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Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Mom and My Marriage Preparations...!!!

Me: Hello

Mom: Hi Son, how are you?

Me: I'm fine, you say?

Mom: We're good. How was the day?

Me: Fine.

Mom: We went to market today.

Me: Great, what did you get?

Mom: We saw some beautiful double-bed Kashmiri style blankets, and we bought couple of them.

Me: Good. Anyways its winter in north, start using it.

Mom: No-No, few are for you and few we'll give to your sister when we'll visit them, we'll give it to them.
(I knew where this conversation is heading towards)
Me: Fine for my sister, but I live in hostel and anyways in Bangalore winters are nothing. I don't need it.

Mom: Haan I know. But when you'll get married, you might need it.

Me: Arey, but...why so early...???

Mom: arey don't worry...sometime in future beta...
(after some pause, I change the topic)

Something like this happened last week and similar conversation somehow happens at least once a month and I laugh whenever I think of any such talks later because we both(me and my parents) know that its a long way, but still they keep on bringing such topics at regular intervals and I keep on avoiding such topics every other time...!!!

Actually since the time I've shifted to Bangalore, although I don't like talking on the phone too much, but still I've to make at least one call per day, not to any girlfriend (I don't have any) , but to my parents. (Maybe that is one of the main reasons why I don't end up talking to many girls for long time, because most of the time I just listen and give objective answers which frustrates everyone... :P )

So, considering I talk to them everyday, I somehow get updated of each and every thing that is happening at my home because the talking is done from mostly on the other side of the receiver, as I told I'm more of a listening type.

Last week I got similar news from my parents, "AGAIN"...!!! What news...??? Start reading the post from the beginning.

I remember when my sister started her PhD (yes, don't get scared, its PhD), after one year of her joining my parents started thinking for something related to her marriage.

Although I've started my internship in a company and will soon be working, but officially I'm still a student. Luckily and fortunately they know my plans for the future and they know that I won't get into all this in any case in the near future at least for 4-5 years or so(considering plans as of now, who knows about the future...???) and they also won't force me that I know for sure. But one thing for all parents I'd like to say:

"I agree that its every parents dream to see their kids getting married, but why do they haunt their kids after few regular intervals with such news which reminds them of their crucifixion starting from many years before the execution...???"

Indian mom's and there plans for marriage. This is a serious issue. Being an Indian, I understand what they think like, but right now I'm just a student,

don't scare me... :P


According to a famous old saying,

शादी का लड्डू, जो खाये वो भी पछताए, जो न खाये वो भी पछताए ।
 (The Fruit of marriage, the one who eats it shall suffer, the one who doesn’t eat it shall also suffer)

But, I think, I should make it clear that I'm not much of a sweet eating person... :P

PS: Many such incidents keep happening, I better shouldn't discuss all of them and I guess its time that I should declare it publicly to my parents so that they should stop scaring me at regular intervals...!!! :P

PPS: Just hope they don't get to see this post.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

India: A Journey from Developing Nation to Failed Nation...!!!

Believe me, if the trend which is going on, continues, it won't be surprising that if someone comes up with a book with some similar title in the next decade and it will be an EPIC SAGA.

Many of you must be wondering, I give very rude titles, but they come up almost impromptu after reading the newspaper, especially after the Education Section. Two weeks back there was a news that a 14 year old kid won a competition of MIT by making some app. Everyone who discussed this was proud, no matter he/she knew this kid personally or not. Similarly, few months back it was 2 brothers(12 and 14 year old) who made app and planned to start their own start-up. Every one was again proud.

Obviously, the main effort was by the parents in both of the above cases. But what can one do when 

Government itself is MOCKING the whole EDUCATION SYSTEM...???

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recently introduced a rule that the students of 9th class have to score only 25% marks for passing and soon it will be made compulsory for 10th class students as well. What will be the future of the education? Or we can re-frame it as, will there be any education standard left after one or two decade in India, which was known for its education for centuries? Few decades back it was said that scoring 75-80% marks is like reaching cloud number 9. Then level of education was reduced little bit as syllabus was increased and now even if you score 99% you'll be doubtful whether you'll be getting admission or not. So, what the hell Government of India is trying to do by passing students with 25% marks...??? Now don't tell me its for those who don't get proper time to study. Everyone scores atleast 50% of he/she has studied or even read a book even once.

