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HE will keep testing you from time to time and you will see lots of UP's and DOWN's......try to never give up, you will definitely succeed in HIS test.....

Monday, December 29, 2014

WHAT...??? WHY...??? HOW...???

Long time since I've visited my own page. Good old days they were when I had time to do such things. It also seems a long time when I got sometime for my own. Either call it schedule or Life, whatever pleases you, it certainly gets busy when you start working. College was such a bliss.

WARNING: It's a very confused post by a guy who is very confused with his life right now. Be careful before moving forward.

Life sometimes acts weird. Well...that's what everyone says, isn't it? However, from my own recent experience, actually we say this only when we start expecting too much. Obviously we fail on few things and that's where we think "Why the hell this happens to me only?" But we forget the many unexpected things which we have been gifted by life.

About 9 months back, when I started my internship, I wrote a post "Out of the box, Into the Cubicle". That was the time when I got started getting pissed off from the company environment during my internship. I got so much saturated that I decided, I'll never continue here(at least where I'm right now because I can get a job somewhere and if not, then being a Masters I can easily get a job of Asst. Prof. Obviously there I can pursue my ultimate dream of doctorate).

Well, then one day, one of my friend(my current flatmate) forced me to sit in a company which I thought will not be having any work of my interest, henceforth, I'll never attempt in that. But as everyone says, you never know where your fate will lead you to, I ultimately got selected in the company I was never serious for. The proof of me not being serious is I was reading "The House of Mosque" during interview breaks. As a result of that  funny incident happened when I joined the company.

My interviewers saw me during lunch time and asked me, 

Interviewer: "Hey Sabby, How are you man? Did you recognize us?"
At once I replied, "No...!!!"
Then he told that he only took my interview.
Big Company means 2 weeks of initial training. Hence few days passed, I was called by my manager to introduce me to the team and then only I realized "I'll be working under the same guy who took my interview".
The two people who were smiling at the end were me and my interviewer(both on myself).
(If only you can understand my situation at that time)

But a human being can never be satisfied. Now I'm wondering about few other questions. Unlike my internship, I'm enjoying the work and the work environment here. But now it feels like my mind will never let me calm down. Few standard old questions I'm still wondering that when I'll figure out the answer to them is: 

WHAT - WHY - HOW...???

1) What is my purpose in life..Apart from earning money for my family ..??
2) Why I'm doing what I'm doing..I am happy but am I mentally satisfied..??
3) How will it lead me to my ultimate grand finale..If and only if I'm meant to do something that "grand"..??

In short,

The two most important days in your life are the
day you were born and the day you find out why.
                                                    - Mark Twain

I'm waiting for the second day. Well yes, as it sounds, I guess I'm very much confused. But anyways, it's no time to stop. It's time to go on with life and brace myself for every situation in this new phase of life I've stepped into...That's how I need to start and give myself a new beginning...

 "Zindagi...Aa rha hun main"
(Life...I'm coming)

PS: Never ever forget your interviewer if you're going on offcampus placement process...!!!

Anyways...Happy New Year...!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bending of iPhone6: A Revolution...???

There have been hundreds of videos and memes to make fun of bending of iPhone6. But this seems the only video praising the bending feature of iPhone. A Must Watch...!!!

That's what we call as "Keh k Lena" :P

PS: It's was fun watching different videos making fun of iPhone6, but this one was literally ROFL...!!!

PPS: Click Here to watch, if the video doesn't work for you.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

"BailRock" and "Boogaloo" a.k.a. "FUTURE FUNK"...!!!

***Future Funk***
The youngest ever dance group with 2 kids, BailRock and Boogaloo, 9 years and 5 years respectively...!!!

 I couldn't resist myself from sharing this video. Its from one of the auditions from "America's Got Talent".

PS: No words needed to describe this talent. Just watch it, you'll know.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

If You're Looking for LOVE, GET LOST...!!!

It's not my ideology...!!!
It's from the movie "Finding Fanny"...!!!

Well not much of a movie specific to "Masala-Loving Crowd", but yeah its going to be a good one for those who are pissed off by the stupid movies coming these days in Bollywood and want to ease themselves and spend couple of hours in a light mood, this is the one for you.

