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Missing That Feeling..!!

I think it's the longest break I've taken from an official running event since I've properly started running in 2018. Today while discussing with a friend, I ended up re-living my running sundays in my mind. Then just for few moments (I had to do it), I got up and just admired these medals and got back to work.

Let's see what all I can add to the list for the moments that are missing in my life because of Corona. Lemme start:

I'm missing...

That feeling of booking flight tickets and hotel accomodation three months in advance to travel for the run

That feeling of collecting and keeping all running gear up front in the evening as you have to go for a run next morning
That feeling of cursing myself when I put an alarm for 3 in the morning to wake up
That feeling of cursing myself when I had to wake up and leave the bed at 3 in the morning as I had to go for a run
That feeling of finally getting a good bowel movement at such an odd hour of the morning

That feeling of morning h…