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The Perfect Example...!!!

These days we are studying a subject "Financial Management".....So many terms have come across during the whole semester which has ruined my life.....One of them was the " OPPORTUNITY COST "..... And today, when i opened my dashboard to see the updates on the other blogs and sites.....I found the perfect example to understand the opportunity cost on abstrusegoose and finally i somehow was able to learn about the above term.....lemme show you how it made me understood the term..... click on the pic. for better view....... So a big thanks and blessings to who-so-ever posted it on the site......;) Enjoy reading it.....and please lemme know if you have more of them so that i can score well in finance.....lolzzz.....:P....gtg...have to prepare for tomorrows xam.....cya....

Er. V.K.Goenka.....

Ok.....So a couple of post back i mentioned that i have shifted to bhopal...(for me its just for vacations, as I've to be at Noida for my graduation...). And many of my memories are attached with my old city.....Especially my last two years as those were the years that when i was actually, in a real sense introduced to my city, i.e., when i started coaching for 12th, and then that was the time when I met one of the idols of my life, Er. V.K.Goenka . Really a down to earth man, full of knowledge, he loved his students a lot more than anyone could imagine, and its literally impossible to express the feelings for his students and equally what his students felt for him.....Taking so much pain for his students, even for a single student, he used to come to coaching centre and sit even till 7 in the evening. He used to take physics class but provided study material for all the subjects, and helped us prepare for aieee, and all such exams along with his regular classes. We sat at his ce

$106.4 Million Only

This was the news on the front page of TOI on May,6th 2010.....and it deserved to be.....A 1932 made PABLO PICASSO's painting was auctioned for a new world record of just $106.4 Million only..... Here's the pic.....just take a look..... This art piece made by the great Spanish Master......named "Nu au Plateau de Sculpteur" ("Nude, Green Leaves and Bust") ...I couldn't understand that why it made so much havoc among art lovers.....I too like paintings, but never understood the meaning behind such paintings.......:P....either because it was made by Pablo Picasso or it was made 78 years back. Some of his others artworks made some this one.... The Old Guitarist(1903) but not the former one....... I'm not gonna write much here coz if any of the art lover will see my this post, they will surely gonna kill me.....:P However, Great work Mr. Pablo...keep it up....