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What Goes Around Comes Back Around...!!!

Yeaahhh...A couple of days ago I literally realized that in Life "What goes around comes back around"... ;) When I left for B.Tech., I never imagined that I'll be able to meet any of my buddies until and unless I get back to Kanpur and that I knew is not possible as because my father shifted to Bhopal. But that's not the way...Life is never so cruel with us...Last year, when I was doing my summer internship, one of my friend got sick and had to break his journey and luckily it was at my new hometown Bhopal...That was the first time I met someone from my school time... and now after 4 years...when I'm at the other corner of the country, I met another friend of mine, Vinamra Misra ... It felt like something which can't be explained. I was stunned for a moment. Just roaming around in a mall and suddenly you see someone whom you haven't seen in 4 years. Actually I was too upset when I completed my under-graduation that I won't be able to meet a