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Thursday, October 31, 2013

1984 anti-Sikh riots: Who was GUILTY...???

Happy Halloween Day everyone. 
By the way, today's there's also the DEATH ANNIVERSARY Indira Gandhi.

1984 anti-Sikh riots, well everyone(almost) knows what they were and there has been a lot of big debates on the topic "who all were guilty?" but no-one ever came up with any answer. The reason for that is these type of incidents are never the result of the errors by just one person, its always that multiple sides are responsible for contributing to it. This reminds me of a saying:

ताली कभी एक हाथ से नही बजती ।

translates as:
A clap is never made with just one hand.

So who were the different sides that different people say were guilty?

  • Was it the sikh bodyguards who shot Indira Gandhi after she almost completely destroyed the holiest shrine of sikhs?
  • Was it some renowned personalities who provoked mob against sikhs, which later became one of the biggest riots in the history of India?
(Hopefully I've didn't forget any eligible candidate)


Well, so lets start with whatever happened in a very brief manner and chronological order and then get to the debate of who's guilty and who's not?
  • Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, who was accused of killing many prominent people like Gurbachan Singh, who was third guru of Nirankari Sect and A.S. Atwal, the Punjab Police Deputy Inspector General, went and hid inside Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar and brought machine guns and other deadly weapons in the compund.
  • Operation Blue Star was proposed by Indira Gandhi to eliminate Bhindranwale. She asked this operation to be executed under the Lt. Gen S.K. Sinha, who was supposed to be promoted as the Chief of Army for the same reason, but he refused to take any such step considering its sacrilegious nature. As a result, a controversial decision was taken and Sinha's promotion was stopped and General Arun Shridhar Vaidya replaced him as chief of army.
  • Then, the operation was planned and executed. It basically started on 1st June 1984 when CRPF open fired "Guru Ram Dam Langar" building.
  • By 7th June 1984, 6 days after the attack started, army gained effective control over the Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara compound.
  • By 10th June 1984, entire operation was completed by army.

The completion of the Operation Blue Star, resulted in:
  • Death of Bhindranwale and his accomplices,
  • Destruction of Gurudwara and other surrounding buildings,
  • 700+ soldiers died,
  • 500+ civilians died,
  • 5000 Sikh soldiers mutinied all over India,
  • Then Prime Minister, INDIRA GANDHI got assassinated by her two Sikh bodyguards(Satwant Singh and Beant Singh),
  • Both of them dropped their weapons and surrendered, but then Beant Singh was taken in closed room and shot dead.
  • All India anit-Sikh riots were started and more than 3000 sikhs were killed,
  • Satwant Singh and Keher Singh(the third conspirator) were hanged in Tihar Jail.  

From here on, these are completely my views, if you want, then read, but don't get offended if you are a "Indira Gandhi Follower"

 Lets start with a few questions...
  • There came no support from the public when sikh mutinied for the destruction of their holy shrine, but just when indira gandhi got assassinated, nation level riots started, doesn't this sound more like a political stunt...???
  • Both the bodyguards dropped their weapons and surrendered themselves, then why was one of them(Beant Singh) taken to a closed room and shot dead...???
  • Just because Lt. Gen S.K. Sinha refused to attack on Harmandir Sahib, his promotion was stopped. Why...???
  • The holiest shrine of someone's is being destroyed and due to this when few soldiers refuse to work in protest(instead of revolt), a strict action was taken against them. Why...???
  • How does a small militant group gain so much power that whole army has to be called to control them...??? Well the answer lies in the same example like the when US helped Afghanistan build bunkers and attack USSR but later Bin-Laden and group took shelter in the same bunkers only and made the life of US a living HELL. In this case, government helped the same militant group to grow, and result you all know. At this point I'd like to quote:
    The consequences of a Big Mistake keep coming in small installments...!!!
    (I missed the above point, but was quoted by Inderdeep in the comment and I'm adding it now)
  • One question in bold:
Why no action was taken against prominent and renowned personalities, who instead of taking major steps to calm down the public, helped the riots with outrageous speeches in public...???

Obviously, the mistakes were there on the part Bhindranwale, who entered the holy place with weapons. But who'll answer the above questions...??? Who'll take the responsibilities for the same...???

