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What would you prefer...EAT ROYALLY or FLUSH ROYALLY...???

Obviously I won't deny that technology advancement is good. But sometimes, some of the advancements appears to be useless(at least to me). Well, not much good examples striking my mind right now, except for this one(for which I'm here right now)...!!! But before everything, just one question... How much would you like to spend to dispose off your SH*T...??? For a house...few dollars maybe...That too per month...that's it...??? For a company, okay I'll leave it, I know everyone won't like to discuss it... But obviously not more than that...(hopefully)... Well, I don't want to get this post too much dirty by discussing about the shit, but here I present you the $6400 toilet or some of you would like to call it A Royal Flush to flush your SH*T PS: Leave the discussion apart...But tell me seriously, would you seriously spend so much just to dispose off your SHIT...??? Free Advice: If end result doesn't

Raam Naam Satya Hai...!!!

Hindi:                                                        राम नाम सत्य है | English Transliteration:                        Raam Naam Satya Hai. English Translation:                        God Name is the only Truth. Whats wrong in reciting this chant in our normal life? Ask this question to someone who is not familiar with Indian culture, he won't have any problem with that. The reason I asked you to ask this question to someone who is not familiar with our Indian culture is that, our Indian mindset has been made to settle on the belief that "Raam Naam Satya Hai" is only supposed to be said at the time of death only, so we might not be able to get an unbiased decision. It has become a belief that if you hear this chant, then there has been a death nearby and normally no one is allowed to recite it. Watch this small video "Raam Naam Satya Hai" (6 minute and 22 second) by the group HamaraMovie in which a 11 year old kid is punished for re

NO to IIT...Where is it leading to...???

"It started with the best in the world and if not stopped now, then it might lead to worst in the world" I don't want it to be true, but it seems that it will be true soon. Lets see how what is leading the one which used to be the best towards its worst end: "Indian education system used to be the best thousand's of years ago. For many centuries, before the time when human learned to make an account and write down things, all the vedas, upanishads, puranas, etc. continued their journey from generations to generation as word-of-mouth. Till that time there was no education system which can compete with ours. Then slowly-slowly, as we progressed, we realized that there are many sections of society which are divided on the basis of caste and culture which lead to ill-treatment of many of them. So instead of eliminating such stupid caste system, we thought, if we remove this diverse cultures, then India will loose one of its most important attrac

I wrote an Essay, Really...??? :O

If anyone of you would have asked me that will I be writing any essay in the future and if yes, then when...??? Then I'd would have said, Not in the near future because I won't be appearing in any IAS or similar exams, but yeahh I'll be writing it someday, maybe helping out my kids in the school(well that's too long term planning, so ignore). But, exactly 1 year and 3 days ago, I landed up in IIIT-Bangalore, for M.Tech. and exactly 3 days ago, I was given an assignment(actually everyone was given, not only me) to write an essay on one of these topics: 1) A scene in an exam hall (I don't like writing about tragic incidents, so ignored it) 2) Value of discipline in Student Life (Discipline and Student Life, I thought they are antonyms, again ignored) 3) Convocation Day (No experience one more down) 4) A midnight Adventure (After joining IIIT-B, whole life has become an adventure, so it wouldn't have been any justice to write about one an

Easiest way to be a MILLION DOLLAR BABY...!!!

Disclaimer: For the art lovers, especially Joan Miro's lovers...This post has no intention to insult Joan Miro  or his works...Don't get enraged after reading this, I've done such things earlier ... B-) You must have heard that engineer's are bad at general knowledge, not all, but many are. Today I again realized that I'm also one of them(obviously the one with bad G.K.) :P Anyways, Better late, than never...So finally, today I came across this news , and realized that someday, I can also be Joan Miro. Even any of you can be. Sounds good, isn't it...??? Thanks... Joan Miro's "Etoile Bleue" image courtesy: Google Frankly Speaking, I was shocked to see that this painting by Joan Miro was worth 37 million dollars . So, here's the easiest way to be a Million Dollar Baby:  "Preserve the paintings accidentally made by your infants. They might earn your family a fortune after few years." PS: If this post has enra