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Since the past few days, my life has changed a lot, just because a couple of events occurred. One was planned, well organized and other unexpected, totally shocking that had a huge effect on everything in my even showed it effects on previously mentioned(which i mentioned as a planned one)..... Some part of me was positively moved and other was totally opposite.....both positive and negative effects took over me and changed me.....Trying to overcome the memory of Dhamija's death and just to change the mood a little bit, I started watching serial..... NUMB3RS .....actually i rarely watch movies, so thought of watching something related to logic and went for this detective serial..... Some of my friends warned me of how addictive all these serials(Numbers, Prison Break, Kyle XY, etc...) i never tried to start them but now as i have started watching them, I got addicted and they are consuming my time(as expcted)...actually you can't actually consider it as

RAHUL DHAMIJA {29-4-91 to 17-8-10}

Sometimes you gain something in your life and that moment changes your life..... Sometimes when someone special enters into your life, your life takes a turn and the world becomes all yours..... But when you lose something, you become tensed or feel depressed.....and have you ever imagined if I replace that something with Someone in your life.....Just give it a thought -just for a moment- it won't take much of your time..... That some sort of similar situation occurred to me.....One of my friend Rahul Dhamija got the electric shock in college and lost his life..... Rahul Dhamija(29-4-91 to 17-8-10) We all were not able to get normal even after 4 days of his death, just we knew him for 2 yrs or so...Just try to imagine the loss his parents have incurred, what pain they might be suffering. Imagine the situation of parents who made their son grow for the past 19 years and now they are holding the body their son..... I consider him as a true engineer, always busy with new stu

25 years { "19-8-85" to "19-8-10" }

Since the last few days a couple of incidents have took place in my life that has completely changed my life..... One was planned but other was....leave it I'll share it to you later.... From last 1 month, me and my sister were planning to give a surprise party to our parents on their "Silver Jubilee" . Initially we faced problem to decide the gifts then somehow we got over the difficulty and bought something for them.....but the main thing was....."We both" reached there, the main problem was that we have informed everyone that we are going there with an strict instructions "Don't dare to inform our parents...its a surprise" so the threat was that if someone by mistake informed them....then our plan will fail....but by GOD's grace....plan went as expected.....:) The moment of our arrival and the way in which they warmly welcomed us with a mixed feeling of-...i can't explain it in words....-but that was amazing..... The P

Independence Day 'n' Sale...Sale...Sale...!!!

15th August.....everyone waits for this day eagerly....for 3 reasons: 1) Public Holiday....this time it was sunday...:P 2) There's Sale around every corner of the market...and 3) Its the day when Independence Day is celebrated in India (very few of them waits because of the 3rd one....) 14th August : In the evening Rishabh, Me and Shubham all went to "FOOD BAZAAR"...saw attractive offers...decided to take everything we just saw, but soon we realized that all 3 of us are out of balance(almost all the year round you'll find engineering students out of balance...not a big deal). So problem man....we'll again come for it tomorrow as 15th will be the last day for the sale....;) 15th August :Big day came...I and Rishabh decided to leave early in the we left soon after lunch in the afternoon....(ask any engineering student(exceptions are always there), it was always early for us) So finally we left for BIG BAZAAR at 2pm.....all prepared for s

Titleless this time.....

"Every endless night has a dawning day Every darkest sky has a shining ray" How many times it has been with you that you had lost all your hope and you have decided to what you are losing and then suddenly you encounter something or someone with a ray of hope that it/he/she leads you towards your target.....????? OK...I'm not asking you to share anything with me...but everyone of us someday, somehow has encountered such situation... you might be wondering that why i'm writing such stuff, but such situations might come into your life just don't loose hope....keep trying....the result will always be in your favour.... PS: I'm not pointing it out to someone's life...just putting something in front of you what i felt....dats it...:) PS: Hope that the person concerned understands it.....;) cya...

Start Thinking as a TRUE ENGINEER...!!!

Many times you would have planned one or the other stuff about your future.....but how many times you were able to say...."Mission Accomplished"...once...twice...thrice...??? just start thinking as an do we plan to do something and how many times we were able to achieve this time i remember only one thing that somebody told me..."you will be made to work like a slave in your engineering, so that you don't face any problem in your future working for any company...might be an MNC(by mistake...if luck supports)". By the way there's very less hope for engineers, especially only B.Tech degree holders to move ahead successfully. I too once thought to an astronaut or an aeronautical engineer.....but right now indulged in ECE.....and moreover to twist the knife in the old wound, i got this one..... click on the image to get a large view... However, some hopes are still left, but that just reminded me what an engineering stu

On which DAY they remember YOU...???

So...Happy Friendship Day to everyone..... Actually when I woke up.....I saw the light of my phone blinking and the message was flashing "Message Inbox full....please delete some message" I wondered what has happened to my cell.....then i realised its "friendship day today"..... I was actually wondering that why on this such particular day people wake up to send messages and remember all their loved one' those whom they didn't talked or even remembered them for the whole year....suddenly start sending messages.....start making calls.....or whatever it is..... I'm observing it since a long time...except today, last time when on father's day, some of my friends gave their blog address to see their posts.....and what was all written in it...."Love you dad.....and all such things..." arey if you really love anyone why do you need a day to remember that person or express your feelings to that person.....ok...a whole day is dedicated t