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The Blast Aftermath - 55 Fiction

Image Courtesy: Google "Past seven years, it was routine for her. She waited for him. But today he was late. This had never happened before, his phone was unreachable. Her heart started pounding. She didn't want the bad news. But the phone rang, and she knew, he’s also one of them. . . . . He’s also one of the BLAST VICTIMS" ******************************************************************************************** PS: An attempt to a new writing style: 55 fiction

"Ladies with Makeup in Gurudwara" and "Poor Me"... B-)

It might sound weird to most of you, but I do sometimes go to Gurudwara (place of worship for Sikhs, although people from all religions can be seen there). Now, you might be thinking, am I a hardcore "theist" or what...??? . . Ummm... . . . I don't think it is the right platform to get into such type of questions... Lets get back to the main issue "Ladies with Makeup in Gurudwara" and "Poor me" ... Actually, in our religion, we've been taught to call everyone with respect...for example... 1) every male you encounter of our your age... "Veer ji"...i.e., "Brother" 2) every elder male... "Bhappa ji"... . . similarly, for ladies, 3) for elder ladies... "Bebbe" for "mother/grandma"...or "Bibi" be used as a respect for " Ladyship " 4) of approximately your age... "Behen ji"...i.e., "sister" . . However, yesterday I realized

So YOU really think YOU can DANCE...???

"Do I know how to dance...???" After watching these two...those who think they know little bit of dancing will surely ask this question to themselves... (see the 1:18 specially) . . . . and here's a ROBOT DANCE to end the post... ;) PS: Until and unless you're really an exceptional dancer...I think you'll really be questioning yourself by now... ;) PS: No offence to any particular dance style...but seriously this made me think for sometime about me :P