When government says, that on the name of terrorist, Muslim community people should not be hurt, then why does justice hasn't been brought to the Sikh families who are still suffering because that day their family members were butchered even who were not part of Bhindranwale group...???


Anyways, as I mentioned in the beginning, such debates are never ending. The real reason why I brought this topic was because I wanted to send a message to Sikhs:

Till the time we keep conspiring among ourselves,
how can we expect other communities to support ourselves...???

Well, how and when, then its a long list. There has always been disputes between Gurudwara committee's of different regions over few issues. Most of the things were not questioned to SGPC, but most of the things were left without explanation also by SGPC, like few years back why the use of Nanak-shahi calendar was stopped suddenly...??? No-one knows the answer. What everyone knows is, it was done.

Recently, a plea was put forward to Akal Takht that thousands of Sikhs were killed in riots on 3rd Novemeber, 1984, so atleast for once, we can celebrate a cracker-less Diwali on their name. Sounds like a reasonable request, but was immediately refused. I don't know whether the reason was that the plea was made by the sister of Balwant Singh Rajoana, Kamaldeep Kaur, who was facing death sentence in the assassination case of former Punjab Chief Minister, Beant Singh or something else.

PS: Hope the last 3 paragraph's of this post reaches the right minds. And atleast a 2 minute silence for the innocent people who died that day in the riots.

PPS: Feel free to share your views.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Whenever I go for dinner with anyone for the first time, the first question that always confronts me: "How can you, although being a Sardar, be a Vegetarian?" 

And I reply, "Why can't I be?"

and for those who say, Guru Gobind Singh, our 10th Guru also had non-veg, then for that I'd like to quote, he was stuck in middle of the war and his army was deprived of any food, so he had to feed them to keep his army alive.

Well, that's the story which keeps on happening every few days. So lets ignore that for now.

Anyways, totally by chance, I came across some of the videos in the last couple of weeks that I was tempted to share them with you and believe me, after seeing this video (from where I took the title for the post), you'll definitely think about whether you should eat non-veg or not.


Well, for those who ignored the video(for whatever reasons), few things I'd like to quote from the video:

Modern meat production is responsible for outbreak of Mad-Cow disease, SARS, Bird Flu, and many other diseases. Also animal products are contaminated with Campylobacter, Salmonella, E-Coli. The one thing which I heard long back when I was a kid, most probably from my father only,

मांस खाए, मांस बढ़े।
घी खाए खोपड़ी ॥ 

Translated as:
"If you eat Flesh, your Flesh will increase.
If you eat Ghee, your Brain will increase."

was also quoted in the video, (not in the same words obviously), that consumption of non-veg is accompanied mainly with fat and cholesterol, is also a prime contributor to today's epidemics of obesity, heart disease, and cancer. Studies show that vegetarians are less prone to all of these diseases.

(Now, specifically for those non-vegetarians who talk boldly in campaigns and other places about saving the world, saving the animal species which are on the verge of extinction and global warming, etc., etc., etc...)

According to United Nations scientists, eating meat is one of the top contributors for:
1) Land Degradation, 
2) Water Shortages, and
3) Air and Water Pollution.

Also, researches say that soon, maybe in a couple of decades, the rate at which fishes are being consumed, the oceans will be empty of fish by 2048.

Obviously, by now many will start saying that they only eat chicken. Then it was in the previous video also, and now one more:

I don't have any personal revenge with meat eaters, but once again, I'd like to share what I shared long back:

For egg eaters, if you're against foeticide, then think about it:


Anyways, one more interesting fact, do you know how appendix became non-functional in human body?
Well, its because, soon after humans started relying more on diet rich in foliage, appendix in the due course of time, became non-functional and by eating meat, you're just putting pressure on your body which is not designed to eat that. For detailed version, read "Charles Darwin's Origin of Species and the Foundation of The Origin of Species" and corresponding researches and articles.


Now many of you might be thinking, What category do I belong to? Obviously that's justified, if you've read the post, then I've given you long lecture on why to be a "Vegetarian".

