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सावन आया ॥

आज बाहर निकला तो मौसम का मिज़ाज कुछ उखड़ा-उखड़ा सा लगा । ऊपर देखा तो बादलों में अजीब सी होड़ मची थी ॥ हवाएं इधर-उधर सकपकाई सी भागती हुई लग रही थी । थोड़ा आगे बढ़ा तो वृक्षों में एक अलग सा उत्साह नज़र आया ॥   मैंने पूछा "इस उमंग और उल्लास का कारण क्या है  ?" वो झूम के बोले "सावन आया" ॥   PS: The post is inspired by chat with 2 of my friends, Lucifer and another one I call him "Ninja".


Are you a spell writer?, or You yourself are a spell? You've spell bounded me for a long time my friend, And I'm unable to get out of the spell. Things feel like I'm floating in an constrained gelly like universe, Or is it a closed shell? Sometimes with hazy feelings, it feels like I'm a frog, Who's unable to come out of his well. Everything seems so fancier to me, Am I becoming habituated to this as a dwell? With no discernible division into parts, Is it a continuum? PS: A random scribble from long time ago which I forgot to post. Found it in the old archives.