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Quarter-Life Crisis...!!!

Am I an adult? Well that's what my parents say. What I'm going to do in future, I don't really see any clear and positive ray. Elders ask: "Done with Masters?" We say: "Yes" Elders ask again: "Earning handsomely?" We again say: "Yes" Has anyone ever asked: "Are you happy?" "Is this what you wanted?" No, Because next statement always goes, "Son, you're earning handsomely, so get married, grandchildren is what we wanted" Having big bank balance, is this everything? No it isn't. But not having big bank balance, is that wise thing? No it isn't. Then what exactly is a wise thing? Well nobody's knows. Even the big and famous counselors, psychologists and therapists who get payed to sooth you, They have also been through such phase, and they surely have been in the list of "Nobody knows".   What am I doing in life, and Where am I exactly heading towards?