"Okay, so I used to have non-veg few years back(I guess 3 and half years back). But then once I stayed at my cousin's place and every other day they used to serve non-veg in at least one of the meals. So that's when I decided, that's it...Its too much and that was the last time I ate any type of non-veg food. Well, I was never fond of eggs anytime and rarely used to have them but few months after I left non-veg, I permanently stopped the egg thing also. That's because also alongwith the disliking, once one of my friend asked me, "Dude, You say you're a vegetarian, then where do eggs come from, or where do they lead to?". So, few months after that, it was all over. :D 

Well, frankly I never had any problems after I left any of those. Actually, I used to be under weight when I was a non-vegetarian, but soon after becoming vegetarian, I started eating paneer and other dairy products and now I'm normal, (well in fact have gained a little bit of tummy also :P)"


PS: Thanks for your patience and reading it(if you did, else just "thanks for the visit"). I'm not forcing anyone for any thing, was just putting up few facts, which many of you might have missed, or ignored it till now. ;)
If you're even a little bit motivated towards becoming a Vegetarian or Vegan, then watch this video and get inspired by this kid:

PPS: Hope we soon get alternative for stopping the cruelty done to get produce milk from animals.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Khalsa" Akaal Purakh ki Fauj...!!!

Its now a very famous saying, especially among Sikhs:

ਚਿੜਿਆ ਤੋਂ ਮੈਂ ਬਾਜ਼ ਲੜਾਂਊਂ ,
ਗਿਦਰਾਂ ਤੋਂ ਮੈਂ ਸ਼ੇਰ ਬਨਾ
ਸਵਾ-ਲਾਖ ਸੇ ਏਕ ਲੜਾਊਂ ,
ਤਬ੍ਹੇ ਗੋਬਿੰਦ ਸਿੰਘ ਨਾਮ ਕਹਾਊਂ ।।

(Translates to:
"I make Sparrows fight Hawks,
I mold Jackal into Lions.
I make one fight against 125,000,
Then only his name will be 'Gobind Singh'. ")

But, everyone says, before giving lecture or any teaching to anyone, one has to prove that by doing himself and Guru Gobind Singh proved it.


On 21st December 1704, the tenth guru of Sikhs, Sri Guru Gobind Singh, along with his 2 teenage sons(18 and 14 years old), Panj Pyare(best translated to "five beloved ones") and 40 Sikhs, got attacked by an army of around 1 million mughals headed by Wazir Khan at Chamkaur(a district in Punjab). Well you can estimate the fear of Wazir Khan towards Guruji, just by the number of soldiers he took just to capture Guruji and his 40 Sikhs.

If I'm not wrong, then result as many of you might think is that the handful of Sikh army would have lost, isn't it? But the scene was something different. Out of those so called "handful of Sikh army" proved themselves to be worth a million and only 42 Sikhs were able to receive the honor of being called a martyr (which included both his sons), rest, including Guriji, survived. However, how many mughal soldiers died during the same battle, is still an unknown figure. For detailed account of the event, click here.


Some similar event took place approximately 200 years later, on 12th September 1897, at Saragarhi District, a part of North-West Frontier Province (now in Pakistan) where the story was repeated. This time it was without Guruji, but according to the orders of him only.

21 Sikh soldiers of 36th Sikh Regiment(the highest decorated regiment of Indian Army) were defending a post there, when they were suddenly attacked by around 14 thousand Pashtuns. The officer incharge, tried to send a call for help, but it was impossible for the help to reach on time. So, instead of backing out and running away, they decided to fight on their own. By the time help came, i.e., the night of 13th and 14th, all 21 were dead, but they held the enemies for the whole time and took down around 600 of them. They proved to be the True Sikhs of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

For the complete details of the saga, click here.


It will always be an honor to belong to such a religion who never bowed down in front of anyone. It will be an honor to belong to a religion who saved the lives of women of many Hindu families during the mughal rule, even when in return the same mob of people were just making fun of us by calling "Beware, its 12o'clock, Sikh will attack", because it was only for good and not for getting anything in return.

We, Sikhs, belong to just 1.4 % of 1.237 billion population of India(as of 2012) and still contribute to:
33% of total income tax,
67% of total charities,
45% of the Indian Army,
59,000 plus Gurudwaras serve langar, free of charge, to over 60 lakh people every day!

For those, who cut their hairs and dishonor the religion, just look how beautifully Sikhism is being followed in foreign countries, then why not in India where it all started?

