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HE will keep testing you from time to time and you will see lots of UP's and DOWN's......try to never give up, you will definitely succeed in HIS test.....

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

He left me SPEECHLESS...!!!

Some talents die unheard, unexposed...without getting the justice they deserve...But some reach their proper and deserved destiny. And if "few" of those "some" get a right platform since the beginning, then I call it a cherry on the cake.

Here is an example of one among those "few"...totally bless by HIS grace...

One of the best Punjabi folks I've ever heard. Superbly sung by Satinder.

PS: Believe me...At least I've never heard anything better than this...
PS: Satinder was a contestant in "Chhote Ustaad" program of Star Plus in the year 2010.

Monday, June 10, 2013

"Ghanta Patriotism, Do Brain Drain", says Indian Education System

Yeahh, I know its an abusive title to the post(for those who understand "GHANTA"), but for others, who don't understand it, it is used as for showing our "Denial" towards something, that's it for now.

Anyways, lets come back to the post. One good thing about the Indian Education System is that they helps us, obviously not with our education, but yes, in understand that we're here for the betterment of ourselves and our family and not of our nation. Apart from that, one thing it guarantees you that if by chance you think of doing good to your society, they won't let you do that. So, no matter what they say against "Brain Drain", but they do convince you to go abroad, and have a bright future. They ensure that you don't get yourself screwed in India.

Now, I guess you be thinking that why I said they won't favor us in education? For the reply, I'd ask you a question, Do they? They don't. If and only if you want to have PhD. in corruption, you should stay in India.

If we talk about schooling system in India, then 

1) Making grading system compulsory for school kids everywhere in CBSE board, was it wise?
2) If you say yes, then how wise was reducing the course for board? There's literally no course left to study(I don't any student in the school will like me saying it), its just a formality now in CBSE.

And, those who fall in general category, have actually become the minorities these days. Why so much quota for every category, that general have become a minority?

Three days ago, there was a news that a Delhi kid, Karthik Sawhney, was not allowed to sit for IIT-JEE just because he was blind. By his physical disability, how can someone judge his mental abilities? He is far better than many of us out there. Here are some of his achievements.

1) The one who has never seen what 2nd rank is since 5th standard. 
2) 95.8% in 12th standard.
3) All India Rank 1st, International Rank 3rd in 11th National Cyber Olympiad 2011.
4) Gold Medal in Quiz Contests by Derek O'Brien in 2005
He has a long list of achievements which are spectacular...for his whole CV, click here. Well one good news, he got selected in Stanford University. Congratulations to him.

Anyways, moving out of the schools, how efficient is the graduation system? I don't want to name anyone, but have seen students getting f***ed in academics just because student went on with some idea and made it work which their professors thought it won't work. I have also seen students scoring high grades, just by moving behind the faculties all the time, (I call it "get grades by licking the a**es"). One more shitty thing that's too much in trend these days, mug up properly, and vomit on the paper whatever was there in the slides as it is, and you score highest and if you write something on your own or try to explain or write a single word extra, you are doomed.

But sometimes, you do get a guide which is a real gem, which happens if you're really-really very lucky. Obviously, gems are tough to find.

PS: Well, I'm also in doing my masters, so its better I shouldn't be scolding the system now.
PS: Once again I'd say, for having PhD. in corruption, come to India. For other things, India will convince you in the best way and give you a million reasons that you should move out from the hell, which we call as Brain Drain.
PS: No hard feelings specifically for anyone, but feels good to see him reach Stanford University.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Future of Desire or Fate...???

Getting involved in discussions is good. I appreciate this, especially for a person like me(people who know me knows the reason). But for a person like me to get involved in any type of discussion with an stranger is rarest of the rarest phenomenon.

Anyways, if I keep aside the discussion part, sometimes some small single statements by you leave me thinking about them. (At least that sometimes happens with me).

While me and RD(the fellow passenger) were were having a talk, I said a quote which I tweeted some days back...

" There are 2 futures:
The future of desire, and the future of fates
& the man's reason has never learnt to separate them.
-J.D.Bernal "

and later when I gave a thought on it, I was left wondering that how much do I actually fit it...???

Everyone wants the future of his/her desire, but the question is how many actually get it...???

I want something from my desire, but one which appears to be coming is something which appears to be coming from fate.
So, the question which arises is:
Is the one which is approaching will somehow lead to the future of my desire...???

Well, time will automatically give the answer and that's how its supposed to be. It won't be called a life if we know what's up next.

PS: Well, thanks for the talk RD. At least you made my lazy mind to have some brain-storming session. ;)

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