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Mirrored Spaces..!!

Lonely and restricted,     That's what it may appear. Hollow and shallow,     Yeah, deep within for him it was creepier. They kept a mirror all around,     It scared him a bit. He fell into the thoughts,     "For the world around him, is he a fit?" Every second millions of words,     Came to his mind. When he tried to pen them down,     None were so kind. Worried and bothered,     About what others might think. When he was in the crowd,     Scared, he wasn't exactly sure even how to blink. People in the surrounding made him feel awkward,     While he just tried to figure out some link. However, there were few who made him feel "normal",     Together with them, in random thoughts, he liked to sink. Though most of the time his life to him felt obscure,     His days ended sometimes with crying eyes. But thanks to those awkwardly normal souls,     'coz with them he won't have to worry about those prying eyes. PS: Wrote