When in doubt, just remember these words:

It translates to:

Khalsa is my form special, In Khalsa I live
Khalsa is my body, With Khalsa Im ever ever present
Khalsa my friend companion, khalsa mother father peacegiver
Khalsa my faith and actions, Khalsa my distinct personal mystique
khalsa my treasure vast, Khalsa keeps my honour
Khalsa my satguru complete, Khalsa my virtous noble friend, brave dauntless warrior
Khalsa army of God, the Akal Purakh, Khalsa joy of the Supreme Being

PS: Thanks to Priyankar for sharing the article about the event of Saragarhi.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The DEVIL behind the MAHATMA...!!!

Happy Birthday Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji...!!!

2nd October, everyone remembers as M.K. Gandhi's birthday, but no one remembers Shastri ji's birthday. For Gandhi, there is spelling correction by Google, but nothing for Shastri ji. 

Disclaimer: If you don't want to read evil facts about "FATHER OF NATION", then don't go further or if you don't want to read it as its his birthday today, then visit this link tomorrow.

Well, yes, I don't like to add words like "Mahatma" or "Ji" with the name of "Gandhi". I was luckily always against the morals and standards set by him. Why...??? Well, because I don't believe in a person who acts as angel to the society and acts devil to his family. There are many such instances in the history which have been quoted which proves the things I said about his character.

Lets start with the topic of the person who was responsible to bring him on this planet, the father of our so-called "Father of Nation" was in death bed, counting his last breaths, and our father-of-nation left his father for having sex with his wife. According to the records, everyone knew that his father was in his last moments, but our dude couldn't control his "carnal desires". As quoted by JAD ADAMS, What shall we call a person like this...??? "Sex-Mad" or "Sex-Maniac" or something else...???

Recently Asaram Bapu was accused of sexual abuse and many such things, even Paedophilia, that Rajasthan High Court has denied to grant him bail. But well I won't be surprised that for these acts, Asaram Bapu's idol is Gandhi himself. If I'm not wrong, then Gandhi adopted brahmcharya, but did our 77-year old dude ever thought about it when he slept naked with his 18-year old grand-niece to show his pure intentions and that he followed brahmcharya strictly by showing he didn't do anything with her grand-niece when they were in the above mentioned state. That was just one shameful instance quoted. There were many such acts of him with the women of almost half his age or so, like sleeping with his grand-nephew's wife and similarly many other devotees. I'm damn sure if Gandhi would have been alive, then he would have been arrested for sexual abuse and would have been behind bars for life for sexual offenders. To show yourself strong, sleeping naked and alone with your devotees and then saying you didn't do anything doesn't make you a "Mahatma".

The story of our "Father of Nation" great doings doesn't end here as a sex-abuser, he did a lot and lot of things which were highly unlawful and I don't want to make an estimate of by how many sections he'd be charged with Indian Penal Code's sections, if he would have been alive today.

Before leaving, just think about these:
*We call "Mahatma" a guy who used to abuse his wife.
*We call "Mahatma" a guy who denied his wife for sex for many years and used to go out and sleep with other women.
*We call "Mahatma" a guy who slept naked with the young girls of his own family and the ladies from the families of his devotees to prove that he can control his manliness and followed brahmcharya. If he has to prove that he can control his such desires then he should have done something concrete, as at the age of 77, "you can just sleep only with a women". And that is something, I don't think I should repeat again.
*We call "Mahatma" a guy whose mistakes lead to India's partition.
*We call "Mahatma" a guy, who if had supported then we wouldn't have lost some gems like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru and many more and might have got independence earlier than we got now.
...The list goes on and on.

For those who think, I'm being very harsh, then before ending, I want to ask why his own son, Harilal Gandhi was strictly against his stern morality, sexual abstinence...??? Atleast some views would have matched, if not all, afterall both were almost of the same time(age gap was less) and both were against India being under British Rule.

1) Google

PS: No one is a complete saint, but why should a devil be named "Mahatma"...??? Anyways, Happy Birthday to him.

PPS: If anyone wants the soft-copy of the 3rd source, then drop your email id in the comments. (If you're my facebook friend, then comment on the update of this post on my blog page only and don't comment or message anywhere else.)

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