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How many of You remembered???

How many of you remembered that yesterday was the Martyrs Day of India, the day M.K.Gandhi was shot on January 30, 1948. But have you ever bothered that how many of you remember the day when many other great ones like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru and many of the great revolutionaries died??? I mean their martyrs day??? And how many martyrs do you remember on whose death pact was signed by some other big martyr??? Like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru's death pact with the British Government was signed by M.K.Gandhi.... Actually, I wanted to ask this question to you yesterday, but didn't had any access to the internet, so I'm just posting it today...cya...

Waiting for Stabilization...!!!

Many big changes have occurred since couple of months, and moreover many great events have kept me occupied and has unstabilized me in some or the other way. Just waiting for the life to stabilize.....

Got one more...;)

Finally, mathematics once again left me with something interesting, strange, but i won't say unexpected because nothing is impossible, at least with mathematics. Without having any further delay, lemme share it with you..... 3139971973786634711391448651577269485891759419122938744591877656925789747974914319422889611373939731 is prime, whether it’s spelled forward or backward. Further, if it’s cut into 10 pieces: … each row, column, and diagonal is itself a reversible prime. Discovered by Jens Kruse Andersen. Courtesy..... Futility Closet cya

An Extremely Restless December...!!!

Firstly a very very Happy New Year to all of you..... Actually what I planned and hoped to be my vacations to be as, they weren't so.....too much traveling, too much restlessness broke all my plans of sleeping, but due to some reasons they went well, infact you can say extremely good.....due to some breaking news 1) My sister's Rokka ceremony was done on December 21st, 2010. 2) Got my eyes operated, and 3) Sri Guru Granth Sahib was permanently shifted to my bua's place..... These three events took away my 21 days of rest and peace.....I was home for only 3 days for the whole vacations.....:P Everyone kept saying "beta rest karle tu, tera kya kaam hai....", but how??? Hoping that this semester i will sleep properly..... BTW Happy Lohri To all of you....cya....