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Am I really Busy or Lost...???

Am I too much busy with my college work? or Am i too much lost within myself? Dunno what happened.....Actually from starting of this month and till now, I had in my mind that on 26th November this month, One of the 2 most special persons of my life is celebrating his birthday.....but I didn't actually realized that 26th is tomorrow only until I received an update from my uncle, Maj. Ashwani Saini's Blog . Can't say where my mind was....;) Okay leave it.....if any of you have the answer to any of my above question then please reply.....Thanks... ;) So, you might be thinking that who are the two most special Mom and Dad.....How quickly time passes by..... It just appears to be only a day or so when my father retired from RBI and we shifted to Bhopal.....and now a whole year has passed..... BTW... Take Care...GOD Bless you...:)

Those days...!!!

When we don't have to look even for ourselves, When we don't have care for anyone, When we don't have to care for food, When we don't have to care for health, When we don't have anything to loose, When everyone just kept roaming around us for fulfilling our demands, When we just have to ask for what we wanted, When we were free from the tension of studies, When future tensions have never been able to bother us for anything, When we didn't had anything to plan for our future..... PS: Really missing those days.....but can't have them back.....One pessimist said once..."Youth never comes back, and old age never goes away...". However, it totally depends on your thinking that when you're going to get old..... PS: But one optimist has said....."Being young is an accident of mind, youth is a permanent state of mind..." And I would like to add that youth is a permanent state of mind for only those who thinks youthfully, and not for pe

Better Late than NEVER...!!!

Many times we just think that "The correct time has gone and we can't get back or accomplish our dream".....But today i somehow realized that its never late, it depends only on the time when you are going to start moving in a positive direction. The time will never wait for you and neither you will be able to make it move backwards(its impossible...) But you can control what's gonna come-up next..... Be firm and determined towards what you want, and you will achieve it in almost no time, But you should be focused this time properly and not in the way you have been doing before, Stop blaming others for your loss, you will surely achieve success..... Just remember......" No DEFEAT is final, until you stop TRYING...!!! " No matter how late it might be, but its never late to start moving on the path you have imagined in your dreams.... read this might get it in a better way what I'm exactly trying to say.....I got this link as a comment on one o

3 days...!!!

Well past three days went past in a much different way than expected. Don't get bothered up, nothing that important happened...just they were different from usual. Actually 5th Nov. was "Diwali", you all know it very well, nothing to mention about it so hostel was all vacant by 3rd night or maximum by 4th morning, leaving behind some of us like me, my cousin(mama's son) and a couple of my friends. Nothing to do we just roamed around the area near college, took lunch from somewhere...(infact anywhere)...., watching movies, then again having something from roadside, went to meet a friend nearby and then came back to hostel to watch movies and seasons ( NUMB3RS ) on our laptops. Then again getting up late in the morning or early afternoon.....same schedule for the next day. Perhaps that's what the schedule we(me and my cousin) predicted for 4th, 5th and 6th, but that went on only for a single day.....on 4th only......on 5th we didn't had any proper movie to