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Are You Comfortable Sir...???

Good Morning Sir....Are You Comfortable Sir.....????? How was the Night sir????? Any disturbances Sir????? Any Problem sir????? Any thing to pack sir...water/lunch????? the best one..."Separation is always painful....." These were the Great Great lines said by a great great person...... Mr. JIJI JOHN .... Here he is..... the guy standing next to me..... We met him during our stay at Hotel FORT MUNNAR, at Munnar.....during our trip to south..... He was the guy who was always full of questions.....It all started when we reached the hotel..... q1) How was the journey sir??? q2) Are you comfortable sir??? q3) Do you want anything At that time we didn't felt anything.....but at night.....door was knocked..... q) would you like to have dinner at the dining hall or shall we serve it to your room itself...??? we chose to have it in the dining hall..... when we reached the dinner table.....this is how it started..... good ev

Happy Birthday DAD.....

The guy in the LAT-SAHAB style in the above pic. is celebrating his 60th birthday today.....He's my DAD..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY...!!! One of the greatest person I have ever met in my whole life.....Full of Experience.....Always Stands by his word.....Punctual.....Ahhh....Lot to tell...and i'm here with so few words in my dictionary to describe him.....haha.....sry.....can't help.....serious problem..... Never ever ignore what he says to you.....Because one day you will realize that you are mistaken and he was right.....I have experienced it many times, and telling you not to ignore this..... gotta improve my vocabulary to tell you my feelings about this man in words.....haha..... One more thing.....He's retiring from RBI by the end of this month.....So, warm regards and All the best for your future from my side.....cheers...!!! Hmmm.....And how can i forget this day......exactly 1 year back.....26/11 attack on a mourn to all those who died in

The Best Pic I Ever Clicked...

Among my is one of the main..... Me and my sister..... The above pic was taken by me from my sister's mobile camera.....nice one, isn't it??????

Lets see, What gonna happen...

Few days ago, I was wondering around thinking about, what will be our future????? We are always consoled by our parents that we have a bright future and we are going to reach the new heights of success.....but are we really gonna have it???????? A couple of decades earlier, it was easy for one to get placed.....Anyone somehow, someway get settled. No tension. But, today a big mob is running for the same.....So have you ever thought that where in this world do you stand????? Amidst this large crowd, what's our status????? We have to do something creative, innovative and discover something that is different from others with which we can move ahead and succeed in life..... Ohhh.....seems that i have diverted my discussion to a serious one.....isn't it????? Actually I'm writing this post because today when i was just scrolling through some of the pics in my laptop.....i recalled a couple of the funny moments which i had...some during my previous semester and some of them du

Totally useless...!!!

From a long time i was busy, so i was unable to scribble for such a long time.....You might be thinking that what the hell in this world i was doing that i was so busy.....Actually, i didn't had any problem from all the assignments but the project work in a subject that is totally useless in engineering. We all were making project for our "PHOTOSHOP". Why the hell are we learning this in our engineering???? Is the college ensuring that they are not going to provide us proper placement, so those who are not satisfied with the so called placement, (I'll call it formality by the college), shall go and sit in some photo studio and get some satisfactory salary according to the work provided. First we were designing it in photshop, then we were made to design it again in illustrator because it gets blurred in photoshop.......then why the hell we were not asked to design it directly in photoshop????? Well, this is what i made.......A POSTER.......for a conference.......h

Its gonna be different...

Before saying anything, i wish all my friends a warm belated happy diwali. Actually, this diwali went in a totally different way for me, surprisingly and unexpectedly I enjoyed it a lot. We went for a trip to south for a week. Although i was totally out of touch from rest of the world, but all this went in a very interesting way, but unfortunately with no network coverage in almost all the area and fortunately with noone to disturb when we admired the beauty of nature. We started from Kochi and ended in thiruvananthapuram (trivandrum). Although our me and my family started on 17th from kanpur and ended back on 24th, but my journey started from 15th night and ended back on 25th in noida. That was really an adventure trip to south, precisely speaking, it was Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Back to Job.....

