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Golden Doors of Freedom...!!!

George Washington Carver, an American scientist, botanist, educator and inventor from the late 19th century and early 20th century, once said:   "Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. " Obviously, education, if delivered properly, then it will lead you on the right path and help you succeed in life, even when you're free to do anything, you'll have the power to judge the right path. In brief, if "proper education" is given in a proper way, it will lead to success, else GOD knows.  Many understood it and used it wisely and selflessly. Some of them even helped others through this and now we call those people as "Social Reformers". But many misunderstood it or you can say over-understood it. Those who over-understood it, took it literally and started building "golden" doors for themselves, even if they have to destroy anything on the way. And now we know them as "Politicians".

What constitutes a JEE Topper...??? Fluke or Hard-Work...!!!

Disclaimer: Title of the post says it all. Continue at your own risk. ________________________________________________________________________________ Case 1: Kartikeya Gupta, Delhi Topper JEE(Advanced):                                          4th rank  JEE(Main):                                                 323/360 Final Rank(including XII Board marks):          738 ________________________________________________________________________________ Case 2:                                   1st Student                              2nd Student JEE(Main):                    247/360                                    247/360 XII Boards:                     461/500                                    469/500 Final Rank:                     5814                                         3962 ________________________________________________________________________________ Case 3:                                 1st Student                              2nd St