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This one was the Most Happening of ALL...!!!

Finally the end of the 5th semester has was the end of everything and latest by monday everyone will be back to their places. Everyone was enjoying the time since evening after the exam was over, especially the first years....they will have their 1st vacations.....;) But today when we came out of the examination hall, we thought that we might be having that usual joy that we are going home for a month or so.....but that feeling never came to me and some of them in my group and that only when i discussed with some of them, we concluded to a genuine reason that might be this time we have been so much busy for the first time among so many projects and unusual work load unlike previous two years..... However, this semester proved to be the most happening semester of all the 5 that i have been through.....all through the semester, one thing or the other was happening in regular intervals and kept us occupied in mentally and physically.... 1) Projects(Minor Project..whic

M.K.Gandhi as Idol...???

In spite of the fact that many people tried to convince me, and provided with their positive views towards M.K.Gandhi, I was not able to change my views towards him and even yesterday when I was finished with " The Story of My Experiments with Truth " by M.K.Gandhi , I came up with many questions in my mind that might be genuine according to some of you, and might be stupid one for some of you. Actually, earlier i had many negative views about Gandhiji, but from many people i have heard you will read his book your thinking towards him will definitely change, so i felt like not commenting on him any further until and unless i read his book and get to know about his views towards life. But unfortunately, many of my negative views towards him were not removed, infact they grew more strong as i came towards the end. However one thing which accounted the most was how he followed "Truth", the way he tackled many of his cases and handled many situations in South Africa,

Am I really Busy or Lost...???

Am I too much busy with my college work? or Am i too much lost within myself? Dunno what happened.....Actually from starting of this month and till now, I had in my mind that on 26th November this month, One of the 2 most special persons of my life is celebrating his birthday.....but I didn't actually realized that 26th is tomorrow only until I received an update from my uncle, Maj. Ashwani Saini's Blog . Can't say where my mind was....;) Okay leave it.....if any of you have the answer to any of my above question then please reply.....Thanks... ;) So, you might be thinking that who are the two most special Mom and Dad.....How quickly time passes by..... It just appears to be only a day or so when my father retired from RBI and we shifted to Bhopal.....and now a whole year has passed..... BTW... Take Care...GOD Bless you...:)

Those days...!!!

When we don't have to look even for ourselves, When we don't have care for anyone, When we don't have to care for food, When we don't have to care for health, When we don't have anything to loose, When everyone just kept roaming around us for fulfilling our demands, When we just have to ask for what we wanted, When we were free from the tension of studies, When future tensions have never been able to bother us for anything, When we didn't had anything to plan for our future..... PS: Really missing those days.....but can't have them back.....One pessimist said once..."Youth never comes back, and old age never goes away...". However, it totally depends on your thinking that when you're going to get old..... PS: But one optimist has said....."Being young is an accident of mind, youth is a permanent state of mind..." And I would like to add that youth is a permanent state of mind for only those who thinks youthfully, and not for pe

Better Late than NEVER...!!!

Many times we just think that "The correct time has gone and we can't get back or accomplish our dream".....But today i somehow realized that its never late, it depends only on the time when you are going to start moving in a positive direction. The time will never wait for you and neither you will be able to make it move backwards(its impossible...) But you can control what's gonna come-up next..... Be firm and determined towards what you want, and you will achieve it in almost no time, But you should be focused this time properly and not in the way you have been doing before, Stop blaming others for your loss, you will surely achieve success..... Just remember......" No DEFEAT is final, until you stop TRYING...!!! " No matter how late it might be, but its never late to start moving on the path you have imagined in your dreams.... read this might get it in a better way what I'm exactly trying to say.....I got this link as a comment on one o

3 days...!!!