When one don't have anything to do, then its the time when something mischievous comes to everyone's mind and its the time how one uses his/her empty slot...either doing something or sitting idle and doing day dreaming...... Actually from the very first semester of our college, there's something to irritate me and unfortunately, its gonna accompany me for all the 8 semester.....our college is just trying to help us but its proving to be of no use, they are teaching us a subject named "Professional Development(PD)" which is proving to be a torture for us..... Let me tell you why it is have to learn and vomit each and every single word during exams. You have so much to learn that surely you gonna forget something and this has brought so much misfortune for me......This is the only subject in which i have proved myself a "below average student" and due to it only my CGPA has dropped. I have earlier mentioned my frustration for this subject....

Why life plays so many games with us?????

Everything was going as it should be.......then suddenly something happens and everything changes in our life.......some of these changes are acceptable and but some are not...somehow or the other we try to undo these changes but most of them are imposed on us, Why?????? Nobody knows the answer, many can interpret it in different ways, but the exact answer will never be obtained.....some satisfying answer that one gets is "Its the rule of life...we just have to face it, and so nothing can be done..." or "Anyone can decide their luck on their can also do it...don't loose hope...just keep going..." But these answers rarely help...sometimes you are left alone when you are in need of someone - sometimes due to such circumstances, or sometimes due to misunderstandings. Many of the other times you are stuck in some difficult situations and not able to get its solution, and you can't even share your problem with not even to your close one's...this i

My 2nd birthday...haha - 3

This time it was something different.....Actually, as my birthday lies in September, so most of the time we had internal exams(in school) or such sort of stuff, so i never celebrated my birthday properly except for a couple of times....maybe for the last three years or so..not more than that, (as much as i remember)......And what was about to happen on this day, i had never imagined such beautiful birthday, atleast till date...don't know about the future......... But this time it was about to be something special, and i didn't knew that.....Everything that took place was normal until it was in the lunch time that day, when my friend Purnendu Chaturvedi handed over to me a Birthday Card which was sealed.....When I read on the envelope, it was a total surprise for me....It was from my sister, DEEP..and it reached to me traveling a long distance right away from Pune.....this was really a surprise package for me....thanks a lot sis....I'll remember this for ever..... This wa

My 2nd birthday...haha - 2

Lets move on to the photo gallery of my birthday........ 1) Lets start of with a cake.........hmmmm....yummy...isn't it...??? 2) In a funny...naughty mood....... 3) Just trying to be serious.....nothing else...:) 4) That yummy cake on my face.....haha...I liked it.... 5) I was just trying to ensure that everyone gets the cake(coz in return everyone will make me eat the same...and i liked it), but unfortunately or fortunately..i don't will see my batchmates clicking my pic with this girl only.....Ohhh, i forget to introduce her...."Abira Bandhopadhyay"....and the CAMERAWOMEN was "Aditi"... 6) Some of the guys...from my batch.... (from left)..Ayush, Chaitanya, Pardon(..ooopppss...Gaurav Arora), Anuj, Sobhagya, Purnendu.... (sitting)..obviously me.... 7) Batch girls....with me at the centre.....(me the b'day boy).....haha.... (from left)Ajeeta, Abira Bandhopadhyay...... (from right)Komal, Swati Ramachandran....... 8) Its

My 2nd birthday...haha - 1

Aaahhhh...!!!! don't confuse yaar....i'm talking about my 2nd birthday in the college..... started of very painfully.....with lots of hits on my back....really very painful yaar.....leave it dat was very painful..... Unfortunately, I had my lecture all day and lab test for electrical machines and instruments the very next i didn't enjoyed a lot but still the day was much more than the expected under such conditions.....haha..... The day started of with EMI lecture, and there our lecturer wished me for my birthday....I don't know how he is able to know this that its my birthday...actually nobody knows this....that was the biggest surprise till that time for me....Two of them are more to come, and they were much more greater than about that later in my further posts..... The day went past slowly and then in the evening it was party time.....Cake and bumps gave a great combination.....the day went very well.....

No Dream too big...neither they r too small...!!!

