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My Mom and My Marriage Preparations...!!!

Me: Hello Mom: Hi Son, how are you? Me: I'm fine, you say? Mom: We're good. How was the day? Me: Fine. Mom: We went to market today. Me: Great, what did you get? Mom: We saw some beautiful double-bed Kashmiri style blankets, and we bought couple of them. Me: Good. Anyways its winter in north, start using it. Mom: No-No, few are for you and few we'll give to your sister when we'll visit them, we'll give it to them.  . (I knew where this conversation is heading towards) . Me: Fine for my sister, but I live in hostel and anyways in Bangalore winters are nothing. I don't need it. Mom: Haan I know. But when you'll get married, you might need it. Me: Arey, but...why so early...??? Mom: arey don't worry...sometime in future beta... . (after some pause, I change the topic) . ............ Something like this happened last week and similar conversation somehow happens at least once a month and I laugh whenever

India: A Journey from Developing Nation to Failed Nation...!!!

Believe me, if the trend which is going on, continues, it won't be surprising that if someone comes up with a book with some similar title in the next decade and it will be an EPIC SAGA. Many of you must be wondering, I give very rude titles, but they come up almost impromptu after reading the newspaper, especially after the Education Section. Two weeks back there was a news that a 14 year old kid won a competition of MIT by making some app. Everyone who discussed this was proud, no matter he/she knew this kid personally or not. Similarly, few months back it was 2 brothers(12 and 14 year old) who made app and planned to start their own start-up. Every one was again proud. Obviously, the main effort was by the parents in both of the above cases. But what can one do when  Government itself is MOCKING the whole EDUCATION SYSTEM...??? Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recently introduced a rule that the students of 9th class have to score only 25% marks