Well past three days went past in a much different way than expected. Don't get bothered up, nothing that important happened...just they were different from usual. Actually 5th Nov. was "Diwali", you all know it very well, nothing to mention about it so hostel was all vacant by 3rd night or maximum by 4th morning, leaving behind some of us like me, my cousin(mama's son) and a couple of my friends. Nothing to do we just roamed around the area near college, took lunch from somewhere...(infact anywhere)...., watching movies, then again having something from roadside, went to meet a friend nearby and then came back to hostel to watch movies and seasons ( NUMB3RS ) on our laptops. Then again getting up late in the morning or early afternoon.....same schedule for the next day. Perhaps that's what the schedule we(me and my cousin) predicted for 4th, 5th and 6th, but that went on only for a single day.....on 4th only......on 5th we didn't had any proper movie to

Once Again...:P

Yesterday, on 30th Oct. 2010, I was supposed to attend a Seminar on Entrepreneurial Development, so I got myself registered there at about 9:45am in the morning. But soon before it was started, i saw a notice for the "Workshop on ACST(Advanced Computing and Software Tools) - 2010", and I decided to go to ACST instead of trying for something which is of less interest to me, entrepreneur seminar. At the beginning of it, I felt very awkward, as when i noticed that there are very few of the students, and all of them were Faculty members, the guest lecturers along with the some and Ph.D. Scholars. But, however, I decided to attend the workshop. Beginning was a little boring and slow one with the lecture by Prof. R.S.Gupta on The Free and Moving Boundary Problems . However, next one was by Prof. Rama Bhargava on Mesh Free Methods . I don't know what she had in the morning, or might be she had some problem so that she wanted to finish her lecture so quickly. She


Sometimes we rise up with lots of ambitions, But we don't get to move on in the right directions... Sometimes we move on with lots targets, But we don't get the right path to reach them... Sometimes we come up with lots of visualization within ourselves, But we don't even bother to have enough of its realization... Sometimes we have a lot to focus, But we're not left with so much concentration to focus... Sometimes we have lot of achievements waiting in front of us, But we don't even look for them... Sometimes we are tested by HIM so much that we achieve perfection to the fullest, But we get shattered so easily that we ignore the success one step ahead... Sometimes we start ignoring so much in life, That we ignore the necessities in life... Sometimes you freeze at some point in your life, But then a simple ray brings to us a hope of life... And we come up with this beautiful word.....EUREKA...!!! PS: never loose hope for anything in this beautiful world....

The Puppet Show...!!!

I've always heard from my elders that death is something that can come to anyone at any point of time with no prior warning no matter how old are you or who you are.....everyone is equal for it.....Just a simple rule applied by it for you..."It will just take you away from the sorrows/miseries of this world when it wants to take you, leaving behind others in sorrow..." I just took it as a information and never really thought about it.....Actually I never really imagined that I could even have to bother about the fact until this semester or precisely for the past one and a half month when I actually realized that we are only the puppets in this world.....and all our controlled by the the master of all... "GOD" .....The only liberty that we are given is we can only feel and judge our actions and try to improve them(unlike the puppets we play with)... I know that from the past few weeks my blog has been sort of boring because of some serious stuffs like this.....

This time its NUMBERS...not NUMB3RS...!!!

OK...I already mentioned sometime back that I'm fascinated by the magic of numbers, and started watching "NUMB3RS"..... I heard from some sources that 3rd year always keep you in the most busy mode, in all of your 4 years of engineering...and now when this semester has proved itself to be a busy semester.....I've found ways to get some time out for my entertainment and kept looking for some wonders in maths.....and this is what I found this time.....A nice pattern....See if you can also figure it out..... 526315789473684210 x 02 = 1052631578947368420 526315789473684210 x 04 = 2105263157894736840 526315789473684210 x 08 = 4210526315789473680 526315789473684210 x 16 = 8421052631578947360 526315789473684210 x 13 = 6842105263157894730 526315789473684210 x 07 = 3684210526315789470 526315789473684210 x 14 = 7368421052631578940 526315789473684210 x 09 = 4736842105263157890 526315789473684210 x 18 = 9473684210526315780 526315789473684210 x 17 = 8947368421052631570 52631578

This time it was totally unexpected...!!!

Usually, every year.....everyone waits for atleast one day.....his/her birthday.....but this year it went like nothing.....Never ever felt like my birthday is coming until the week before my friends asked me..."where's the treat dude, your birthday is coming???" Still everything went for the whole week like it was nothing, and even the special day also went like it was nothing.....Only moments, when i felt like it was my birthday, were only when i saw a lot of updates on facebook and messages on my cell.....Never felt like celebrating it..... Don't know why.....but this birthday totally passed by in an extremely low profile..... cya later...bbye.....

