


Some write poetry.
Others inspire poetry.
Once in a lifetime though you will meet the one person who is poetry. 

(For those who say poetry is not their cup of tea: By poetry, I mean, it doesn't have to rhyme, it just have to touch someone where your hands couldn't.)

Image Source
The above lines are not mine but I couldn't help sharing. Once in a blue-moon we meet a person who give you a feeling of meeting someone with whom your frequency matches. They are someone who truly understands you. They know how to handle you in your different moods. Just by some random replies of yours they know something is off with you. They'll just simply know it. Time spent with them just flies by; gives a feeling like only a few moments have been spent with them. Those moments feels like a poetry. You just simply rhyme with them. You feel like you can spend a lifetime with those pals talking or sitting idle. But you never know what life has planned for you ahead. Sometimes you really get lucky and get to spend time with them and sometimes life really tests you by driving them away from you due to one reason or the other, testing you and your patience.

Then there are few tough moments when you just simply wish that you had those pals of yours around you. Sometimes just not to talk to, maybe just to sit idle because the level of comfort you achieve when they're around you is something you never get. Maybe I'll rephrase it to the positive aura you get around them is something you never get around anyone else. You know they'll understand you and won't ask you questions. They may just simply play a random music or start a random topic to deviate your mind of the things. Sometimes just seeing those faces or getting a moment with them cheers you up for the entire day. Those are the people who are truly your soulmate. No matter how much trouble you have, you may not discuss your problems with them but you'll always end up calling or pinging them on chat. Somehow, just by your first ping, they'll know what your mood is right at that moment. To some it all: "Soulmates are beings with whom you end up rhyming".

Luckily I too have a handful of them. 

PS: A word of advice, no matter how hard life be on you or no matter how hard they be on you, try to never loose them.
PPS:  It's a random scribble dedicated to few of those handful of them.

Indian Bloggers

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Horlicks Indiblogger Meet...!!!

A bloggers meet after long time; though few happened, but I was unable to attend them lately due to some prior commitments. When this invite came I was, indeed, really excited.

Well, it was really an eventful evening. Firstly it was sunday, then a blogger's meet in Vivanta by Taj clubbed with Mother's Day celebration. Also, the hall was full with chit-chats as parents were allowed to bring kids with them. Also not to mention the Bangalore was back to its beautiful weather, so a  bike ride to the event was not at all a problem.

First we're welcomed with juices and beverages; only soft drinks (as the event was about health, nutrition and immunity :P ). Well, it was a real fun to have Horlicks after long time.

The event started with a usual introduction and a special video and warm welcome for all the mothers on the special occasion of Mother's Day. It was followed by the presentation by Jill Castle. The talk was really insightful with lots of facts which, not even kids, but are important for adults also. In respect to kids, I was able to relate many nutrition problems as I'm living with my 1.5 years old niece. The points she made about the problems of nutrition in India among kids is of pretty grave concern.

The second half of the event was followed with product presentation; panel discussion and some Q&A. However, the best part of the event came when there was a small quiz and I, fortunately, happened to be part of the winning team. The team members were really smart, as they had the recording and snapshots of all the slides. Obviously, not to convey the special thanks to Google baba for their help. The event concluded with a some hefty amount of Flipkart gift vouchers for our team.

The Winning Team

Later it was an awesome dinner when I finally got the chance to meet few bloggers with whom I was in contact with for around 6+ years. At last it was time to collect the goodies and head home. The event was pretty interactive, to the point, short and sweet. The journey back home was again a pleasant ride to home with cold winds blowing.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Unfinished Business...!!!

People come;
become part of your life; and
leave you to make themselves your life's Unfinished Business. 

PS: This was written as part of prompt "Unfinished Business" by Friday Phrases.

PPS: Life keeps on playing with us. People come and people leave. Only thing that remains is their memories and hence this post...