Obviously, no one can doubt on the star-cast, it was a "perfect one" for the movie, which includes Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapur and Dimple Kapadia among the senior members and Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor among the youngsters. All of them were perfectly suited to the roles.

I must say it was a perfect combo of "Romance", "Love", "Fun", "Passion" and "Life". The movie revolves around a post-master - role played by Naseeruddin Shah - who started with a confused and messed up post-master in the first half with a little sensible one in the second one.

Their ain't any suspense in the movie. Just little bit tragic, but still a decent bollywood comedy I'd prefer over any stupid Hindi films coming these days.

I'd say it deserves a 3.5/5 or even a 4/5 wouldn't do much harm considering the stupid movies coming these days...

PS: Unlike other movies you can watch this movie till the last name in the closing credits, as along with that you will get one of the hilarious tracks "Shake your Bootiya". I loved it.


Monday, September 8, 2014

The Best Ever Tribute to Michael Jackson...!!!

6 Years and somehow I managed to continue it. I was actually wondering what exactly to share on the 6th anniversary of my dear blog.

Couldn't find anything more appropriate than the best ever tribute (my personal favorite) to the legendary Michael Jackson.

The best ever moonwalk tribute...!!!

PS: Once again, as always... Sincere thanks to my dear Sister who made me start this blog. Lets see if I'll be able to continue this page in future or not... :D

PPS: Thanks to my engineering years (4+2) that I've been able to continue to my blog...!!!
Lets see if I'll be able to do so during Job or not... :P 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Anything but FLIPKART...!!!

I didn't expect that when I'll resume blogging after 2.5 months of vacations, it will be with a negative post about someone. But I can't help but write it.

I often used to wonder why people still prefer to visit stores rather than shopping online. Like for mobiles people still prefer Univercell, Mobile Store, etc., even though they can buy handsets online. And I guess I got the answer. Unfortunately through a bad experience.

In last one year Amazon has brought a sort of revolution in the e-commerce market. The biggest sufferer was none other than Flipkart, who made Indian Population rely on power of online purchasing in India. Obviously Amazon had funds and an already built market by Flipkart, so here they were giving low prices and free deliveries for almost everything.

What should Flipkart have done...??? They knew that they were gonna be screwed, but then they started selling MOTO-{G/X/E}, which was only available on Flipkart. It was a huge success and Flipkart flourished and received a $1 Billion funding in response to Amazon putting $2 Billion for them.

{Everyone knows the above story. So lets go for the second half.}

I guess Flipkart never thought of the after sales services which people would need. No device is perfect, but a dealer needs to give the service if he is selling the product, especially when they are only one responsible in the market for the same. That's for what customers pay. Coming to the point, couple of months back Motorola gave an android update 4.4.4 from 4.4.2 and after that many Moto handsets started facing at least one of the following issue:

1. lose mobile signal
2. display 'No Sim' icons,
3. fall into Aeroplane mode (while not displaying Aeroplane Icon status)
4. Mobile signal can often be recovered by swapping into and out of Aeroplane mode.
5. Pop-up errors about being in Aeroplane mode while attempting to make calls during signal problems.
6. Aeroplane mode observed in about phone status (while no aeroplane mode shown on icons)
7.Popup errors - the process "" has stopped
8. Not specific to individual SIM cards - multiple SIMs (cutdown/original confirmed as impacted)
9. Suggestion that it only occurs with mobile data enabled - to be investigated.

Obviously, out of those many, one of the  handset was mine (That's why I'm here scribbling this). I had couple of them too.

So here comes the fun and the most frustrating part. I reached Motorola Service Center and told them about the issue. As expected they took the handset and returned it back after one week saying the problem has been resolved. But around 3 hours after receiving the handset, all the issues started coming back one by one. This happened a couple of times, but nothing changed. Hence, no result.

Finally I thought of reaching out to Flipkart (relying on whom I bought that set). Initial reaction from them was awesome and it went on for couple of days. I had many frequent calls from their customer care executives. Finally I was told that I'm being forwarded to the back-end team as the problem is something which cannot be directly handled by support team and I must soon expect a call from the so-called "back-end" team which handles those issues. Unfortunately that turned up to be the last conversation including mail/call. I tried getting in contact with them but no response. Do someone treat their customers like that...??? Well, that's how they deal with their customers and then say they are losing them.

