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19th Jan 1995...A Weirdly Weird Day...!!!

What's the age difference between you and your sibling...??? Obviously, you'll reply in some years, but has anyone replied to you in exact years, months and days...??? Maybe not... Anyways, me and my sister never faced this problem, we can reply to anyone without any trouble of calculating...Its because once we calculated, it was something we couldn't forget and I bet you wouldn't either... ;) It was weird or you can say IT IS weird...but we two have an age difference of 4 years, 4 months and 4 days ...exactly... :P guessed it right, 19th Jan, 1995 was the day when my sister was 8 years, 8 months and 8 days old...and I was 4 years, 4 months and 4 days old...exactly double... ;) I was told by my parents that this day was celebrated, but I don't remember it... :'( I've discussed this fact to many of my friends when we talked about our family and siblings...but never felt like writing here before today when my roommate and I were fillin

I'm Asking YOU to STAY...!!!

In continuation to my last post ...I would like to dedicate a song to my friends which I heard 2 days ago...and somehow its lyrics suited me and my feelings... :O ---------------------------------------- Rewind (by GOLDSPOT) Asking you to stay The words are finally here Let's rewind, and rewind You see, you're the only star In the film I never made Would you rewind it all the time Rewind it all the time In the driveway See you pull in Then my heart stops When you're stalling As if the phone rang And he's calling Now you're backing up It's a long way out I'm asking you to stay The words are finally here Let's rewind Would you rewind it all the time See, you're the only star In the film i never made Would you rewind it all the time Rewind it all the time Do we make it to the sequel Second chance for our survival Oh we all need a hallmark ending And a change of heart But it's a long way back, back to what you s

@My Infy-Buddies...All the Best for your Future...!!!

Everyone of you must have heard that "Time is the best healer"...and "Time prepares you for facing the best and worst circumstances"... I guess right now I seriously want the some of my best buddies are leaving the college to join Infosys(CS/IT students have to join the company in January)... I'm not able to imagine that how much I'll miss you guys, and I don't want to imagine either...coz I'm still not able to believe that you guys are leaving... :( Four years we have been together, sharing everything, consulting, commenting, taunting, poking each other on small-small issues...Making link-ups with those girls whom you avoid the most or found talking to them...Blaming faculties for everything(literally)...and many things that can't be listed here(censored)...The list is infinitely long... :) Right now, with a heavy heart I can only wish all of you a bright future ahead...may GOD bless you with success...Hope to see you again, ha

PI = 4...??? Trolled... :O

PI ...I guess everyone of you is familiar with it...and for those who have never heard about it, then I guess you've missed something priceless... ;) can read about "PI" here ... ;) Value of Pi=3.14... ;) Anyways...Today I got something which blew my head... :O I'm just sharing it here...hope anyone of you might suggest why it is wrong...I know it is wrong...but dunno how...??? :P From a long time I've been listening to the crap that 2012 is the year of APOCALYPSE...!!! Everything will meet its end...There will be a new beginning of everything on earth...blah-blah...But I don't want Archimedes to be wrong... :O :( OK...I know that I have hurt many INDIA TV lovers...the best entertaining and the worst news channel where you'll get something which cannot be found or imagined at any other place...but no regrets and apologies from my side...:P India-TV on DOOMSDAY...(hope you understood why I hate India-TV)... :P Anyways...I got

Some of the options I have/had...!!!

I have been wondering for a long time what I'll be...??? What will be my identity after couple of years...??? How on earth I'll be leading my life...??? What will I do to fulfill my basic needs of food, clothing and shelter...??? If I go through the options that I've considered since my childhood, it will be a long are the options that I've considered in their chronological order...: 1) Aeronautical Engineer or maybe an Astronaut ... 2) Mathematician...A meeting with Prof. Karmeshu was the most motivating one for me...but couldn't continue with it...It was too late... 3) Maybe a Cartoonist ...but that needed creativity...and all of them were copied once... few more of them... 4) A programmer + A scientist + etc...etc...etc... :P 5) Then I came up with a lot of options on my south-trip can have a look at it... :P 6) Sand Painting ...I didn't thought of it as an option...but I tried it once...and it was horrible... :'( :P

Garam Jehi ve Kudi Garam Jehi(That Girl's kinda HOT)...!!!

