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Hmmm.....So approximately 5 months ago.....on February 9th, 2010.....Google launched "BUZZ". It became famous from the very first day.....but in a small corner of the was about to make a history..... "The biggest ever group conversation on BUZZ" ...Infact "The biggest ever NONSENSE group conversation on BUZZ" consisting of 183 lines over a period of 1 month..... It all started with one of my batchmate "Sobhagya Gupta's" status " nt at desk and followed by the comments of "Anand Dubey, Purnendu Chaturvedi, Sarabjeet Singh(that's me), Swati Ramachandran, Ayush Kumar, Vikrant Chauhan, Gaurav Arora, Srishti Prakash" .....I was not able to read it full at one stretch myself so better you yourself read it is.....IF U SURVIVE AFTER READING IT...PLEASE DO INFORM ME......:P... Disclaimer: No compensation will be paid to the family of people those who die or loose their mental balance after going throu

Tardy person's can't be always IGNORED...!!!

Ok...Coming directly to the point...yesterday I reached the link to a web-page from my sister's blog which once again reminded me some of the great names in the history of education..... George Dantzig So it will be much better that you read it yourself than me telling you the whole thing..... One day in 1939, Berkeley doctoral candidate George Dantzig arrived late for a statistics class taught by Jerzy Neyman. He copied down the two problems on the blackboard and turned them in a few days later, apologizing for the delay — he’d found them unusually difficult. Distracted, Neyman told him to leave his homework on the desk. On a Sunday morning six weeks later, Neyman banged on Dantzig’s door. The problems that Dantzig had assumed were homework were actually unproved statistical theorems that Neyman had been discussing with the class — and Dantzig had proved both of them. Both were eventually published, with Dantzig as coauthor. “When I began to worry about a thesis topic,” he

Mixed Feelings...!!!

Its appearing to be a long long long...infact...very very very long time since i have been scribbling here..... With a mixed type of enjoyable and sometimes irritating one and a half month long vacations anyone wants to come back to its routine college life.....but now when i have came back to college....."I want to rest" It seems that i have never ever been able to rest in these vacations..........I want my vacations back.......lolzzzz Ok.....after a lot of stupid talks......lemme get back to "blogspot" and see some of your posts......surely this will take a long excuse me for some time.....i'll surely be back soon after going thru your pages.....bbye