Not Again.....

Seems that some bad days are going on.....Something or the other is happening around me that's somehow distracting my mind completely. You can say that they are somehow a sort of similar, but completely different.....different in the sense that they are not inter-related but somehow they all get linked to me.....and disturb my routine life..... A couple of weeks ago, Death of Rahul Dhamija , it completely ruined my tests and unfortunately i was not even able to enjoy the silver jubilee of my parents .....In a sense it was totally got ruined(on my behalf).....and now 3-4 days before just a nice friend of mine lost her mother.....totally unexpected and shocking news for everyone..... Ok.....none of them were related to me.....but Dhamija was a close friend of mine, just some thoughts still keep coming across my mind. Similarly the second case, if something like that happens to any of your friend, what will be your reaction????? Just try to think about it, you will get the answer t

Proposal Techniques...!!!

OK....So i'm not doing any PhD on this topic, but just had a small discussion the other night with my friend and now I thought to scribble here a bit on this topic..... Moreover, I'm neither committed nor planning to get so in the near i don't know if something happens so..... Lets put it in descending order of the ranking I gave them..... Third... Proposing from the other building's roof... But in this one you are already so close to your were with her already.....So i think it was very much implied.....however was a cute way....moving on to the 2nd one... Second... A very innovative way....Can't be described....just have a look at it.... This was the best one but suddenly I got something, which I liked more than anything..... First... Mathematical Proposal.....dats it..... Actually since my childhood I loved mathematics like everything.....Thanks to my dad.....and this was the most innovative one.........but how did o


Since the past few days, my life has changed a lot, just because a couple of events occurred. One was planned, well organized and other unexpected, totally shocking that had a huge effect on everything in my even showed it effects on previously mentioned(which i mentioned as a planned one)..... Some part of me was positively moved and other was totally opposite.....both positive and negative effects took over me and changed me.....Trying to overcome the memory of Dhamija's death and just to change the mood a little bit, I started watching serial..... NUMB3RS .....actually i rarely watch movies, so thought of watching something related to logic and went for this detective serial..... Some of my friends warned me of how addictive all these serials(Numbers, Prison Break, Kyle XY, etc...) i never tried to start them but now as i have started watching them, I got addicted and they are consuming my time(as expcted)...actually you can't actually consider it as

RAHUL DHAMIJA {29-4-91 to 17-8-10}

Sometimes you gain something in your life and that moment changes your life..... Sometimes when someone special enters into your life, your life takes a turn and the world becomes all yours..... But when you lose something, you become tensed or feel depressed.....and have you ever imagined if I replace that something with Someone in your life.....Just give it a thought -just for a moment- it won't take much of your time..... That some sort of similar situation occurred to me.....One of my friend Rahul Dhamija got the electric shock in college and lost his life..... Rahul Dhamija(29-4-91 to 17-8-10) We all were not able to get normal even after 4 days of his death, just we knew him for 2 yrs or so...Just try to imagine the loss his parents have incurred, what pain they might be suffering. Imagine the situation of parents who made their son grow for the past 19 years and now they are holding the body their son..... I consider him as a true engineer, always busy with new stu

25 years { "19-8-85" to "19-8-10" }

Since the last few days a couple of incidents have took place in my life that has completely changed my life..... One was planned but other was....leave it I'll share it to you later.... From last 1 month, me and my sister were planning to give a surprise party to our parents on their "Silver Jubilee" . Initially we faced problem to decide the gifts then somehow we got over the difficulty and bought something for them.....but the main thing was....."We both" reached there, the main problem was that we have informed everyone that we are going there with an strict instructions "Don't dare to inform our parents...its a surprise" so the threat was that if someone by mistake informed them....then our plan will fail....but by GOD's grace....plan went as expected.....:) The moment of our arrival and the way in which they warmly welcomed us with a mixed feeling of-...i can't explain it in words....-but that was amazing..... The P

Independence Day 'n' Sale...Sale...Sale...!!!

