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Nature's lullaby...!!!

All alone at the sea side, She stares at the calm sea spreading wide. Tired and exhausted, She was totally flabbergasted. With all the random thoughts in her brain that slurried, She didn't knew what all thought are to be worried. With so many around to care for her, She never ever had any thoughts to bother. Carelessly she used to roam around, For years, never cared for any wounds. Alas, to act carelessly, in her nature it was moulded, For like a princess, she has always been treated. Surprised and shocked by the sudden loneliness, She tried to recover from weariness. Only question that confused her slightly, "Where has everyone gone and why was she left alone lately?" But it wasn't her nature, that left her with no one around, It was the NATURE around her, that left her with no one around. ********************************************************************************** PS: It was 3.5 hours for sketch and 1 hour of finishing touch...

STOP before it's TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE...!!!

Charles Darwin once said "Survival of the fittest". Well I guess, now it's time to change the definition to:  "Survival of the Most Cruel and Brutal" Many are already extinct and many more are on the verge of extinction. And all of this just because of one particular species, namely HOMO-SAPIENS. We just keep wasting the resources, never caring about the circumstances and keep ignoring the results. We, human beings, have been gifted with the best mind on earth, why are we using it to create the imbalance in the nature and food chain...??? If we don't put a check, then that day ain't far when we'll be the ONLY ONE LEFT ALIVE...!!! Its better that we should STOP before IT'S TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE...!!! STOP POLLUTING...!!! PS: Reminds me of these beautiful lines from a song: अरे रुक जा रे बंदे, अरे थम जा रे बंदे, ये कुदरत हँस पड़ेगी ।।  (O Human, Please Stop, Else Nature will Laugh at us...!!!)