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Sometimes the mind is so much confused that you sit for hours just looking at the ceiling fan, or holding a pen-diary or maybe a laptop in front of you just scrolling through random websites without reading or noticing anything, but you don't scribble anything, not a single word.  PS:A state of mind in which a everyone often goes.

The Identity - Dreamystified

So many veils not to reveal what resides within me, Among all the chaos of conflicting thoughts I see. Narrowing my vision to gain clarity, To know what's right and meant to be. You took my hand to bring me back to reality, Only to see all is hidden from visibility. Time favors to pose a self that's not real me. All innocence shall now go for a toss, Greed is the need, ignorance is beauty, Confining to world's barrier is the safety. Close all doors, not let a thought to show my identity. Is this the world that's synonymous to harmony? Oh soul, what's surviving is the heartless me. PS: This is the first guest post by a very good friend of mine who goes by the pen name: Dreamystified. After a lot of convincing she finally agreed to send me few of her writings. Here is one of them from her based on one of my sketches.  

Prison of Illusion...!!!

Yin and yang with all the ifs, Her heart was still soft inside, yet so stiff. In the system she is happy to be, Or just seems to be? Restrictions by the society, Suppressed her skills of great variety. Forced to be covered in many veils, It looked like she was in a life-long trial. All her youth, they trained her to work like slave, All her life serving others and making them happy she goes to grave. Thanks to this, society was dying, But this couldn't make her stop from her will of flying. No-one was helpful, when she tried to step out, Instead, they tried holding her in their clouts. Resistance couldn't hold her, success came to her, As with every action of hers the world got stirred. She proved that she was gallant, Proved she is superior to man, she was a soldier so valiant. The same who used to presume she was designed only to be a housekeeper, Nothing worked for them as she acheived success proving others' thoughts just creepier. Coming