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My Beginning In The COLLEGE.....

"Our School & College days never fail to evoke warm, nostalgic memories in us." No matter where in this world we go, our school and college days remain with us... What makes our alma mater so special to all of us?????? I too dont even know this exactly, but those were the only days of our life which leave a lasting impression on our heart. No one can actually describe it in worlds, but we can really feel the moments we have passed with our friends during those days. The primary school kids just reminded me of my school days........How easily they become friends!!!!!! I dont know why......but the same thing happened with me when I went to college. We just met and like we knew each other for a long time. Starting of my college :-> Recalling the first day of my college..... escaping the seniors(who eagerly waited to welcome us for ragging) ......searching for our lecture halls....we met and soon we were like close friends and I never felt like living in an unknown p