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An evening I would never Forget...!!!

Sometimes in life very small incidents change your lifestyle a lot, but sometimes big incidents doesn't effect you much.....dats life.... But what if some big incidents take place in your life? And what if it happens with you for the first in your life at age of 16 or 17? It was a calm october evening, especially for the 12th stantard students, as its there last month to enjoy their life, as their life's going to get harder and harder enough to crush them under their tight schedule of boards preparation followed by competitive exams(IIT), etc. Everything went as per scheduled -- starting from his school in the morning and then running back to home to have some meal (as everyone has to run for his coaching classes) -- except for until it was 6:15 pm in the evening. Actually we had our 1st class of physics by Mr. V.K.Goenka, and then from 5pm onwards we have to attend our mathematics class by Mr. Sanjay Bagga. As we all have planned to appear in one or the other competitive