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दास्ताने दिल...!!!

Was wondering what should be my 200th post like...??? Then suddenly something happened which reminded me of someone and which made me come up with this...Rest you are wise enough to understand...Don't go too deep and if you go, then don't think too deep and if you think too deep then don't relate me with anything... :P :P :P --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- कभी जिनकी एक झलक के लिए तड़पते थे हम , अब उनसे दो पल की गुफ्तगू की जुस्तजू में तड़पते हैं हम।  कभी जिनको देख लब्ज़ो पे आई बातें भी रुक सी जाती थी हमारे, क्या अब उनके लिए दिल में बसे ढाई अक्षर भी कभी बयाँ कर पाएंगे लब्ज़ हमारे? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***English Translation . . . Till now for whose one glimpse I've always been waiting impatiently, Now I also just keep waiting for the moment to talk to the person just once. In front of whom I was never able to say even what I wis


Losses, may appear like dusk, but everytime they're followed with new dawn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Inevitable they are. Hurt the most, but end up teaching the most.

When "Joblessness" meets "Creativity"...!!!

"Creativity", if used in a proper way and at proper place, can help a person either reach cloud #9 or sometimes it will help you reach somewhere...okay, why should I say, you are wise enough... :P and then "Joblessness"...will either bring out your talent to the fullest or will frustrate you to the fullest...well...that completely depends on you...and if you don't know your talent...this is the best time to realize what talents you have... ;) and I guess this guy has found out his talent...and he must definitely be seriously jobless to do this much...but I loved it... ;) PS: A true example of "Joblessness" + "Creativity"... ;)