15th August.....everyone waits for this day eagerly....for 3 reasons: 1) Public Holiday....this time it was sunday...:P 2) There's Sale around every corner of the market...and 3) Its the day when Independence Day is celebrated in India (very few of them waits because of the 3rd one....) 14th August : In the evening Rishabh, Me and Shubham all went to "FOOD BAZAAR"...saw attractive offers...decided to take everything we just saw, but soon we realized that all 3 of us are out of balance(almost all the year round you'll find engineering students out of balance...not a big deal). So problem man....we'll again come for it tomorrow as 15th will be the last day for the sale....;) 15th August :Big day came...I and Rishabh decided to leave early in the we left soon after lunch in the afternoon....(ask any engineering student(exceptions are always there), it was always early for us) So finally we left for BIG BAZAAR at 2pm.....all prepared for s

Titleless this time.....

"Every endless night has a dawning day Every darkest sky has a shining ray" How many times it has been with you that you had lost all your hope and you have decided to what you are losing and then suddenly you encounter something or someone with a ray of hope that it/he/she leads you towards your target.....????? OK...I'm not asking you to share anything with me...but everyone of us someday, somehow has encountered such situation... you might be wondering that why i'm writing such stuff, but such situations might come into your life just don't loose hope....keep trying....the result will always be in your favour.... PS: I'm not pointing it out to someone's life...just putting something in front of you what i felt....dats it...:) PS: Hope that the person concerned understands it.....;) cya...

Start Thinking as a TRUE ENGINEER...!!!

Many times you would have planned one or the other stuff about your future.....but how many times you were able to say...."Mission Accomplished"...once...twice...thrice...??? just start thinking as an do we plan to do something and how many times we were able to achieve this time i remember only one thing that somebody told me..."you will be made to work like a slave in your engineering, so that you don't face any problem in your future working for any company...might be an MNC(by mistake...if luck supports)". By the way there's very less hope for engineers, especially only B.Tech degree holders to move ahead successfully. I too once thought to an astronaut or an aeronautical engineer.....but right now indulged in ECE.....and moreover to twist the knife in the old wound, i got this one..... click on the image to get a large view... However, some hopes are still left, but that just reminded me what an engineering stu

On which DAY they remember YOU...???

So...Happy Friendship Day to everyone..... Actually when I woke up.....I saw the light of my phone blinking and the message was flashing "Message Inbox full....please delete some message" I wondered what has happened to my cell.....then i realised its "friendship day today"..... I was actually wondering that why on this such particular day people wake up to send messages and remember all their loved one' those whom they didn't talked or even remembered them for the whole year....suddenly start sending messages.....start making calls.....or whatever it is..... I'm observing it since a long time...except today, last time when on father's day, some of my friends gave their blog address to see their posts.....and what was all written in it...."Love you dad.....and all such things..." arey if you really love anyone why do you need a day to remember that person or express your feelings to that person.....ok...a whole day is dedicated t


Hmmm.....So approximately 5 months ago.....on February 9th, 2010.....Google launched "BUZZ". It became famous from the very first day.....but in a small corner of the was about to make a history..... "The biggest ever group conversation on BUZZ" ...Infact "The biggest ever NONSENSE group conversation on BUZZ" consisting of 183 lines over a period of 1 month..... It all started with one of my batchmate "Sobhagya Gupta's" status " nt at desk and followed by the comments of "Anand Dubey, Purnendu Chaturvedi, Sarabjeet Singh(that's me), Swati Ramachandran, Ayush Kumar, Vikrant Chauhan, Gaurav Arora, Srishti Prakash" .....I was not able to read it full at one stretch myself so better you yourself read it is.....IF U SURVIVE AFTER READING IT...PLEASE DO INFORM ME......:P... Disclaimer: No compensation will be paid to the family of people those who die or loose their mental balance after going throu

Tardy person's can't be always IGNORED...!!!

