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> Sometimes there are few lyrics with which you can so easily relate to. > Sometimes a song is sung so beautifully that you don't want it to end. > Sometimes a music is so beautifully composed that it keeps on playing in your mind day and night even when it's not playing anywhere around. Well, this satisfies all the 3 conditions. ************* The cover of  Heartbeats - The Knife by Daniela Andrade and Dabin . One of my personal favorites. The Knife - Heartbeats (Cover) by Daniela Andrade x Dabin ***Lyrics*** One night to be confused One night to speed up truth We had a promise made Four hands and then away Both under influence We had divine sense To know what to say Mind is a razor blade To call for hands of above, to lean on Wouldn't be good enough for me, no One night of magic rush The start: a simple touch One night to push and scream And then relief Ten days of perfect tunes The colors red and blue We had a promis


photo by Ed Ross As he observed her; he realized she was   Careful but calm Coddled but composed Talkative but reserved   It was like shallowness filled with nothingness       PS: This post has been posted as part of Magpie Tales and for Emptiness prompt by Friday Phrases .

The World is a Hypocrite's Masquerade of Virtue..!!!

Well, for those who noticed that I'm writing something after long time, must be wondering why am I back with a pretty rough title to the post. Good thing if you didn't feel that rough. If you felt that rough, then either you might be responsible for it or you'll feel the post offensive. So better continue at your own risk. Since last 2 months, I had so much on my mind but somehow the time and sudden changes in my life are not giving me enough personal space and peace of mind so that I can concentrate on writing. Now imagine the situation of someone like me, who is used to get things off his mind by writing instead of speaking, would be feeling for past 52 days(Yes, I'm counting days). Honestly and unfortunately, right now also I'm writing this post with a white noise audio playing in the background. Just imagine :/ Now coming back to the point, why I called the world "A hypocrite's masquerade of virtue". Those who're not able to unders