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Letting Go..!!

People come,     People go. Some leave an impression on my mind,     With some my heart starts to rhyme.     Started as a wicked friendly partner in crime,     Our souls ended up making sweet sounds like a chime. Here I am left alone bidding everyone one by one a farewell,     Whatever life has planned, for them I always pray that all goes well. Well, Once again with a heavy heart and crying soul,     Here I am letting another one go.  PS: Another random one I guess.

Death's Desire...!!!

The first time I saw her,     I felt attracted. Somethings were off about her,     But from her, only perfection got refracted.     She was lying down on a beach,     In a one-piece that was colored peach. The sky was lit in a white-chocolaty shade,     Romantic you may say, but my desire to get her was like a sharpened blade. Few patches of dark clouds here and there,     Every passing by hour of sky had showed it's own glare. Waxy yellows, cloud spat blues,     My attention got stuck on her like with a glue.     Her body,     I must say it was perfectly gaudy. Erupted inside me, a desire to get her;     To touch her and lay my hands upon her. I wanted to carry her in my arms,     Embrace her with a body so warm. I promised myself, when her time will come, she won't feel a thing,     I'll take her as she is my girl; on her 3rd finger will be my ring.     But I couldn't resist, as she lay against the sea,     Her time was up, when I took her soul mid-way during tea. S