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Mahatma Gandhi and His Myths - Mark Shepard

Book: Mahatma Gandhi and His Myths
Author: Mark Shepard

Pages: 46
ISBN-13: 978-0938497196

Okay. Lemme tell you first, I'm not a Gandhi Fan, hence there won't be any mention of the word "Mahatma" before Gandhi's name in the whole post except for the book title. Also this book has been written by an admirer of his.
The book has been written in a very brief and precise manner. There are many aspects about Gandhi and his actions which we generally neglect because either we've only read about some repetitive stuff, praising Gandhi, since our school days or about what he did wrong (which is a lot of stuff been published in the last 2 decades and is banned in India). This book has covered those neglected aspects beautifully.

In this small write-up, Mark has basically focused on Civil Disobedience, Non-Violence and Satyagraha Movements started by Gandhi. Here he has explained the basic principles of these movements, which at least I, personal…

Where can I find her...??? ♥

One thing is for sure that one day I'll surely have a pet. As of now the question is, where can I find this one?

Can someone help? :D

Timepass Shayari from a Timepass Shayar...!!!

Here comes another timepass shayari from a timepass shayar. ;)


जिसने कभी इश्क़ न किया हो, उसको ही अपने पे फक्र होता है ।
किसी टूटे हुए दिल से पूछो, इस दास्तान का कभी लब्ज़ों में ज़िक्र नही होता है ॥ 
PS: Just wrote it as part of a discussion. Sounded good, so sharing it here. Don't ask the context. :P 
PPS: And then they say that you shouldn't leave your mind wandering. Why shouldn't I...??? :D

Life has it's own plans for you, whether you like them or not...!!!

"Everyone secretly thinks they've figured out what their life's gonna be like.
But what no one ever considers is that life has its own plans for you, whether you like them or not.
So don't try to define it totally on your own, better understand the flow and act, or you'll be disappointed."

The last month was pretty tiresome. I was out on different trips in different parts of the country. During the travel time in each trip and during the stay I had interactions with many different types of people. From the stay part, I knew each and everyone beforehand, but never had any opportunity to interact with them intimately. Somehow, I indulged in conversations on different levels with few elders also who never talked to me on the level at which they would have discussed earlier, maybe due to my age (Maybe I've started looking more mature? :D ).
Anyway, whatever the case maybe, Life never stops screwing up with us. If we think that we've handled one situation, ano…

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

Book: The Book Thief
Author: Markus Zusak
Rating: 5/5

Pages: 592
ISBN-10: 186230291X
ISBN-13: 978-1862302914

I'd like to start by quoting what I wrote on Goodreads after completing the book.

There are no words to describe the beauty and perfection with which it has been written. I'll just say that if you want to read something perfect, this is it."

First few general pointers about the plot:
1) The story of the book revolves around a young girl, Liesel Meminger, around the time of world war II. 
2) The book has been narrated by "Death".
The book starts somewhere by the graveyard, where by her brother's graveside Liesel grabs upon a book, "The Gravedigger's Handbook", which was left abandoned in snow. The book thief's first book.
With Liesel being sent to live with her foster parents, Rosa and Hans Hubermann, the story revolves around these three characters and Rudy Steiner (Liesel's best friend).
From the story per…

The Recession Groom - Vani

Book: The Recession Groom
Author: Vani
Rating: 2.5/5

Pages: 295
ISBN-10: 9384226580
ISBN-13: 978-9384226589

The story of the book revolves around a guy, Parshuraman Joshi, from India who settled abroad for work after his higher studies.
As the title of the book suggests, the story goes on in a very expected pattern. The guy earns a decently good salary and his family, as always happens in many Indian families, wants to get him married. The reason for getting him married is that he will soon turn 30(in couple years), he will expire in the marriage market and he won't get good girls after that. However, as the story proceeds, his sister, Ragini, in India tries to fix his marriage. On the other hand, his aunt Parvati, with whom he lived and finished his higher studies get proposals for him. While the whole drama continues, "Recession" hits him and he loses his job (pretty much predictable from the title).
The rest of the story follows with how he manages his life through the phas…


Beyond infiltrating radiant beams, lies a mystical sky;
Covered in awry patterns that are wry.
Garbled aerosols with zephyr went raveling;
What felt like a fractal, all that revere went quenching;

A ruddy new sun rising beyond the horizon;
Letting go off those days as all were bygone.
Learn from the past, is that's what's doctrine?
Plausible it may be, let's glide-by with a smile that's benign.