Dear FLIPKART...If you are trying to shit and screw around with customers, then beware.

Well, recently I made a visit to Univercell and I must say that I was really impressed. Atleast they are offering services for any handset, regardless of any company, considering it has been brought from any of their store across India. I mentioned earlier that customer wants proper service and luckily these store guys have their outlets in every corner of the city unlike motorola who have their center in extreme corners of the city that too with a f***ed-up service. At least in these stores you don't have to run around the city for individual service centers.

I guess for books and all its fine, but for items like handset and or other goods, I'll prefer going to such stores only. However, for books and all too, it will Amazon only it seems... :D

Special thanks to UniverCell. You guys organized your meet on a perfect day and time. I was pissed of with Flipkart and wanted something relieving and you came up like a blessing in disguise.

PS: Frankly speaking... NO MORE of your services...!!! Thanks for enlightening me "My Dear Flipkart"...!!!

PPS: No offenses to my friends working in FLIPKART :P

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Poetry of the Earth is Never Dead. But We will SOON be...!!!

I wonder where the green grass went?
All buried under new cement.

I wonder where the birds have flown?
They've gone to find another home.

I wonder where the footpath's gone?
Right underneath your car, my son.

I wonder where the old folks go?
The Nursing homes will surely know.

What grows so fast before my eyes?
A garbage dump, a million flies.

Is this the place you celebrate?
In prose you made it sound so great!
It was ... before I knew it's fate.

- Ruskin Bond


If someone is not able to understand the intensity of the situation, then he/she will surely do so in a couple of decades from now. Soon you'll start getting old and someday when you'll be sitting on a chair outside your house to take some fresh air, there won't be any fresh air. How can it be there, there won't be any gardens left, there won't be any trees left. How can one expect fresh oxygen then...??? 

Nothing will be left around us but just many million tons piles of concrete rising hundreds or thousands of meters in the sky. When you'll raise your eyes to look towards the sky, you'll see concrete. When you'll lower your vision to look for some soft ground to walk, you'll see concrete.

You won't see any human beings moving around, you'll just see metal boxes - loaded with robots(in the shape of human) whose sole purpose is to complete the task given by their boss - running on some rubber tires pumping out loads of Carbon Dioxide out in the air around us.

I took this video few days back. The tree was just standing harmlessly at the side of the road, what harm was it doing...??? I don't know why it was cut down. Maybe God knows why...??? :-/

It takes minimum of around 3-5 years for growing a tree and with technologies today, its doesn't even take 30 seconds to cut down the tree.

John Keats once said:

"The poetry of the earth is never dead."

He was right and it will never be. If we unnecessarily poke the elements of nature which constitutes the poetry of earth or the sound of nature, nature will produce other ways to produce its sound of nature. But they might be disastrous also. Don't believe me, have a look. Already many places are getting effected by floods and droughts in a life threatening manner.

So remember, Poetry won't be dead, just instruments might change.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Many don't have "ANY" to celebrate "ANY" such "DAY"...!!!

All round the year we either don't talk about our parents, and when we do, half of the time we're like complaining that they don't understand us, keep correcting us, keep restricting us and similar other zillion types of complaints. But then suddenly on one day, all our hearts in the world come out overflowing with our love for our Father(on Father's Day) and for our Mother(on Mother's Day) that too only on social media.

That's how the young generation acts like. We'll see their posts every other day with adjectives like "baby", "sweetoo", "jaanu", etc... but never ever a post remembering parents, except those single days.

I'm not complaining. Neither I'm trying to act smart or older. I'm just quoting the fact which all of you will very much agree to, no matter how much you try to defend it.

However, there are many who don't get the privilege to celebrate any such day because they don't have any and there are few who don't get to celebrate because they keep hesitating to take an initiative in the same regards.

The unprivileged I'm talking about are those orphans who either lost their parents or somehow their real parents lost their minds and betrayed them. And the one who don't take initiative are those couples who somehow don't get to have a child, but don't take any initiatives to adopt one due to fear of the society.

Here is a short film inspired from a real incident from Iraq during the war...!!!

