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Why it remains unshared???????

Sometimes life is felt as a long journey to travel....sometimes it is felt as a big challenge to face.....sometimes it is felt as a mystery and it becomes hard to explore what's going on......never mind..... However, in this long journey of our life--or in whatever way we have interpreted it-- we face many things which make us learn about the world rudeness and also its softness.....Although all these things give us a way to gain experience in life, but many incidents come when we are left blank with a thought left in some corner of our mind leaving behind many questions which are left in our mind for a long time......sometimes they stay in our mind for ever waiting to get solved but most of the time left unsolved always....... Such things in life happen with everyone, and i was wondering all around that... Why such feelings are left unshared in our life???????? Why such feelings are never exposed to the outer world???????? Why such feelings are die with us???????? Why such feel

Built for the kill.....lolzzz...

Gud morning everyone...... Yesterday, I wasn't feeling well...and i slept early so this morning i woke up at about 6:30..very strange from my side to get up so early but can't help....haha...:) Now having nothing to do i'm writing this post only.... The day started well.......However, not in a mood to study so early in the morning...i decided to have a look of the early morning sky...the nature and it looks??? The cool breeze was slowing blowing all around with its soothing effect and trees slowly kindof dancing along with it...sun seemed to be playing hide and seek...hiding behind the clouds....the morning was fantastic....the early morning was really to be observed.... Many things were need to be observed in this world...among them...most of them have been already watched by you in some of such fascinating channels like National geographic, discovery, etc...but the craze to see it going on live is very interesting. Human beings need training for wha