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Many times in life when we see others doing some tasks, sometimes an inner feeling get evoked within us..."that we too can do it...or....we too could have done this task, if we would have been trained since our childhood...or so....". I too felt so, many times, its not a moment to feel shy friends.....everyone amongst us feel so, at one time or the other, just get up and get ready for your lectures because thats the time where we can come up with many of our hidden talents. Actually, I was initially inspired by my batchy AYUSH KUMAR, great sketcher-I must say, such good sketches without much training is an appreciable task. Then I encountered with some more sketches, but this time they were of ABIRA BANDHOPADHYAY, another of my batchy, although she took some of the training for what she does, but then also nice drawings. Hats off to both of them.....!!!!! The above mentioned friends of mine made me remind of my childhood, when I too was good at such tasks and I made one o