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The Unposted Letters..!!

  When the mind sways, And when the same feelings this heart portrays, And when pot is also not left with enough ink, so when the quill says, Words on the parchment feel like a cheap fabric that frays. So many lines fumbled, So many feelings got crumbled, Like someone feels when they get ghosted, Those letters, in the drawer, always remained unposted. PS: Most of my posts are late night musings. Either way, the letter posted or not, the things I write reach this online platform or not, it feels good to scribble down random words once in a while.

My Reminiscences of 2020..!!

  " A marathon takes roughly 45,000 steps to complete. No matter how joyous, repetitive, monotonous or painful each step may be, it takes every one of those steps to reach the distance of 42.195 km. The marathon doesn’t care if a single step was powerful, weak, short, long or devoid of energy. The marathon is incomplete if even one step is missing. Every step taken, regardless of how reluctant, tired, energetic or lackluster it may be, cannot be retaken or repeated as the same version of oneself from that instance.  Every step counts. Similarly, an average person will live to 80 years of age, which is 4,160 weeks or 29,200 days. No matter how joyous, repetitive, monotonous or painful each day may be, it takes every one of those days to complete one’s life. Life doesn’t care if a single day was bad, sad, happy, productive or lazy. End of one’s life cannot be reached if even one day is missing. Every day lived, regardless of how disconnected, absent, lost, unfulfilled, unhappy, rese