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Memories of My Melancholy Whores - Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

Book: Memories of My Melancholy Whores
Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Rating: 4/5

Pages: 115
ISBN-10: 0307278492
ISBN-13: 978-0307278492

Just to give a heads-up, to understand this book, you need to enter the mind-frame of an old man, ninety year old fellow. The guy has lived his life as a second-grade reporter who has never married and has never fell in love. Only thing on the name of love life and relationships he had was the time he has spent with whores whom he has always paid. Yes, by paid, he has ensured the women he spent time with is never left unpaid.

His philosophy "Sex is the consolation you have when you can't have love."
The book starts at a pretty weird point where on the eve of his 90th birthday, the old man decides to make love with a virgin. Yes, it does sounds pretty weird. Well, he finally manages to gift himself with a 14-year old virgin. A girl, may possibly a whore in future, just sleeps with him on every night they have spent together. However, this is the first time he falls in love with someone.

Anyway, the story just continues and a simple but very different love story of a 90 year old guy continues. The struggles and thoughts have been put down in a very beautiful manner. How this second-grade reporter writes about his thoughts on love in his weekly columns and with them how he achieves a small bit of fame and respect he has never received before, something what he has been (indirectly) desiring all his life. The book ends when our old man reaches the age of ninety-one and is finally pretty satisfied with his life.

Well, many readers might not like the book, for obvious reasons. As I've already mentioned, that for understanding the book, a reader needs to enter the mind-frame of a ninety year old with conditions as mentioned in the first paragraph.

PS: Believe me, the book is literally one of it's kind. Really different in it's own way also written in a unique way. That's the reason I'm giving it 4 star.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Types of Sapiens on Mother's and Father's Day...!!!

Coming straight to the point. There are 3 type of such sapiens:

1) Who won't ask about their parents all year, except just post a sentimental type post on social media tagging their mother or father.

2) Another one is people who care won't post anything, as they're either not comfortable sharing anything on social media or they think it's stupid to share anything on social media just on one day or they don't know any such day exists. Considering 21st century and technological advancements in it, I'd say they know such days exist but are bad at expressing.

3) This category is the one, it doesn't matter whether they post anything anywhere or not, for whom the day, like father's or mother's day, is celebrated. They are the one who generally end up longing for their kids reactions or to be precise sometimes end up longing for their kids to talk to them.

PS: I personally feel there is a rule in China which needs to be implemented in India and many countries. The rule is "Adult needs to visit their parents on a regular basis, especially to take care of their basic personal and financial needs." There have been many such incidents where parents who get abandoned by their kids at old age.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Creativity needs time. Nurture it, Don't murder it - Part 2

Few days back I wrote a blog-post about Indian system of educating and where, when and how the creativity of a kid dies. For those who missed it, here is the link: Creativity needs time. Nurture it, Don't murder it...!!!

Today actually for the second time I came across a video about the education system of Finland and why it is best in the world.

I was so much tempted to share it here, one for the personal record so that I don't miss it in future (when needed) and second to motivate few more for the brain drain :)

Yes, I know now many of you will start arguing and telling me that I'm anti-national, so be it. I'm just quoting the truth and I don't care what you guys think.

As I said in my last post, let the kid decide what he/she wants to do and not the parents. As parents and teachers, we have to just expose them to all the available options since day-1 of their education. By God's grace, they have a sufficient brain of theirs. Only thing they don't have is exposure to what all is there in the world. However, instead of giving exposure what we give them is a fixed direction and make them walk on it. By the time they realize what they have been made to do it becomes too late.

Anyway, coming back to Finland's education system. They allow kids to explore everything on themselves since day-1 and that's why they have proved themselves to be the best in the world. No homework to kids, might feel objectionable to many. Then again, least number of school days and school hours. Again objectionable, right? Forget everything, most of the time kids just play at school with the facilities provided in the campus. Yes, just play, but they are being exposed to every single thing and they end up figuring out right stuff for themselves, smart, isn't it? I know many Indian Parents who, if reading this post, will either start cursing me or at least would stop reading this thinking that I've gone mad. For those parents I've nothing to say. I've already said enough. I'd only like to ask them to think about it again, that's it.

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