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I have made my interpretation, now its your turn...!!!

I guess everyone of you these days are smart enough to interpret the meaning of anything presented to you. So rather than explaining the image I'm sharing, I'll let you people interpret it yourself. For those how are not good at it, just try to see the acts done by already know of what rabbit is a symbol of... :P Courtesy: Abstruse Goose . PS: I actually once thought that I might write what I interpreted but after all its a public blog... ;)

Will Einstein be recalculating his theory...???

That's the question everyone of might be thinking and those who are not will surely have to think after reading this... BTW just to give you a brief... CERN ...The inventor of the world's first ever web server and the one who's monitoring LHC(Large Hadron Collider) - the biggest particle accelerator with circumference of 27Km - has made a discovery or you must say "discovery of the millennium" in which they found a particle - neutrino - which crossed the speed of light. Some of you might be thinking that its the same old confusion in which particle gains a lot of mass while reaching that stage, or something like that...but its not so, this is a new one... Isn't it amazing...??? :P However, if it is not proved wrong(and obviously I don't want it to be proved wrong), then many theories and concepts of physics has to be recalculated including Einstein's E=MC^2 relation. I must say that if th

Movie Review: BOL

Finally after a very long time I've seen a hindi movie which i can surely say deserves atleast 4 stars...actually to be more precise, its another Pakistani movie, infact a MASTERPIECE(I would say) directed by Shoaib Mansoor , who's the director of another masterpiece Khuda ke Liye . BOL is actually a movie about the harassment and torture that women in Pakistan had to face. The problems they face in their day-to-day life. The movie starts with a girl narrating her story to the media who has been life sentenced by the court. Really a must watch movie. You will surely love it...(if you watch serious movies...)very touching story... BTW if you have not watched Khuda ke Liye...then do watch that movie... :) cya...

Probably the Last Engineer's day as Non-Engineer...!!!

I know its a bit late to post its almost the end of Engineer's Day...but congratulations to all my friends who are in the final year of engineering that from the next year they won't be facing problems as they are facing right now...(actually I don't think that it will be good to mention the exact words which engineers in the making use to describe their lives). So guys celebrate it as much as you this is most probably your last engineer's day as non-engineer's(or engineer's in the making)... :P cya...

Once again its RIEMANN HYPOTHESIS...!!!

Millennium Prize Problem's have always been one of the biggest challenge for all the mathematicians and mathematics lover and the most famous amongst them is Riemann Hypothesis . Acouple of days ago I got a cartoon on it...have a look at it... courtesy... Abstruse Goose ... cya...

My Teachers...!!!

Since ancient times, teachers are treated as more respectable than GOD as if he/she wouldn't have been there, then who would have guided us to the place where we stand today and I completely agree with it. Some of you might might not agree with this fact as they will say that their life has been a misery all the time, but I would say the teacher is there to give you directions, he can only guide you through the journey of life but on which path you gonna travel has to be decided by you. You're the one who's gonna take the decisions of your life. None of your teachers and friends will help you, they can only support you. BTW I'm not here to make any debate on what's right or wrong, but just to share the names of some of the best teacher's of my life who have always been a source of inspiration for me and have always guided me in journey of life to the point where I'm today. Here are they(in the order in which I met them as my teacher)... 1) Mr. Prita

Have you ever Bargained with yourself for an early morning NAP...???

Morning hour sleep is very precious to all of us, none of us wants to miss it...BTW how many of you have never bargained with yourself for a small nap...I'm pretty sure that all of you would have done that and we all the time start by bargaining for 5 minutes by making the alarm snooze...then again 5 minutes...and this continues until and unless you are just left with 5 minutes to the class or any such place you have to go... But try bargaining for just 2 minutes without the alarm, your 2 minutes will be converted to 2 hours or may be more...I don't know how many of you have experienced this, but I'm pretty sure that all of you who have experienced hostel life must have experienced it... And guess what...Today I woke up at 8:00 AM and bargained for 5 minutes and when the next time I woke up it was 11:50 AM... ;) MORAL: Never bargain for a nap without Alarm... :P cya