In India, since the day we were born, the first question which a child automatically learns to ask is "If we do something, what will the society say..??" You live in 21st century, You don't think about society when you go out and get doped, even get so much high that you can't even walk straight. Then why are you scared of comments from society when you want to improve and make a life prosperous...??? Adopting can bring smile and life back to normal for all the people involved...Just think about it once. For especially those who need it, don't think, just go ahead, don't hesitate...!!!

Anyways, coming back to where we started, hasn't it become more like a competition for "On such days, who can show their love for their parents in a better way using one on social networking?"

Guys, at least think before writing something for someone on just one day using just one post on social media, especially for those who are not even on that social media(like your parents, is true for many). Your friends will never go and tell your parents that your son/daughter loves you so much via social media. Even those who liked and commented on your post, they also won't. If you really love them, then there are much better ways to express your love any day than making these publicity stunts on single day. If you love your parents, then posting won't increase or decrease your love for them. But yeah, for regular attendants of FB, it will definitely increase the number of "likes" and "awww" on their profiles.

Its like when your FB friends see your birthday notification, then even those who doesn't even remember how many decades back last time they met you, will definitely wish you...!!!

PS: The post is just my thoughts... No offenses meant for anyone. ;)

PPS: But once again, Adopting will bring a smile and life back to normal for all the people involved...Just think about it once. For especially those who need it, don't think, just go ahead, don't hesitate...!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Nature's lullaby...!!!

All alone at the sea side,
She stares at the calm sea spreading wide.

Tired and exhausted,
She was totally flabbergasted.

With all the random thoughts in her brain that slurried,
She didn't knew what all thought are to be worried.

With so many around to care for her,
She never ever had any thoughts to bother.

Carelessly she used to roam around,
For years, never cared for any wounds.

Alas, to act carelessly, in her nature it was moulded,
For like a princess, she has always been treated.

Surprised and shocked by the sudden loneliness,
She tried to recover from weariness.

Only question that confused her slightly,
"Where has everyone gone and why was she left alone lately?"

But it wasn't her nature, that left her with no one around,
It was the NATURE around her, that left her with no one around.


PS: It was 3.5 hours for sketch and 1 hour of finishing touch...
It was 30 min for poem and 1 hour of finishing touch
and then finally 2 days for thinking about the title "Nature's lullaby" :P

Saturday, April 12, 2014

STOP before it's TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE...!!!

Charles Darwin once said "Survival of the fittest". Well I guess, now it's time to change the definition to: 

"Survival of the Most Cruel and Brutal"

Many are already extinct and many more are on the verge of extinction. And all of this just because of one particular species, namely HOMO-SAPIENS.

We just keep wasting the resources, never caring about the circumstances and keep ignoring the results. We, human beings, have been gifted with the best mind on earth, why are we using it to create the imbalance in the nature and food chain...???

If we don't put a check, then that day ain't far when we'll be the ONLY ONE LEFT ALIVE...!!!

Its better that we should STOP before IT'S TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE...!!!

PS: Reminds me of these beautiful lines from a song:

अरे रुक जा रे बंदे,
अरे थम जा रे बंदे,
ये कुदरत हँस पड़ेगी ।। 

(O Human, Please Stop, Else Nature will Laugh at us...!!!)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Out of the BOX, Into the CUBICLE...!!!

3 months back, I was on phone with my brother-in-law, when he said, "Sarabjeet, now you're about to start your internship and soon you'll working. So get ready as there will be an unexpected change in your life which you might not realize, but get ready for it."

This conversation was made before I started my internship and finally, here I guess I've observed it.

I always saw my father, going to office early in the morning and coming back late in the evening. Sometimes, it was even dinner time when he used to return. I always wondered, what his life is like...??? In-fact, not only his, but for every working person I used to think the same way that is there any social life left for a person when he works all the day long throughout the week...??? What is his family life like...??? Actually, does he/she has any family life...??? One more question always bothered was, When both husband-wife are working, when do they see each others faces or when do they get time to talk...??? When do they get time for themselves...??? When do they get time to exercise, or do they just sit on chair and reach old age...???

