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The Theory of Being Everything..!!

" There’s nothing more intimate in life than simply being understood."  ~ Brad Meltzer Honestly, the bits and pieces of this post is in my diary and notepad for few weeks now. And still when I started to write it here, then also I'm not sure what this post is about. I think maybe if I start writing, it might help me clear out things. I understand that everyone has their secrets. Everyone has a dark side of them, a dark passenger, who always accompanies them. Everyone has a chapter in their life that they don't read aloud. I too have some of them. I too have a dark passenger whom I like to keep in check. But lately this companion of mine has gone rogue. I didn't let it hurt anyone else, so now it's after me. Well, I think it needs me to speak out. But the biggest problem with me is I don't know how to stand and speak even if something wrong is going on with me. I end up being quiet. Another thing I don't understand is: if someone i

Million Emotions..!!

Image Source They say, A picture says a thousand words, But sometimes just by adding a verse to it, You can portray a million emotions. ****************** They say, Always speak up for your rights, But sometimes just by adding a silence to it, You can win a million fights. PS: A totally random thought posted as it struck my mind..!!