PS: No matter how much we resist, it is the human nature that we end up holding-up on memories of bygone era. However, in that time we forget to welcome the new sunshine that comes with a new day. 


One of my old sketches...!!!
The day he saw her rising, Freeze the moment was all he desired.  'Coz rising sun was no more the nature's scenic beauties, He admired.
Wrote it for today's prompt "PAUSE" from Friday Phrases.

PS: Romantic, not my genre, but these lines turned out to be good. Inspiration, dunno exactly :D
Result of another random early morning desires of letting the thoughts flow in the form of words...!!!


Permeating my abode with the heavenly halo stream;
Befallen on a Sunday afternoon in a beautiful dream.
Numbness of soul and peace within; while
The heart sways to the harmony without a rile.

Reliving bygone memories with friendship in tandem;
Evergreen memories and moments worth holding 'em.
Radiant vibes; frequency rhymes;
Confluenced minds definitely chimes.

PS: Some moments with some souls are worth cherishing. The best part is when those souls become perpetuated with yours.
Another one from the evening and once again another thanks to Sunny.


When you had it all figured out; Did you consider life putting in its clout? If there be a day, the way we wish it to be; What did we lose; a day before or a day after to see?
Chaotic life within which we dwell; Liveth man within his own well. Ego hadth neither been a bane nor a boon; Yet affecth everyone with its ludicrous toon.
A blip in cosmos, yet the cosmoses surround us; Ignorance gives fodder to delusion without a fuss. A meandering stream overcometh its hurdle tell; Like a wandering mind, rummaging without its well.
No edit, nor throw; neither it's to and fro; Yet it affects all our lives as we grow...!!!

PS: Special thanks to Sunny for helping in penning down these thoughts after a wonderful brain-storming and mutual-learning session.

Time is not at all a Healer...!!!

All great idioms should not necessary be true. Sometimes they are bullshit also.
Everyone says: "Time is the best healer."
My version: "Time is not at all a healer. With due course in time, we learn to live with our problems. We sometimes get so much used to it that we even forget that the problem exists. But they are never healed."
PS: It all starts with an idiom which builds the faith in a person because of some small random events which we start relating to it. However, when some real situation comes in life, then these things only make a person turn into an ATHEIST.

CHILD ABUSE: A Dire Need to listen to THE SOUND OF SILENCE of our KIDS...!!!

In India they say,
"बच्चे भगवान का रूप होते हैं।" "Kids are the incarnation of God Himself."
All their childhood, parents admire their kids' innocence and naughtiness, teach them about the moral values and culture, educate them in the best possible way they can support with the resources they have. Why? So that in the later stage of life, they can stand up and live on their own as a respectable and self-dependent individual in the society.

Taking a simple of example of building a house from playing cards. If all the cards are placed properly and the foundation is good, it always stands tall and supports almost anything.

However, if just one card is placed wrong, it can shatter the whole structure, almost anytime.

What if this actually has happened/happening/happens-in-future in the foundation you're building for your kid's bright future?
FYI, this is actually happening at a rate more than we can anticipate. More than 50% of the kids are being abused, molested…

Notes to Myself...!!!

"When I first read Prather's manuscript, it was late at night and I was tired, but by the time I finished it, I felt rested and alive." 
Disclaimer: This post is more of a diary entry and personal account, rather than just any blog post. So proceed at your own risk. Those who're not going forward with the post, just read this one line:

If you're confused with how your life is proceeding, or you have been confused earlier with some similar thoughts and never got the answers, please read "Notes to Myself - Hugh Prather". It will be helpful.

