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How I broke the ICE on stage and got comfortable..!!

I had a bad history of stage appearances. Not that, if I reached on stage, someone was gonna come to me and eat me alive, but yeah, that’s how it felt to me. Apart from that what all I felt when I was on stage is tough to describe, but let me make an attempt to the same. Symptoms were as follows: 1) Looking down at the floor or up on the ceiling, 2) Dry lips, 3) Itchy throat, 4) Elevated heartbeat, 5) Trembling legs, 6) Sweat dripping all over me, 7) Lower than normal voice (I’m already known for not speaking much loudly) I’ll come back and add more if any other thing pops-up my head, but right now, apart from someone eating me alive, these 7 points I mentioned above were the key highlights of my mental and physical state whenever I stepped on any stage addressing even a crowd as small as 4–5 people. Yeah, I know 5 people might not sound big to you, but for someone who has stage fear and paranoia, for them it is a LOT. I