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"No one walks away victorious" - Napoleon Beazley

For those who don't know about Capital Punishment: " Capital Punishment or Death Penalty(as many know it), is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. " Well, I'm no one to decide whether someone should get a death penalty or not. But there has always been few incidents which whenever I come across make me think "Whether giving Capital Punishment was worth it?" or "Why didn't they give the capital punishment, this person deserved it?" Depends on the situation.  But law has always been weird.  What can one say when most of the Life Imprisonment in India ends in 14 years. Mind it, I said "Life Imprisonment". :| However, recently I was going through some book, when I came across the last statement of "Napoleon Beazley" who was convicted for murder of a father of Federal Judge . He was one of the last juvenile offenders to be executed in US. Anyways, coming back to