Many such questions are there and then I used to think, I'll try not to get into such type of life, atleast for as long as I can avoid it. This was before I joined my bachelors in 2008, because after that, I didn't get much time to think about working professionals as I was mostly in the hostel. But soon at the end of my fourth year, I was again thinking the same, as I was supposed to start working at some place.

Life was about to change, but fortunately, I got into my masters and it was delayed for another 2 years and I realized, that avoiding after wasn't that easy as either I have to go for another masters degree or PhD(which you know is not that easy).

So for my Mtech, I got busy. I used to say, there is no difference in weekends and weekdays as we'll be working on some college project on almost all the 7 days of the week. But somehow it felt like there were 7 days in the week and life was easy. There wasn't any hard schedule. But it had to end, and it did. Hence, finally it came.

Now, when I see my juniors, their life is almost the same, but for us its no more of 7 days a week. It appears more of a 3 days/week. Yeah-Yeah...3 days only, (Considering my schedule of Mon-Fri, these 5 days appears to be just 1 day and Saturday and Sunday are 2 days). Once you get up on Monday morning, Friday is the only day when you get some relief (Can't help, that's how our office routine is).

Mon-Fri Routine:

1) Get up at 5:30am,
2) Leave for office at 7am,
3) Come back at 7pm(if coming early, else its 8:45pm),
4) Sleep latest by 11:30pm.

So, I guess finally its time to accept that a very much delayed and a long avoided moment has arrived and I've finally joined the BIG HERD of guys of Indian IT sector. It was supposed to start 2 years back but somehow it got delayed due to masters. But now is the time to accept the changes...

As for the title:

Out of the BOX, Into the CUBICLE...!!!

Well, yes, its one of my ways of putting the recent changes that came into my life.

Earlier I used to wonder that what is it like to sit in the office and work, as I was most of the time in a lab, you can imagine it as a closed BOX (as mentioned in the title), and now almost all of my time, its cubicle in which I'm surrounded.

After all the restrictions put on us in the box, i.e., the college, I used to think that apart from those who did PhD, who gets much opportunity to think and innovate, considering colleges always talk about Research and Innovation and Development. But there was quite a bit of it and it was good.

Now the question is:

Hmmm...So answer to thinking out of the box...???

Well, it took me 6 years to make comment on how much of R&D is possible in colleges. So its time to see that how much Research and Innovation and Development is possible, when I'm in a company, i.e., a cubicle, as they also talk a lot about it in the same way. But its too early to say anything as I've just joined it and its not even complete 3 months. At least I should give it half the time.

PS: Life has just started and I guess I'm thinking quite a bit already about my future. Time to enjoy it is...!!!

Lets See...Will get back to you soon with the updates...!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Mom and My Marriage Preparations...!!!

Me: Hello

Mom: Hi Son, how are you?

Me: I'm fine, you say?

Mom: We're good. How was the day?

Me: Fine.

Mom: We went to market today.

Me: Great, what did you get?

Mom: We saw some beautiful double-bed Kashmiri style blankets, and we bought couple of them.

Me: Good. Anyways its winter in north, start using it.

Mom: No-No, few are for you and few we'll give to your sister when we'll visit them, we'll give it to them.
(I knew where this conversation is heading towards)
Me: Fine for my sister, but I live in hostel and anyways in Bangalore winters are nothing. I don't need it.

Mom: Haan I know. But when you'll get married, you might need it.

Me: Arey, but...why so early...???

Mom: arey don't worry...sometime in future beta...
(after some pause, I change the topic)

Something like this happened last week and similar conversation somehow happens at least once a month and I laugh whenever I think of any such talks later because we both(me and my parents) know that its a long way, but still they keep on bringing such topics at regular intervals and I keep on avoiding such topics every other time...!!!

Actually since the time I've shifted to Bangalore, although I don't like talking on the phone too much, but still I've to make at least one call per day, not to any girlfriend (I don't have any) , but to my parents. (Maybe that is one of the main reasons why I don't end up talking to many girls for long time, because most of the time I just listen and give objective answers which frustrates everyone... :P )

So, considering I talk to them everyday, I somehow get updated of each and every thing that is happening at my home because the talking is done from mostly on the other side of the receiver, as I told I'm more of a listening type.

Last week I got similar news from my parents, "AGAIN"...!!! What news...??? Start reading the post from the beginning.

