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Bending of iPhone6: A Revolution...???

There have been hundreds of videos and memes to make fun of bending of iPhone6. But this seems the only video praising the bending feature of iPhone. A Must Watch...!!! That's what we call as "Keh k Lena" :P PS: It's was fun watching different videos making fun of iPhone6, but this one was literally ROFL...!!! PPS: Click Here to watch, if the video doesn't work for you.  

"BailRock" and "Boogaloo" a.k.a. "FUTURE FUNK"...!!!

***Future Funk***   The youngest ever dance group with 2 kids, BailRock and Boogaloo, 9 years and 5 years respectively...!!!   I couldn't resist myself from sharing this video. Its from one of the auditions from "America's Got Talent". PS: No words needed to describe this talent. Just watch it, you'll know. cya...

If You're Looking for LOVE, GET LOST...!!!

OOOPPPSSS...!!! . It's not my ideology...!!! . It's from the movie "Finding Fanny"...!!! Well not much of a movie specific to "Masala-Loving Crowd", but yeah its going to be a good one for those who are pissed off by the stupid movies coming these days in Bollywood and want to ease themselves and spend couple of hours in a light mood, this is the one for you. Obviously, no one can doubt on the star-cast, it was a "perfect one" for the movie, which includes Naseeruddin Shah , Pankaj Kapur and Dimple Kapadia among the senior members and Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor among the youngsters. All of them were perfectly suited to the roles. I must say it was a perfect combo of "Romance", "Love", "Fun", "Passion" and "Life". The movie revolves around a post-master - role played by Naseeruddin Shah - who started with a confused and messed up post-master in the first half with a li

The Best Ever Tribute to Michael Jackson...!!!

6 Years and somehow I managed to continue it. I was actually wondering what exactly to share on the 6th anniversary of my dear blog . Couldn't find anything more appropriate than the best ever tribute (my personal favorite) to the legendary Michael Jackson. The best ever moonwalk tribute...!!! PS: Once again, as always... Sincere thanks to my dear Sister who made me start this blog. Lets see if I'll be able to continue this page in future or not... :D PPS: Thanks to my engineering years (4+2) that I've been able to continue to my blog...!!! . Lets see if I'll be able to do so during Job or not... :P