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Mrs. Pratibha Patil: ANGEL for RAPISTS and CRIMINALS...!!!

OKAY...!!! I know that it has already been more than a month now, and almost every blogger friend of mine has written something on this topic, but better late than never, I've been waiting for some free time since then and finally I get some ;) Lets start with some basics: President of India and the role of the person holding that chair: The President of India is the head of state of the Republic of India. The President is the formal head of the executive, legislature and judiciary of India and is the commander-in-chief of the Indian Armed Forces. Regarding Powers and Duties, read this . But I'd like to quote one thing that's most important or you can say one of the most important, "Pardoning Powers" where president can pardon even a "DEATH SENTENCE". ------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leaving back the basics and coming directly to my point, you must have seen the girls/women were the one wh