Ok...Coming directly to the point...yesterday I reached the link to a web-page from my sister's blog which once again reminded me some of the great names in the history of education..... George Dantzig So it will be much better that you read it yourself than me telling you the whole thing..... One day in 1939, Berkeley doctoral candidate George Dantzig arrived late for a statistics class taught by Jerzy Neyman. He copied down the two problems on the blackboard and turned them in a few days later, apologizing for the delay — he’d found them unusually difficult. Distracted, Neyman told him to leave his homework on the desk. On a Sunday morning six weeks later, Neyman banged on Dantzig’s door. The problems that Dantzig had assumed were homework were actually unproved statistical theorems that Neyman had been discussing with the class — and Dantzig had proved both of them. Both were eventually published, with Dantzig as coauthor. “When I began to worry about a thesis topic,” he

Mixed Feelings...!!!

Its appearing to be a long long long...infact...very very very long time since i have been scribbling here..... With a mixed type of enjoyable and sometimes irritating one and a half month long vacations anyone wants to come back to its routine college life.....but now when i have came back to college....."I want to rest" It seems that i have never ever been able to rest in these vacations..........I want my vacations back.......lolzzzz Ok.....after a lot of stupid talks......lemme get back to "blogspot" and see some of your posts......surely this will take a long excuse me for some time.....i'll surely be back soon after going thru your pages.....bbye

The Perfect Example...!!!

These days we are studying a subject "Financial Management".....So many terms have come across during the whole semester which has ruined my life.....One of them was the " OPPORTUNITY COST "..... And today, when i opened my dashboard to see the updates on the other blogs and sites.....I found the perfect example to understand the opportunity cost on abstrusegoose and finally i somehow was able to learn about the above term.....lemme show you how it made me understood the term..... click on the pic. for better view....... So a big thanks and blessings to who-so-ever posted it on the site......;) Enjoy reading it.....and please lemme know if you have more of them so that i can score well in finance.....lolzzz.....:P....gtg...have to prepare for tomorrows xam.....cya....

Er. V.K.Goenka.....

Ok.....So a couple of post back i mentioned that i have shifted to bhopal...(for me its just for vacations, as I've to be at Noida for my graduation...). And many of my memories are attached with my old city.....Especially my last two years as those were the years that when i was actually, in a real sense introduced to my city, i.e., when i started coaching for 12th, and then that was the time when I met one of the idols of my life, Er. V.K.Goenka . Really a down to earth man, full of knowledge, he loved his students a lot more than anyone could imagine, and its literally impossible to express the feelings for his students and equally what his students felt for him.....Taking so much pain for his students, even for a single student, he used to come to coaching centre and sit even till 7 in the evening. He used to take physics class but provided study material for all the subjects, and helped us prepare for aieee, and all such exams along with his regular classes. We sat at his ce

$106.4 Million Only

This was the news on the front page of TOI on May,6th 2010.....and it deserved to be.....A 1932 made PABLO PICASSO's painting was auctioned for a new world record of just $106.4 Million only..... Here's the pic.....just take a look..... This art piece made by the great Spanish Master......named "Nu au Plateau de Sculpteur" ("Nude, Green Leaves and Bust") ...I couldn't understand that why it made so much havoc among art lovers.....I too like paintings, but never understood the meaning behind such paintings.......:P....either because it was made by Pablo Picasso or it was made 78 years back. Some of his others artworks made some this one.... The Old Guitarist(1903) but not the former one....... I'm not gonna write much here coz if any of the art lover will see my this post, they will surely gonna kill me.....:P However, Great work Mr. Pablo...keep it up....