I remember when my sister started her PhD (yes, don't get scared, its PhD), after one year of her joining my parents started thinking for something related to her marriage.

Although I've started my internship in a company and will soon be working, but officially I'm still a student. Luckily and fortunately they know my plans for the future and they know that I won't get into all this in any case in the near future at least for 4-5 years or so(considering plans as of now, who knows about the future...???) and they also won't force me that I know for sure. But one thing for all parents I'd like to say:

"I agree that its every parents dream to see their kids getting married, but why do they haunt their kids after few regular intervals with such news which reminds them of their crucifixion starting from many years before the execution...???"

Indian mom's and there plans for marriage. This is a serious issue. Being an Indian, I understand what they think like, but right now I'm just a student,

don't scare me... :P


According to a famous old saying,

शादी का लड्डू, जो खाये वो भी पछताए, जो न खाये वो भी पछताए ।
 (The Fruit of marriage, the one who eats it shall suffer, the one who doesn’t eat it shall also suffer)

But, I think, I should make it clear that I'm not much of a sweet eating person... :P

PS: Many such incidents keep happening, I better shouldn't discuss all of them and I guess its time that I should declare it publicly to my parents so that they should stop scaring me at regular intervals...!!! :P

PPS: Just hope they don't get to see this post.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

India: A Journey from Developing Nation to Failed Nation...!!!

Believe me, if the trend which is going on, continues, it won't be surprising that if someone comes up with a book with some similar title in the next decade and it will be an EPIC SAGA.

Many of you must be wondering, I give very rude titles, but they come up almost impromptu after reading the newspaper, especially after the Education Section. Two weeks back there was a news that a 14 year old kid won a competition of MIT by making some app. Everyone who discussed this was proud, no matter he/she knew this kid personally or not. Similarly, few months back it was 2 brothers(12 and 14 year old) who made app and planned to start their own start-up. Every one was again proud.

Obviously, the main effort was by the parents in both of the above cases. But what can one do when 

Government itself is MOCKING the whole EDUCATION SYSTEM...???

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recently introduced a rule that the students of 9th class have to score only 25% marks for passing and soon it will be made compulsory for 10th class students as well. What will be the future of the education? Or we can re-frame it as, will there be any education standard left after one or two decade in India, which was known for its education for centuries? Few decades back it was said that scoring 75-80% marks is like reaching cloud number 9. Then level of education was reduced little bit as syllabus was increased and now even if you score 99% you'll be doubtful whether you'll be getting admission or not. So, what the hell Government of India is trying to do by passing students with 25% marks...??? Now don't tell me its for those who don't get proper time to study. Everyone scores atleast 50% of he/she has studied or even read a book even once.

There were few more cases, where parents did complete justice on their behalf but Indian Government mocked them, like:
  1. A blind kid was not allowed for admission in any top Indian Institute, not even IIT, even he was better than many who qualified for the same. Thanks to our Indian Government for trying to ruin such talents and cause Brain Drain. Luckily, later he got into a much better and deserving place, STANFORD UNIVERSITY. For detailed version, click here.
  2. No one noticed that last year, almost 1000 top ranking students in JEE exam refused to take admissions in IIT's. For detailed version, click here.
  3. Another act by Government of India was made to promote education was to add high ratio of 12th marks to enter into IIT's alongwith JEE score. I believe everyone of you'll agree that atleast in JEE, fluke doesn't work. For detailed version, click here.
No one came up with much remarks after these incidents except those who appeared for JEE or were planning to appear in the upcoming years. Maybe because the students who passed that stage few years back are not bothered because they are not worried about it or atleast they don't have to think of their next generation as of now. For such people, Good Luck after few years.

So there are 3 solutions for the above problems, either 
  1. enter politics or Education System, or
  2. do Brain Drain, or
  3. do Brain Drain for just Education and come back and improve India by entering into Politics or Education System.
But unfortunately politics these days remind me more of a bunch of people of small localities or villages fighting after getting drunk or teens fighting over some game of cricket or football(or sometimes some girl). For example:

The above image is an example from one of the sessions from Indian Parliament.

