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A random one from my old archives. The cold wind brushed past my face,   As if trying to win any race, I wondered how it felt to fly by,   Around everyone exposing their emotions so wry?   So small they're, yet so refreshing,   With a fragrance of earth arising,   As messengers of peace sent from the sky,   The raindrops fell on my temple in a manner so sly.

In the name of GOD..!!

Pardon me if words don't rhyme, Pardon me if they sound unpleasant like a wind chime. Pardon me today if I sound blunt, But I promise you that it is no publicity stunt. Everywhere around us, everyone is fighting, Around them everyone wants some money-fame-glimmer-lighting. There is unrest everywhere around us, If we ponder with a clear mind, situation really sucks. In the name of GOD, people are killing each other, Though HE teaches us love and respect, but no one bothers. The way it’s going, although started to unite, We might end up categorizing into a religion even those little termites. Forget what the religion was earlier, But now to hide the dirty game of power and politics it’s a name which is more like glorified and fancier. Why don’t we observe the nature around us? Why don’t we observe those beautiful stars shining in the heavens? Look at the beautiful sickle-shaped moon, floating like a boat, But instead we chose to look around on others and on their miseries

Romanticism de Presstitute...!!!

If you shall be poor and denied rights, pick up a sugar Felt humiliated at lack of jobs, the skills sucked, pick up a sugar Couldn't handle the rationality of maths pick up a sugar Religion, mine is best, pick up a sugar Freedom, Freedom yet deep into corruption, pick up a sugar Racist rants, with superior racial jibes so pick up a sugar If only they chose sugar over gun, the "struggle" be sweet. Selfishness, Narrow minded and closed-off superiority. Upon a sense of ridiculed Nationalism, Irony the same Presstitutes shall lick the both sides as and when it fills their coffers. PS: Another one by Sunny . Though he rarely writes, but whenever he does, he comes up with a masterpiece.