Thanks :)

Few days back I wrote a post about "Quarter Life Crisis". Couple of days later one of my friend called me to meet and but fortunately got late in reaching. I reached early with nothing to do, I was just wandering around the book stalls (that's what I usually do when I'm free) and found this book "Notes to Myself - Hugh Prather". I don't know why, but I purchased the book absent-min…

A Spontaneous Answer...!!!

Yesterday someone asked me two questions, I had the answers to both instantaneously, but later my answer to one of them actually made me think. :)

Friend: "A teacher who taught you most, yet you hate him?" Me: "Its Life, who else?"

PS: I guess I don't hate life if it behaves as life, but I sometimes hate it's teaching methods. But what Robert Frost once said, 
"I'm not a Teacher, I'm an Awakener"

perfectly suits what life wants to tell us.

Quarter-Life Crisis...!!!

Am I an adult?
Well that's what my parents say.
What I'm going to do in future,
I don't really see any clear and positive ray.

Elders ask: "Done with Masters?"
We say: "Yes"
Elders ask again: "Earning handsomely?"
We again say: "Yes"

Has anyone ever asked: "Are you happy?"
"Is this what you wanted?"
No, Because next statement always goes,
"Son, you're earning handsomely, so get married, grandchildren is what we wanted"

Having big bank balance, is this everything?
No it isn't.
But not having big bank balance, is that wise thing?
No it isn't.

Then what exactly is a wise thing?
Well nobody's knows.
Even the big and famous counselors, psychologists and therapists who get payed to sooth you,
They have also been through such phase, and they surely have been in the list of "Nobody knows".

What am I doing in life, and
Where am I exactly heading towards?
Only option right now feels right is,
To go with the fl…

"No one walks away victorious" - Napoleon Beazley

For those who don't know about Capital Punishment:
"Capital Punishment or Death Penalty(as many know it), is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime."
Well, I'm no one to decide whether someone should get a death penalty or not. But there has always been few incidents which whenever I come across make me think "Whether giving Capital Punishment was worth it?" or "Why didn't they give the capital punishment, this person deserved it?" Depends on the situation. But law has always been weird. What can one say when most of the Life Imprisonment in India ends in 14 years. Mind it, I said "Life Imprisonment". :|

However, recently I was going through some book, when I came across the last statement of "Napoleon Beazley" who was convicted for murder of a father of Federal Judge. He was one of the last juvenile offenders to be executed in US. Anyways, coming back to his statement that wa…

Just One Click & You Can Help Someone FREE OF COST...!!!

According to the latest numbers, only 29.8% of people in India are POOR, is it really true...??? Well, government says if you're earning 32 rupees every day and you're living in villages, then you're not poor. Also if you're able to earn 47 rupees every day in a city, then you're not poor. How can 47 or 32 rupees can fulfill your basic necessities. You won't be able to get one proper meal in 79 rupees (47+32) forget about 47 and 32 individually. These days even Public toilet also costs you up to 2 to 5 rupees just to allow you to attend your nature calls.

Along with that people have their basic needs, FOOD/SHELTER/CLOTHING. From where will they get that...??? Because if you roam around naked, People and Police will beat the shit out of you. Don't believe me, watch this video below.

In short, shelter and clothing is necessary.

Every religion in India is allowed to follow their own customs, then why ain't this...??? so if you believe me, the actual number of…

Dinner Will be Served...!!!

No offenses to anyone(ASUS or Indiblogger). Everyone is putting the traditional header. So I thought, let me put the actual title for the post. The line which tempted many to come for the meet. Partially true for myself too. Don't believe me, ask anyone. One fellow even mentioned it on being asked his reason to come there is, "It was mentioned in the mail that Dinner will be served."
Okay...lets get back to business. The reasons why I went to the meet...???
Asus reminded me of my first computer, which is now more than 10 years old. It has Asus motherboard and its still working. So our relationship goes way back and personal. That's why I had to go. The products are very reliable. Similarly, Zenfone series, never heard any shits about it. Their attempt in the phone market is really successful unlike Moto G, where reactions were mixed. And now they have released EeeBook X205TA.

The specs, considering the price range, are really good. Lets hope this also succeeds like…