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Creativity needs time. Nurture it, Don't murder it...!!!

The day a parent stops a kid from doing something which he/she is good by giving a reason that "There is no future in it, it's a time waste", the same day the creativity within a child has been murdered brutally. Go to a kid of 1st or 2nd grade and ask them to paint anything, they will start doing it without thinking of outcome. Now go to 12th grade and ask them to do the same, majority will say they don't know. They both might not be good, but the 1st graders are at least not afraid of doing it. By the time they reach 12th grade, they have been judged so many times that even if they're good at something they'll give up on that believing that they are not good at it. Culprit is society or people around us. Victim is the person who is made to believe that he/she is not good at doing it. This is just one example that popped up my mind after watching the video and a millions of other examples can be quoted. The society we live in has forced us, at