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Two Faces..!!

Am I the sun, or Am I the moon? Well, I'm a celestial body in a vast lonely sky, You may call it a bane or a boon. I've got two faces, But they're one. None of them as bad as yours', that you Tell to stay away from, to your daughter and son. I don't hate it, that One of them has always been a dark one. At least, it has always been there for me, My forever companion. Loyal, as it's always Present in my bad times. Reliable, 'coz It won't judge me even in my worst crimes. Every evening, I see you sitting on the benches, When I look down from the sky. Some smiles look so genuine and fresh, While few smiles come out as a bit wry. Some are trying to please others, Some are struggling with the experiences they've sorrowed. Some are trying to make relationships work, Some are buying happiness with the money they've borrowed. Crippled, That's how you people feel.