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That's Great...Isn't it...???

Communities to post once a day , or once a week ... :O An excellent idea to motivate and promote blogging, especially when stats are showing that in the past few years blogging has reduced in the Asian countries as compared to the other regions of the world.... Really the credit goes to WORDPRESS ...just came across it and loved it... I guess that soon enough, maybe from Jan-2012, I'll try to be a part of atleast "Post a Week"...ummm, not actually a part as I'm on blogger, but still, virtually... ;) . . . OOOPS...I nearly missed it...That's how I came through these communities of Wordpress...'s the one who introduced me to this trend... "The Daily Post" was nice reading this blog... :) Secondly...the one who introduced me to The Daily Post... Ms. Tinkle ...afterall, the credit goes to her for directing me there... :D ------------ PS: I know that the people behind blogger might not like this post(if they came across it)...b

The Dirty Picture - Most Decent Picture by Emraan Hashmi...!!!

I don't think that I need to describe the movie a lot, as almost everyone of you already know a lot about it. But there are a couple of things that I would like to quote here - although you might be aware of them already... 1) Don't go with your Parents . I'm saying this because today I saw the movie, and almost everyone was with his/her family members. (Actually that's disturbs the groups of college students who want to shout and comment freely on it... :P) So please, keep your parents at home... ;) 2) Worst movie by Vidya Balan. She did every possible scene which can be possibly done by her. Most of the time I felt that most of the time her role and appearance getting "over"...But yes, I wont deny that the public might love her role. 3) The most Decent movie by Emraan Hashmi . Unbelievable, but true. Its the most respectable movie done by him till date, and the role suited him very well. It was only his role that I liked among all of the others. 4) Nase

It Couldn't Have Been Any Better...!!!

One of the best photographs I've ever seen...:) Hats-off to the photographer and the person whose idea it was... :)