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Endurance: A Haiku...!!!

clouds may be dark, shine never fades; longer is the rain, nitid is its grace.
Written for: Haiku-Heights

PS: Longer the bad times are, the more we get accustomed of withstanding hardships...and when it ends, we're the one who'll be shining... :)

PS: But the questions is...Will we be able to survive all the hardships and emerge as shining sun at the end...because hard times sometimes appears to be everlasting...(although they are meant to end)???

How many of you got "Completely Finished"...??? :P

Tantantanaaaa....tana....So here I come with one more "Ainwehi" post...but no need of any Disclaimer this time...Its a small one and worth do read it...who knows that it might help you someday... :P

In english, there are many words which appear to have similar meaning and but they don't,

1) Listen and Hear
2) Look and See and Watch

OK, so these are the two examples I've heard for a long time, and somehow I know the difference...However, do you know the difference between Completed and Finished...???

Confused...??? I was also in the same state when came across this question...and obviously they are 2 different words so there has to be atleast one difference...but many dictionaries say there is no difference at all... :O

Anyways, Don't get confused...I've found a difference...thanks to my internet browsing skills... :P :P :P

So here we go:
1) When you marry the right woman, you&#…

Tagging and Awarding Ceremony...!!!

I know that I might be amongst the last one responding to Tags and award that were awarded to me...So please accept my apologies as I was little bit busy... :O starting with TAGGING...actually its really exciting when you were told that you're tagged now I was tagged so I've to answer 11 questions... :P

First of are the rules:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

Anyways, first of all thanks a lot Bikram for tagging me...

So here I go...answers to 11 questions by Bikram... ;)

1. What is it that you love to do, most, and would rather spend your time doing it?
A. Ummm...this was an easy one to start with...blogging, reading books and novels and listening to music...and please I'm not a bookworm...don't conclude anything such thing…

Blue: A Haiku...!!!

with blue sky stamping
evil night, another new
ray shines in the sky.

written for: Haiku Heights

PS: Every night is followed by a beautiful day...only thing that matters is how long the night will be...??? :O

Childhood: A Haiku...!!!

Its me...when I was 4 months old... :)

with ample to learn,
none to concern, I still yearn
for my childhood days.


with nostalgia
surrounding, I wish I could
be toddler again


Written for: Haiku Heights

PS: from the past 6months...these are really my true feelings...I seriously want to get back in the timeline... :(

Why is it so Google...??? :(

Doodle's are one of the best creations of Google...and today's Doodle for Akira...the Origami Grandmaster was another good one...but I didn't liked just one thing about today's Doodle...that why today's Doodle was for Akira when we had the more deserving one...???

I know its almost end of the day and its too late but just one question it was the only question which I kept bothering me for the whole day...

Why there wasn't any doodle for Einstein...???

Happy Birthday Mr. Albert Einstein...!!!
Thanks for your contributions... :)
Its the 133rd birthday of the Master of Physics. Seriously, when I saw a Doodle for the grandmaster of paper folding art...Akira Yoshizawa...I was like WTF...why ain't any Doodle for Einstein... x-(

But now as we can't get any Doodle now, so no point in wasting mine and anyone's time here... more interesting and a bit boring(for some of you) thing...many of you might not have noticed it...

Today is Pi Day...!!!


A True Quote...!!!

Life is not as long we think it is...
We realize it after years...
How much we lost, and
How much we could have gained... :O


Fate: A Haiku...!!!

Blaming our fate, for
Destiny reached, we ignore
Our deeds, who framed it.

Written for: Haiku-Heights

What's Really The Purpose of Statement of Purpose...???

Disclaimer: If you're totally free then read the post, else ignore it... :P

Believe me, its still a mystery and its the toughest thing I've ever written...tougher than any of my post...even tougher than my attempts to haiku and poems...and I still don't understand why on earth they demand for this...I've asked a couple of friends who've applied to various universities for MS...but they too couldn't answer my question... :O

On the name of admission procedure...Universities have a long procedure...
1) Application form: It is no less than writing a CV/Resume of our own...They ask for each and every single detail... :O

2) Statement of Purpose (SOP): Again, your whole CV/Resume in words(1000 words).

3) Written Test: No less than GATE...but we've to give it separately...

4) Interview: If you get through the written test, you've to face it a BIG interview which will decide whether you're in or out...

and if you made the interview, then you're done. But…