Recently almost every youth(Indian) has started taking sudden interest in Indian politics. I guess everyone has noticed and quoted this point to at least some people, no matter how much they understand politics. I'm not afraid to admit that I too don't understand it much though, but still I can comment one thing, that these days

Politics can be compared to COMEDY CIRCUS...!!!

After working for almost whole day, when people come back home, they used to talk to their families, rest and try to lighten their mood. TV's were turned on and programs like Comedy Circus and all are searched for in the first place because if by chance you turn on some news channel, it will be some politician/leader yelling upon/against some other politician/leader. For other channels showing "Saas-Bahu" serials, you know Ekta Kapoor has made them obsolete that ladies also don't like to watch them.
However, from past few month or you can call it an year, news channels are the biggest focus again. All of you remember the most hilarious interview which recently took place, yes, the one and only Rahul Gandhi's Interview by Arnab Goswami on Times Now. For those who have missed it, can watch it here:

Not a single answer, which was given, was for the question which was asked.

Anyways this was just one incident, there are many which recently happened, like
  1. Kumar Vishwas entered politics with so awesome statements that after effects you all know. (No need to describe)
  2. Arvind Kejriwal sitting on Dharna Pradarshan/protest. (He has done such things so much that it appears like some kid cries again and again because his parents didn't give him chocolates and cookies)
  3. AAP started a national level campaign to add members to there party, which resulted in fake NARENDRA MODI and RAHUL GANDHI'S ACCOUNTS. (Who the hell adds members without verifcation? Well I guess AAP Does...a new trend by the youth party :P). Many other fake accounts were obviously added.
  4. Rahul Gandhi accussed Narendra Modi for Gujarat Riots. (His own party is almost accused of every possible thing one can be accused off and he is running behind Modi. Its like what happens in movies that in some poor family when every adult is either crying or struggling or sitting idle to cope up from the tough situation, there will be one kid who will be running and playing in the verandah because he is too young to understand the situation.)
Anyways the list is long, I don't have time for listing them.

Right now, being a student, I don't think it is the write time to worry too much about all these. Maybe after few years, I'll think of contributing something to this.

PS: At-least one good thing is, AAP is trying to make efforts which were not attempted as of now. But they have to learn a lot. These Dharna Pradarshans won't work for long, they have to learn a lot. Good Luck for the youth party. What I think is AAP should remain in opposition this time and let BJP go ahead.

PPS: For AAP supporters, please don't start arguining in comments with me on politics due to above comments, I'm not against AAP, but I'm against there methods which they adopted in few cases. Its better that they should take some time and get themselves settled and then act.

One last thing, if current scenario continues for education, India will definitely FAIL...!!!


Saturday, January 25, 2014


"The farthest-back person they ever talked about was a man they called the African." - Alex Haley (Roots)

"Roots" by Alex Haley: A story of 7 generations from over 2 centuries.

Over the past century man has proved and is still continuously proving that there is no limit that it cannot prove. The book is an example of one of those limits to which one can go to know his roots and and his existence about which he has only heard from his mother and grandmother just as any other story.

He searched for nearly 12 years of his life looking for the person whom he has heard as his great-great-great-great-grandfather, whose name was "Kin-tey" and who was supposedly from somewhere in African where there was some river named "Kamby Bolong". Using this information and few other basic information of few words to look for, which he knew belonged to his ancestor's mother tongue, he started the journey of searching the KINTE CLAN. Without any internet, without any google, without any other technology which could have help him, he started and searched for hundreds of manually written records and traveled almost half a million miles in these 12 years.

The book perfectly displays the condition of Black Americans back till 1800's. No matter how perfect it looked now, the truth is something very bitter and after reading it, one might feel the situation was way worse than anyone could imagine.
For more information about Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation, click here.

I'd say that its a book that is worth reading. Not because its a story of Black Americans. Not because its a story of someone's ancestors. Its just because its a story from someone who gave so much efforts about searching his ROOTS, which normally none of us, apart from few, has bothered till now to even ask our parents - forget about asking the life of grandparents or great-great-great-great-grandparents - that what all they have struggled through to reach a stage from where they have been able to educate and brought us up to what we are today.

PS: You'll definitely have a smile on your face when after reading such a long saga by Alex Haley, you'll be nearing the end and when he says, "The  baby boy, six weeks old, was me".

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