Garam Jehi ve Kudi Garam Jehi...(That Girl's Kinda HOT)...oooo... I'm loving it... :D :D :D OOOOOOO....OK...OK...OK...OK...Lemme make it clear that its not about any girl, so stop making any assumptions...(this clarification was important for some of my readers...Don't worry, its not for everyone of you...but some of my friends make the hell for me out of nowhere...)...haha... :P Today's was one of the best morning I could have...Thanks to my sister ... You must be already be knowing that whats the first thing we Engineering students(especially hostelers) do after we get up in the morning...Yes...we go for our Laptops and computers...and obviously I also did the same thing today...and saw what I expected the unread mail with "Ragga-Muffin" written in the subject, and that was the time when I almost jumped with joy and shouted like anything...I don't think I need to describe the scene... :P I can understand that you must be wondering w


Couple of weeks ago through IHM I landed on a blog...and frankly speaking, I loved the writings...but unfortunately when I moved on to know more about the author...I discovered the worst part of it, that the author to the blog is no more with us... :( No wonder you might be knowing the author much better than I do, as her writings can attract any one of you who'll read it, but for those who doesn't know her...she's IHM's Daughter Tejaswee Rao ...She passed away 2 years ago... :O I dunno know her as a person, but I once heard that someone's writings can tell you a lot about the person, and I think that she is the type of person whom her family would really be missing...especially when today is her birthday...GOD bless her soul wherever she is... :) Here is her post which I liked the most..." A Letter To the Future "...must read...!!! ---------------------------------------------- Dear… daughter, I don’t feel odd writing this. Just… so mature. I’m 17 g

Congrats...2 more to be a TEEN...!!!

Since your birth, you have made our life so easy, that it can't be expressed in words...Thanks a lot... If you weren't there, then to whom would GOOGLE have forwarded us to...??? Anyways...Happy Birthday WIKIPEDIA ...May GOD bless you with long life... :D

Missed it, Really...???

Those who have tried their hands on poetry must be knowing that sometimes how tough it is to get the lines and words in their right place. In layman terms, you can say bringing the lines together which end with the rhyming words and complementary meaning. I'm saying this, because I've written some of those poems and obviously got some harsh comments, like "You call this a poem...:O" :P. However, some of them by-chance, praised my poetry too...hope they really liked them... :P Anyways, couple of days ago, I came across a poem, and technically speaking, that was simply wow... ;) you must be wondering how can a poem be "technically wow"...have a look at it first... ----------------------------------------- John Knox was a man of wondrous might, And his words ran high and shrill, For bold and stout was his spirit bright, And strong was his stalwart will. Kings sought in vain his mind to chain, And that giant brain to control, But naught on plain o

He is no less than Einstein and Newton...!!!

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. -- Albert Einstein I don't know about others, but science, especially physics, has always been my favorite subjects, as we always had a logical explanation for anything and everything. And if we didn't have any explanation already, then we can logically figure it out...We don't have to accept the facts, we can understand them...well, thanks to physics... :) Anyways, there were many great personalities, like Einstein and Newton, whose contributions and researches are still contributing to the science and will always be the part of basics which we learned at our schools... Here's a priceless group photo of some of them, the only one I could find out...All of them together... GODFATHERS OF PHYSICS AND QUANTUM MECHANICS --courtesy: Physics de Pristine However, they were amongst those who started the trend, but what about those who continued it...??? He's the Modern Era's Father of Cosmolo

Have they really stolen it...???

I don't how much it is true, whether the Norwegians really stole it, or its just a coincident... ;) As a whole, its the flag of Norway...But if looked in parts, its the combination of the flag of 6 nations. Norway = France + Netherlands + Thailand + Finland + Indonesia + Poland PS: couldn't resist myself from sharing it here, found it on Facebook... :P PS: Effort appreciated... ;) cya...

(SH)IT Happens...!!!

Well, everytime something good happens, IT is accompanied by some (SH)IT... OK...lemme make it a bit clear, some of you might be thinking that I'm back from my sister's wedding and something happened there...EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT...and as planned...(soon will be back with the brief review... :P)...haha... everything went as planned, then something gotta happen that must have disturb anyone...anyways...leave it...(SH)IT always happens... :P One more thing... A very very Happy New Year to all of you...May GOD bless you with success... PS: I can only pray that for you...but (SH)IT can happen...So, all the best... PS: Always Remember this: "Don't try to be the KING in all the games, sometimes we gotta be the JOKER, as joker can turn the game to any direction at any point of time..." ;) cya... :)