If you don't dream, then how will you know what you want to accomplish..........But day dreaming is bad..dream only at night, that will be much better.... Today was the first robotics introductory class for the first year......and my seniors were conducting lectures for them.....A huge number of them came there to attend the same, like we did last year..haha...I remembered my own time when me and my friends appeared in large number to attend the robotics workshop. We started with a lot of big dreams but very few of us remained in the robotics continuing with their work. We dreamt of making big bots and started with small once. However luck never supported us and we never ever won any consolation prize either, once the power supply failed, the very other time we were out just before the last round.....No matter we are still dreaming about that, and hope that someday i get the success in what i have dreamt off.....However i'm still happy that atleast i learnt something new....s

Why it remains unshared???????

Sometimes life is felt as a long journey to travel....sometimes it is felt as a big challenge to face.....sometimes it is felt as a mystery and it becomes hard to explore what's going on......never mind..... However, in this long journey of our life--or in whatever way we have interpreted it-- we face many things which make us learn about the world rudeness and also its softness.....Although all these things give us a way to gain experience in life, but many incidents come when we are left blank with a thought left in some corner of our mind leaving behind many questions which are left in our mind for a long time......sometimes they stay in our mind for ever waiting to get solved but most of the time left unsolved always....... Such things in life happen with everyone, and i was wondering all around that... Why such feelings are left unshared in our life???????? Why such feelings are never exposed to the outer world???????? Why such feelings are die with us???????? Why such feel

Built for the kill.....lolzzz...

Gud morning everyone...... Yesterday, I wasn't feeling well...and i slept early so this morning i woke up at about 6:30..very strange from my side to get up so early but can't help....haha...:) Now having nothing to do i'm writing this post only.... The day started well.......However, not in a mood to study so early in the morning...i decided to have a look of the early morning sky...the nature and it looks??? The cool breeze was slowing blowing all around with its soothing effect and trees slowly kindof dancing along with it...sun seemed to be playing hide and seek...hiding behind the clouds....the morning was fantastic....the early morning was really to be observed.... Many things were need to be observed in this world...among them...most of them have been already watched by you in some of such fascinating channels like National geographic, discovery, etc...but the craze to see it going on live is very interesting. Human beings need training for wha

Trying To Experiencing A Real Hostel Life

When I was started with my college life, I was told to get ready to be a hostler.....Everyone warned me about the hostel life and the way i'll be living the remaining part of my life...and all such stuff.... However, at the beginning of my college i wasn't able to get hostel and i stayed with my cousin brother....I was also seeking any permanent place to stay at like PG...or so...However I got my hostel later soon after that. But the scene was totally different from what I had imagined. Actually I got "faculty hostel" , they were the flats made for faculty and turned into a hostel. We were provided rooms in three...The rooms were larger than other hostel, with personal bathroom in each room...personal short everything was a luxury. In our flat 15 of us were given accommodation. We all lived in our own world....enjoying the luxury, celebrating the b'days in a different style keeping in mind that the faculty doesn't come up with an order of our dis

Back as a senior............haha

Returning from a long long....very long semester break(as i felt)....Its nearly 2 months that i have not scibbled in it.... Many tragedy occured in these 2 months.......the biggest one was the declaration of the RESULT ....nothing to worry about...finally i PD also....with much more than expected..guess what??? I got "C" grade.....i mean i passed it.....wooppppiiiiieeeee...... Now its my 3rd sem and i'm back to my college as a "SENIOR".....hehe....lets wait and watch how this sem passes on...........

A Degraded "D" grade in pD....

When I completed my 12th boards and went for engineering, I was told that now I have to choose the branch of my own choice and then i will be free of all this uninteresting subjects like hindi and english...... However, this never happened. I was rather introduced to a more uninteresting and stupid subject, known as PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Initially in the first semester we only have to give presentations and all. Although I hated all that but that was not a great problem, but still a problem for those who are not good at speaking and giving presentations in public. Somehow I completed my first semester with a C+ grade in PD, not a good one really as it destroyed my CGPA in that sem. This time, in the 2nd semester, PD was not all it had been earlier. It became worse this time. Now you have to learn each and every word like a parrot and then vomit each and every single thing all that you have learnt up on the answer sheet. This was the only way one could get marks in it, but no

Worst Stuff Ever...

