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Life! Love! Chaos! Death! But...


Our days are numbered
And so is this love,
But the blues,
Like longing,
They stay.
Will I stop dying,
                      - Mona



Our days maybe numbered,
But not the love.
In the eternity of lifetime.
It's all upon us,
How we choose it to spread.

The blues,

They make us better,
For whatever is coming next.

Just take one day at a time,

Savor every moment;
Until death comes,
When we just mock it on it's face,
As it failed to make us miserable,
For every single day we lived and loved.


Story of the above lines is that I woke up today with some lines sent to me by a friend. I ended up responding to her on similar lines. The conversation was interesting, so just felt like sharing a small snippet of it here.

Anyway, it's good to scribble down whatever is there in our mind. Remember the Pensieve which Dumbledore used to use in Harry Potter? Writing just wo…

Book Review: The Catcher in the Rye - J.D.Salinger

If you're a youngster or crossed the age, then you might know that state of confusion we all go through atleast once in our life. The state of pointlessness, void, emptyness, meaninglessness, lost purpose... all are just ways to describe the same thing. The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger is the similar first person account of a 16-year old bi-polar teenage boy, Holden Caulfield who is going through the same phase of uncertainity in his life.
Every single emotion during his encounter with his roommates in hostel, teachers, fellow travellers, sister is presented in such a clear way without holding back any single thought, literally. This makes the book even more beautiful. Every single thought, dirty or innocent or wicked, has been written down. Doesn't matter how much we think that we need to be decent in the public, such thoughts do come to us once in a while. The cherry on the cake was the part where the author has given a true-touch of local dialect which was decently co…

Life a.k.a. A state of dilemma

Disclaimer: This post is result of some of new events and stream of thoughts which flooded me over the last week. Proceed at your own risk. I just started writing it because I wanted to unload the thoughts from my mind.
Scenario#1: Sometimes life doesn’t give you with any options and you end up being confused upon what to do? Sometimes you think: Why do some people are so lucky? Why do they keep on getting the opportunities they get? Why don’t you get those opportunities? Why is it that some people get the opportunities, even if they don’t deserve on such a frequent basis and you don’t get them at all? There are millions of such questions which keep on coming to your mind. Because even if you try, you are not able to make any progress.
Scenario #2: Then there are phases when you end up getting opportunities to work on. Loads and loads of them will come.The winds will be so much pleasant that you’ll be able to try each and every thing that’s coming to your plate. Those will your days boy…