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Flew with the Flu...

Hmmm.....There was nothing to scribble here for me today.....but suddenly i got something.....Some latest update....Some latest news.....The new MASALA from my college.....lolzzz 2010 doesn't seem to be a lucky one for my college.....It would be rare event that something mishap or anything occurred in the college.....until this year..... Lets start... 18th JAN, 2010 .....Affidavit was passed that saying that its name has been given to supreme court for the consideration to remove snatch its deemed status.....I wrote a post on it too.....So i don't think i should again come up with all that stuff again..... Now this is the main masala.....GUESS WHAT?????? SWINE FLU is back with a BANG.....seems to be a serious matter.....and unfortunately it has struck our college in a miserable manner.....Want to make another guess that what's its score in the past couple of days????? Ok, I'll not waste your time.....its 13 suspected cases .....surprised or shocked????? Both????? T

Anjaan Dagar...!!!

अनजान राहों पे फिरता था वो.. अनजान सी थी उसकी हर मंजिल.. अनजाना सा था हर गुज़ारा हुआ लम्हा उसका.. अनजान सी थी हर डगर उसकी.. कामयाब हो कर भी कामयाब नही थी कामयाबी उसकी.. शायद ही किसी ने सराहा हो उसको.. ठोकरें तो हर मोड़ पे खाएँ थी ही उसने.. कोई नही समझ पाया था उसको.. न कोई समझ पायेगा उसको.. अपनी अनजान सी सोच लिए रहता था वो इस अनजान दुनिया में.. सब कुछ तो था उसके पास अपना.. नही था उसके पास कुछ तो बस कोई हमदर्द अपना.. ढूंडा तो था उसने हर गली हर मोड़ पे, शायद मिल जाये उसे कोई अपना.. खाया तो मगर उसने धोका ही..निकला हर अपना खुदगर्ज़ इतना.. बहुत समझने की कोशिश की उसने इस अनजान-खुदगर्ज़ दुनिया को.. लेकिन शायद उसके नसीब में नही था इस दुनिया को समझना.. उसी में कोई खोट थी शायद.. शायद इसी लिए.. कोई नही समझ पाया था उसको.. न कोई समझ पायेगा उसको..

Still in a Jeopardy........

I was sitting in my friends room when his father called and asked him that is there any news of your college getting derecognised from the deemed status??? He refused as till that time no one knew about that, but later we got the conformation that HRD ministry has proposed the names of 44 deemed universities out of 126 from all over India and has produced an affidavit in the supreme court that they should be removed from their deemed status...... Initially I thought that many times a number of list has been produced and in which some of them had our college's list and some didn't, so most of us took it leisurely....but later when the affidavit part was conformed, then it became a situation of panic..... The college in which we took admission as a deemed university, and completed nearly our 2 years will no longer be means that we're going to pass out as a normal college???? All we have paid for all these two years and will pay in future is all gonna go in vain?

Mr. Walkerberk......:P

Actually i wasn't in a mood to write any post until Sunday because i have my exam tomorrow but while checking my mails today i saw a comment from a fellow blogger on my last post.. "ARE YOU COMFORTABLE SIR...???" , So i thought to share it with you.....and afterall i will get a few minute break from studies..... Here's his comment....... 歐美情色貼圖網歐美情色免費正妹情色武俠情色小說武俠情色文學網每美情色網治愛中年情色文學波霸情色泰國人妖情色自拍照片洪爺線上免費情色影片東京情色派東東情色杜蕾斯情色貼片日本情色卡通18日本情色卡通動畫日本情色圖日本情色女優貼圖影片日本情色影音下載日本情色漫畫星光情色星光情色討論網星光情色討論板春天情色貼片最新情色文學月宮情色有網站免費情色片本土情色片本土情色短片本土情色影片洪爺免費情色影片洪爺情色綱洪爺情色自拍亞州情色亞洲風暴情色論壇亞洲情色a亞洲情色網亞洲情色區亞洲情色圖亞洲情色圖片亞洲成人情色 Actually i even tried to translate it...predicting it to be one of the unknown languages for me and get the meaning.....but was unable to understand that..... Here are some of the translations that i made through one of the websites-- JAPANESE to ENGLISH: Exemption expense feeling color shadow one Tokyo feeling color group east east feeling color Akanashi bud 斯 feeling color 貼 one