Just a talk with a dream.......:O

देखा था एक अजीब सा ख्वाब आज मैंने , ख्वाब में ही हुई थी ख्वाब से एक प्यारी सी गुफ्तगू मेरी | ख्वाब से पूछा की क्यूँ दिखाता है तू रंग इतने , बोला की मेरे नही, हैं ये तुम्हारे ही कर्मों के रंग । कभी तुम्हारे ही गलत कर्मों के फल स्वरुप स्वप्न दिखाता हूँ तुम्हे, और कभी तुम्हारी ही अधूरी इच्छाओं को पूरा करने के मार्ग से अवगत करता हूँ । मैंने पूछा कैसे ? तो बोला जैसे कर्म तुम करते हो उसी को मैं तुम्हारे ख़्वाबों में लाता हूँ , अच्छे कर्म करोगे तो मीठे मीठे ख्वाब दिखता हूँ तुमको , वरना बुरे कर्मों के लिए बुरे स्वप्न ही दिखता हूँ तुम्हे । मैं तो सिर्फ तुम्हारे अधूरे स्वप्न दिखता हूँ तुम्हे , जिसे तुम भूल चुके थे कभी, यान जिससे तुम हार मान कर अधूरा ही छोड़ने वाले थे कभी । हार न मान जाओ कभी तुम किसी से, भूल न जाओ अपनी इच्छाओं को विचलित होकर कभी, इसी बात के डर से छोड़ता नहीं हूँ तुम्हे अकेला कभी, तेरे हर काम का वाकया सुना देता हूँ तुझे मैं, लेकिन ठोकर खाए बिना तुने कभी भी नही सीखा चलना सही राह पे | ps: actually last night i was just sitting in my friends room discussing some

What's Happening.....?????

Its been more than a week or so, that i have scribbled in my blog and still not able to do so.....From the past few days everything that's happening in my life is pretty messed up.....No logic behind what's going on.....Everytime I try to do anything, it goes wrong.....Seems a bad time is going on for me.....Hoping for a better days ahead.....gud bye.....;)

Om Mangalam...mangalam...mangalam...

We do all sorts of mischieves in the college.....and some really become memorable one's..... This is also among the same.......everytime i get frustrated.....get bored......or get angry.......i just open this video and have a look at it......all your anger, all your tension will be flushed off..... Not much to describe about the video......but still.....lemme give some of the briefings...... Its a Dance performance by Anuj Goel(the big guy in the video) and Gaurav Arora(the other one)......on the song....."Om Mangalam...." of "Kambakht Ishq" movie...... Actually the Video has been taken by mobile, so i was unable to get its proper its a little blurred......But i promise that you are still gonna love this one.....;) So just enjoy with the video.....I'll leave right now.....bbye....catch u l8r......

A morning walk......

You might be wondering how can i be so much punctual to have a morning walk, especially being a hostler, its almost impossible......lolzzz....:P But there are still a couple of them who have the guts to wake up in the morning to go to gym, morning walk, jogging, etc...etc...etc...ohhh...the most important thing i forgot to mention.....Its getting up in the morning at right and having breakfast....its all over at 9 in the you can understand how much difficult it is to have it. Its been almost 1 month when I had my last breakfast(and its was at my sweet home...) Actually, today I got up early in the morning, so thought of having a round of the area near the hostel as i was not in a mood to go for a long walk.....But there was nothing to see around and in going far you will get a lot of traffic, dust, and all..... No greenery(that's what everyone searches for during the early morning walk), all around.....and that just reminded me of my days in KANPUR...... Right no

What do you do when you have nothing to do.....:P

Just sitting idle in front of your system(Laptop or PC), and with no mood of doing some fruitful work.....and with 24 hour net connection.....What the hell one can do??? There's a small proverb in Hindi for such persons..... KHALI DIMAG SHAITAAN KA DIMAG/GHAR HOTA HAI..... .....Don't know if there's any mistake in it or not...but that was very much like that..... Have you ever thought of what one can do??? The worst cases, or the best cases.....ummm i think the best one's should be omitted as i have already mentioned that no fruitful work is being done.....lolzzz So what do you think we can do......????? 99% of us only prefer browsing, searching for lame things on internet, and among all the stupid stuff we can search for, I found one of my friend searching the most stupid stuff, i can think of.....I know it might hurt some of yours feelings.....but i felt some thing like that as i just mentioned..... Some of you might consider the most stupid thing as...... 1) Wall

Bas isi ki kami thi.....