There were few more cases, where parents did complete justice on their behalf but Indian Government mocked them, like:
  1. A blind kid was not allowed for admission in any top Indian Institute, not even IIT, even he was better than many who qualified for the same. Thanks to our Indian Government for trying to ruin such talents and cause Brain Drain. Luckily, later he got into a much better and deserving place, STANFORD UNIVERSITY. For detailed version, click here.
  2. No one noticed that last year, almost 1000 top ranking students in JEE exam refused to take admissions in IIT's. For detailed version, click here.
  3. Another act by Government of India was made to promote education was to add high ratio of 12th marks to enter into IIT's alongwith JEE score. I believe everyone of you'll agree that atleast in JEE, fluke doesn't work. For detailed version, click here.
No one came up with much remarks after these incidents except those who appeared for JEE or were planning to appear in the upcoming years. Maybe because the students who passed that stage few years back are not bothered because they are not worried about it or atleast they don't have to think of their next generation as of now. For such people, Good Luck after few years.

So there are 3 solutions for the above problems, either 
  1. enter politics or Education System, or
  2. do Brain Drain, or
  3. do Brain Drain for just Education and come back and improve India by entering into Politics or Education System.
But unfortunately politics these days remind me more of a bunch of people of small localities or villages fighting after getting drunk or teens fighting over some game of cricket or football(or sometimes some girl). For example:

The above image is an example from one of the sessions from Indian Parliament.

Recently almost every youth(Indian) has started taking sudden interest in Indian politics. I guess everyone has noticed and quoted this point to at least some people, no matter how much they understand politics. I'm not afraid to admit that I too don't understand it much though, but still I can comment one thing, that these days

Politics can be compared to COMEDY CIRCUS...!!!

After working for almost whole day, when people come back home, they used to talk to their families, rest and try to lighten their mood. TV's were turned on and programs like Comedy Circus and all are searched for in the first place because if by chance you turn on some news channel, it will be some politician/leader yelling upon/against some other politician/leader. For other channels showing "Saas-Bahu" serials, you know Ekta Kapoor has made them obsolete that ladies also don't like to watch them.
However, from past few month or you can call it an year, news channels are the biggest focus again. All of you remember the most hilarious interview which recently took place, yes, the one and only Rahul Gandhi's Interview by Arnab Goswami on Times Now. For those who have missed it, can watch it here:

Not a single answer, which was given, was for the question which was asked.

Anyways this was just one incident, there are many which recently happened, like
  1. Kumar Vishwas entered politics with so awesome statements that after effects you all know. (No need to describe)
  2. Arvind Kejriwal sitting on Dharna Pradarshan/protest. (He has done such things so much that it appears like some kid cries again and again because his parents didn't give him chocolates and cookies)
  3. AAP started a national level campaign to add members to there party, which resulted in fake NARENDRA MODI and RAHUL GANDHI'S ACCOUNTS. (Who the hell adds members without verifcation? Well I guess AAP Does...a new trend by the youth party :P). Many other fake accounts were obviously added.
  4. Rahul Gandhi accussed Narendra Modi for Gujarat Riots. (His own party is almost accused of every possible thing one can be accused off and he is running behind Modi. Its like what happens in movies that in some poor family when every adult is either crying or struggling or sitting idle to cope up from the tough situation, there will be one kid who will be running and playing in the verandah because he is too young to understand the situation.)
Anyways the list is long, I don't have time for listing them.

Right now, being a student, I don't think it is the write time to worry too much about all these. Maybe after few years, I'll think of contributing something to this.

PS: At-least one good thing is, AAP is trying to make efforts which were not attempted as of now. But they have to learn a lot. These Dharna Pradarshans won't work for long, they have to learn a lot. Good Luck for the youth party. What I think is AAP should remain in opposition this time and let BJP go ahead.

PPS: For AAP supporters, please don't start arguining in comments with me on politics due to above comments, I'm not against AAP, but I'm against there methods which they adopted in few cases. Its better that they should take some time and get themselves settled and then act.

One last thing, if current scenario continues for education, India will definitely FAIL...!!!


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