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How I broke the ICE on stage and got comfortable..!!

I had a bad history of stage appearances. Not that, if I reached on stage, someone was gonna come to me and eat me alive, but yeah, that’s how it felt to me. Apart from that what all I felt when I was on stage is tough to describe, but let me make an attempt to the same. Symptoms were as follows: 1) Looking down at the floor or up on the ceiling, 2) Dry lips, 3) Itchy throat, 4) Elevated heartbeat, 5) Trembling legs, 6) Sweat dripping all over me, 7) Lower than normal voice (I’m already known for not speaking much loudly) I’ll come back and add more if any other thing pops-up my head, but right now, apart from someone eating me alive, these 7 points I mentioned above were the key highlights of my mental and physical state whenever I stepped on any stage addressing even a crowd as small as 4–5 people. Yeah, I know 5 people might not sound big to you, but for someone who has stage fear and paranoia, for them it is a LOT. I

A Random Morning Musing..!!

With ample to learn, None to concern, I still yearn, For my childhood days. I looked out of the window, Rain hitting the ground low, Seeking out the rainbow, Dreaming, on my bed, I lay.

Two Faces..!!

Am I the sun, or Am I the moon? Well, I'm a celestial body in a vast lonely sky, You may call it a bane or a boon. I've got two faces, But they're one. None of them as bad as yours', that you Tell to stay away from, to your daughter and son. I don't hate it, that One of them has always been a dark one. At least, it has always been there for me, My forever companion. Loyal, as it's always Present in my bad times. Reliable, 'coz It won't judge me even in my worst crimes. Every evening, I see you sitting on the benches, When I look down from the sky. Some smiles look so genuine and fresh, While few smiles come out as a bit wry. Some are trying to please others, Some are struggling with the experiences they've sorrowed. Some are trying to make relationships work, Some are buying happiness with the money they've borrowed. Crippled, That's how you people feel.

Uprooted Leaf..!!

For years, I held my ground. But everyone has their day, This time nature found its way around. Like a sudden puff, I got sucked with the stormy wind. Away from my roots, Leaving everything behind. How would I survive, I thought, as I held my nerve. While I blew towards the ocean, With the nature's breath which felt like swerve. I stood on ground, With nothing to hold. I saw waves approaching towards me, I felt everything, but bold. For few moments, There was breathlessness. I was stuck in a roaring wave, Accompanied with total darkness. Then there came a moment, I felt like someone held my hand. It was nothing like from what I originated, It was just a pile of sand. Half buried in the sand, The hold was firm. For the first time since I left, I felt safe, that was confirm. Now that I had someone to rely upon, Relaxed, I lay alone under the sky which seemed so big and wide now. Wind gushes couldn’t take me away, Waves couldn’t take me for a


Gokarna Main Beach The wind was blowing strong, The waves were crashing high, The sun was scorching hot, Making the soft sand burning wild. The situations were adverse, Yet the water was calming and cold, The sand was still soft, And the walk on the beach was enough to behold.