Its a long time since I've scribbled here......and still I was wondering what to write????? usual the whole time of an engineering student goes in vain to complete one or the other assignments.....and i was wondering the same when i was trying to solve a new mystery in my life.....UNIX.....none of us know anything and we don't even know what are we going to do in it..... Then i got an IDEA.....An IDEA can change your life.....from my sister..... How to learn C in 21 days...??? and really.....i was forced to think that why don't i implement it in learning Unix.....????? Really.....What an Idea SIRJI.....ooooppsss....sorry.....What an Idea MADAMJI.....lolzzz

Happpppppyyyyy HOLIIIIIIIII............

Happy Holi to all my dear fellow blogger friends...... This pic is of last years holi celebration in college (the year 2009.....lolzzz). But this time I had to miss the celebration which we used to had in college.....Fever kept me out of it.....guess what today i have to play holi and from morning only i'm down with fever.....:(........but last year was really amazing..... so take care...and everyone of you please enjoy this holi time to your fullest...don't miss it..... HAPPY HOLI once again........bbye......

And The Award Goes To.....

Am I pursuing my B.Tech from a college or a primary school??? That's the question I have asked myself a almost everyday or once in 2 days.....and now its going to be almost 2 years, and still this question is unanswered to me..... You might be thinking that I have gone crazy or what....isn't it??? Actually, our batch doesn't seems to have been grown-up enough to me to come out of their memories of their primary school.....You won't believe that what all craziest things we have done in our past 3 semester.....lemme tell you a couple of them...... 1) Chain-Chain 2) Raja-Wajir-Chor-Sipahi 3) Hide 'n' Seek 4) Dumb-Charads 5) and many many things I can't list up here all of them...... and to do such stuffs, we used to bunk our classes.....haha..... Now, we are in 4th semester, and when it started....everything was calm and composed unlike the past 3 one's and I thought that this semester might go in a better way.....but that was not the way.....this time

X is still an Unknown this is our Exams time and look what none of us were studying just because we have to give synopsis of some project..... And here comes the main issue......"we can't take those topics which have been made in the past couple of semesters or last year or so".....and we have not been even properly introduced to our subject.....UNIX. I asked many of my sister friend who graduated from computer science field and they also were unable to help me.....also that guy in my I'm "F9" post..... So finally I searched and searched and searched and finally got some ideas and thought that lets consult it with the of them knew the subject very well. But how to find him????? Either he is found roaming around with some of the lady faculty or in their cabins.....never in the class and never in his own cabin.....somehow i was successful and i found him.....and he suggested me..... "X-Windows" ....what the hell is this????? That was my fir

Don't Blame Life.....

Sometimes you gain victory... That's how you are actually supposed to learn and realize about the Earthly pleasures... Sometimes you suffer defeat... That's when you are supposed to learn and realize that losing is also a part of life... HE made you learn so many lessons to make you a perfect one.... And still you blame the life that HE created???? Sometimes you get hurt... That's to make you realize that you are not the perfect one... Sometimes you get cheated... That's to make you learn smartness that you require to survive in this world... HE made you learn so many lessons to make you a perfect one.... And still you blame the life that HE created???? Sometimes you are left alone... That's when you are supposed to learn to be independent personality... Sometimes you feel guilty... That's when you are actually supposed to learn and realize that you can commit mistakes... HE made you learn so many lessons to make you a perfect one.... And still you blame the

I'm 'F9'.......

Today I was thinking about my UNIX project....What topic to make??? We don't have any idea and we all are being asked to make some project.....Its fine that we have to submit some project at the end of our semester about what we have been taught (Actually that's a secret....teachers hardly know anything about Unix in my college...except a few...) for the whole semester.....but no one knows what to submit as we don't even know "U" of Unix....and we were asked to submit the synopsis of the project and the details of everything that we have never ever studied before..... So, while trying to have a look on Unix and trying to think about what topic's will be better as a project....I thought lets ask someone who's experienced in it.....and while scrolling the chat list.....i saw.. Ankur Jaiswal ...he was my sister's classmate....passed out from IIIT, Hyderabad and placed in AMAZON.....I have heard his tales from my childhood that he has been brilliant in h

Flew with the Flu...