May 10th 2009 10 days from today....and we will be back to our homes...missing all the night parties, enjoyment, bunks, sleeping in the lectures, etc. and moreover we'll be free from assignments and tutorials. But for the hostlers, these 10 days are much more than anyone can even dream of....We will be free from this bloody mess, free from the unexplained mystery of this alien food provided to us(hostlers)... We never complain about it...but today we were literally frustated about the food..(or i'd call it a junk..) which we are provided with... Let me straight forward introduce you with the menu of the food.... 1) Lunch :- rice, Makhane ki sabzi(aisi ki dubara khane ka naam na lo) and raeta.... 2) Dinner :- rice, some type of cholla(never ever saw that type before..) and kulcha(aise hote hain ki jaise....can't explain...leave it) On sundays, when we get up late in the morning feeling hungry with no stuff left which we have brought up from home...we hope that we will


Many times in life when we see others doing some tasks, sometimes an inner feeling get evoked within us..."that we too can do it...or....we too could have done this task, if we would have been trained since our childhood...or so....". I too felt so, many times, its not a moment to feel shy friends.....everyone amongst us feel so, at one time or the other, just get up and get ready for your lectures because thats the time where we can come up with many of our hidden talents. Actually, I was initially inspired by my batchy AYUSH KUMAR, great sketcher-I must say, such good sketches without much training is an appreciable task. Then I encountered with some more sketches, but this time they were of ABIRA BANDHOPADHYAY, another of my batchy, although she took some of the training for what she does, but then also nice drawings. Hats off to both of them.....!!!!! The above mentioned friends of mine made me remind of my childhood, when I too was good at such tasks and I made one o

Why to be so much overloaded with EGO?????

At some point of our life, we are granted with SUCCESS....GLORY....and a lot, but sometimes we are granted with FAILURE.....thats the normal course of life and thats how one learn and gain experience in life. Many of us get a lot than expected, many remain in the intermediate range, while many also get failed....that's the way this world is going on.....and we being the part of it have to face one or the other consequences. One reaching on top of the world and not, thats what i was trying to say..Why some of us deserving to be on top remain back to the ground instead of shining like a star???? I don't know what's the main reason but it might be our luck or something like that what we have got or its our luck we have designed for ourselves on our own....But when one gets something more than expected somehow or the other many of us get covered with what we call it as an "EGO" . I just wanted to say that why are some, amongst us are so much overloaded with ego, t

A 2-minute talk is enough.....

Life teaches us a lot, from time to time it makes us learn from our own mistakes. Most of the times we learn through some harsh experiences,....but not always...really. Amongst these bitter experiences-we get time to time from our life- we sometimes feel depressed...but there is someone who can heal and again bring out the light and excitement of which we are all being deprived of... Friends always are the best healers but not always, they can bring you up temporarily but the permanent treatment required in such cases can only be provided by someone who is experienced than you....the one who can understand your situations, and such people are always found to be elder than you........and unfortunately for people like us(the college students, residing in hostel far from home) these fellows are our teachers(our respected FACULTY). But not all of them can be put under the above indicated category, as all are not of such kind. After such a hectic schedule due to our HECTIC FACULTY, one

An evening I would never Forget...!!!

Sometimes in life very small incidents change your lifestyle a lot, but sometimes big incidents doesn't effect you much.....dats life.... But what if some big incidents take place in your life? And what if it happens with you for the first in your life at age of 16 or 17? It was a calm october evening, especially for the 12th stantard students, as its there last month to enjoy their life, as their life's going to get harder and harder enough to crush them under their tight schedule of boards preparation followed by competitive exams(IIT), etc. Everything went as per scheduled -- starting from his school in the morning and then running back to home to have some meal (as everyone has to run for his coaching classes) -- except for until it was 6:15 pm in the evening. Actually we had our 1st class of physics by Mr. V.K.Goenka, and then from 5pm onwards we have to attend our mathematics class by Mr. Sanjay Bagga. As we all have planned to appear in one or the other competitive