Hmmm.....There was nothing to scribble here for me today.....but suddenly i got something.....Some latest update....Some latest news.....The new MASALA from my college.....lolzzz 2010 doesn't seem to be a lucky one for my college.....It would be rare event that something mishap or anything occurred in the college.....until this year..... Lets start... 18th JAN, 2010 .....Affidavit was passed that saying that its name has been given to supreme court for the consideration to remove snatch its deemed status.....I wrote a post on it too.....So i don't think i should again come up with all that stuff again..... Now this is the main masala.....GUESS WHAT?????? SWINE FLU is back with a BANG.....seems to be a serious matter.....and unfortunately it has struck our college in a miserable manner.....Want to make another guess that what's its score in the past couple of days????? Ok, I'll not waste your time.....its 13 suspected cases .....surprised or shocked????? Both????? T

Anjaan Dagar...!!!

अनजान राहों पे फिरता था वो.. अनजान सी थी उसकी हर मंजिल.. अनजाना सा था हर गुज़ारा हुआ लम्हा उसका.. अनजान सी थी हर डगर उसकी.. कामयाब हो कर भी कामयाब नही थी कामयाबी उसकी.. शायद ही किसी ने सराहा हो उसको.. ठोकरें तो हर मोड़ पे खाएँ थी ही उसने.. कोई नही समझ पाया था उसको.. न कोई समझ पायेगा उसको.. अपनी अनजान सी सोच लिए रहता था वो इस अनजान दुनिया में.. सब कुछ तो था उसके पास अपना.. नही था उसके पास कुछ तो बस कोई हमदर्द अपना.. ढूंडा तो था उसने हर गली हर मोड़ पे, शायद मिल जाये उसे कोई अपना.. खाया तो मगर उसने धोका ही..निकला हर अपना खुदगर्ज़ इतना.. बहुत समझने की कोशिश की उसने इस अनजान-खुदगर्ज़ दुनिया को.. लेकिन शायद उसके नसीब में नही था इस दुनिया को समझना.. उसी में कोई खोट थी शायद.. शायद इसी लिए.. कोई नही समझ पाया था उसको.. न कोई समझ पायेगा उसको..

Still in a Jeopardy........

I was sitting in my friends room when his father called and asked him that is there any news of your college getting derecognised from the deemed status??? He refused as till that time no one knew about that, but later we got the conformation that HRD ministry has proposed the names of 44 deemed universities out of 126 from all over India and has produced an affidavit in the supreme court that they should be removed from their deemed status...... Initially I thought that many times a number of list has been produced and in which some of them had our college's list and some didn't, so most of us took it leisurely....but later when the affidavit part was conformed, then it became a situation of panic..... The college in which we took admission as a deemed university, and completed nearly our 2 years will no longer be means that we're going to pass out as a normal college???? All we have paid for all these two years and will pay in future is all gonna go in vain?

Mr. Walkerberk......:P

Actually i wasn't in a mood to write any post until Sunday because i have my exam tomorrow but while checking my mails today i saw a comment from a fellow blogger on my last post.. "ARE YOU COMFORTABLE SIR...???" , So i thought to share it with you.....and afterall i will get a few minute break from studies..... Here's his comment....... 歐美情色貼圖網歐美情色免費正妹情色武俠情色小說武俠情色文學網每美情色網治愛中年情色文學波霸情色泰國人妖情色自拍照片洪爺線上免費情色影片東京情色派東東情色杜蕾斯情色貼片日本情色卡通18日本情色卡通動畫日本情色圖日本情色女優貼圖影片日本情色影音下載日本情色漫畫星光情色星光情色討論網星光情色討論板春天情色貼片最新情色文學月宮情色有網站免費情色片本土情色片本土情色短片本土情色影片洪爺免費情色影片洪爺情色綱洪爺情色自拍亞州情色亞洲風暴情色論壇亞洲情色a亞洲情色網亞洲情色區亞洲情色圖亞洲情色圖片亞洲成人情色 Actually i even tried to translate it...predicting it to be one of the unknown languages for me and get the meaning.....but was unable to understand that..... Here are some of the translations that i made through one of the websites-- JAPANESE to ENGLISH: Exemption expense feeling color shadow one Tokyo feeling color group east east feeling color Akanashi bud 斯 feeling color 貼 one