My Beginning In The COLLEGE.....

"Our School & College days never fail to evoke warm, nostalgic memories in us." No matter where in this world we go, our school and college days remain with us... What makes our alma mater so special to all of us?????? I too dont even know this exactly, but those were the only days of our life which leave a lasting impression on our heart. No one can actually describe it in worlds, but we can really feel the moments we have passed with our friends during those days. The primary school kids just reminded me of my school days........How easily they become friends!!!!!! I dont know why......but the same thing happened with me when I went to college. We just met and like we knew each other for a long time. Starting of my college:-> Recalling the first day of my college.....escaping the seniors(who eagerly waited to welcome us for ragging)......searching for our lecture halls....we met and soon we were like close friends and I never felt like living in an unknown place among strangers. 4th years are actually good yaar, they dont rag us. Rules imposed on us during ragging: 1) jeans 2) shoes/sandals 3) full shirts properly tucked half shirts, never fold your sleeves and all the buttons must be closed Luckily I escaped 1st and 2nd rules......sorry for the the 3rd rule, I was not able to get off with that. I started with ECE branch...but later i was upgraded to CSE branch with no idea of being promoted. I can't mention the whole matter but i finally degraded myself back to ECE as I wanted to......Don't worry friends now i'm settled... Thats how I started off with my college... Let me get back to the track. My 1st sem went all well with new experiences.......for the first time in my life i was away from home-all alone, not really, soon i got the hostel. But I still remained most of the time with my batchmates, most of them were day scholars. Let me give you their small intro...... Starting with the slimmest guy of our batch.......Purnendu Chaturvedi..... Don't take it seriously, "Mota to hai.....par itna bhi nahi". His funda to live...Khul ke jiyo. I dont think that anyone will be able to know about the logic behind his hobby of reading "Body language" of others, actually he also might not be knowing and the biggest and..........leave it....i mean his love for Himesh Reshamiya and Bhigi Billi of 9xM....sorry, I cant explain. Here comes our ROCKSTAR Very quiet guy.....(b'coz he doesn't speaks much).....but very aggresive in nature. Doesn't likes to speak much, Oh!!!! he is AYUSH KUMAR.. "Tabhi ladkiyan bahut mushkil se pasand ati hain sirji ko", b'coz they speak toooooooo much(" That's a fact jack.... "). But dont think that he never likes anyone, he is already crushed under the load of his SEVEN crushes, starting from the 1st one in 5th class and ending with his 7th in the college, lets see who will be his 8th one??????? Hobbies or actually hobby.....just one thing- SKETCHING - let me show you one of them, rest you can see on his orkut profile...just search him in my friendlist and you will find him. The songs he listens are really good, exactly perfect!!!!!!!! Let me directly introduce him to you....ANAND DUBEY. Actually he forgets everything......mind it......"EVERYTHING", except formulas, especially the names, don't blame him yaar...woh apna naam bhi bhulta hai. God knows why??? But "bahut bhulta hai yaar". One more thing....he is our 9 pointer yaar, studies a lot. One more to remember others when have a habit of forgetting others names, just give them their pet-names.... 1) Swati(Swat-Kats):- MUTKI 2) Sarabjeet(Myself):- PUNJABI 3) Samta:- WOH MOTI WALI 4) Gaurav:- VIRUS ENCOUNTERED 5) Abira:- CHETAK These examples are from Anand's Vocabulary........So my batchmates this is a humble request to you on his behalf that dont take it seriously, its his necessities!!!!! I forget to mention one thing friends, you might be thinking that why is he laughing in his pic, actually he very unexpetedly received a caal from a girl whom he liked all his school life, but never talked to you can predict. He might seem to be very Sidha sadha, but thats not the reality, He is "THE BOND"....VIKRANT CHAUHAN.....also knows as VIKS and HYDRABADI.....!!!!!!! what others are not capable to do, he does, noone know how???? From studies to everything, kuch bhi kara lo. Here comes the "BINDAAS GIRL" ......ABIRA BANDHOPADHYA.........Her way of living:-> mast jiyo, mast raho....i mean bindaas..........frank with all, she also studies a lot. After everything, her lunch is very tasty, "bahut sahi hota hai yaar". Yooooooo....welcome our "CHAMP" ......SWATI RAMACHANDRAN Always enters with a laughing face, thats her best quality and a smily on the left strap of her bag...Her God gifted english, always lowers others grades...... Rest not much comments are left there to greet her with......"HATS OFF to our PD CHAMP.... Nothing serious friends........the main problem is that mine above mentioned friends study a lot!!!!!!!!! Hey Guys!!!!!!!! Thats me.........Nothing much to mention about me, isnt it????????? Still want to know me through my mail...... Good bye!!!!! see u soon......


  1. hey dude!!
    love this new hobby of urs.....good one was nice to read bout evrything and everyone dats a part of ur life!!
    :) :) :)

  2. Good work..
    I think you distorted some facts about me, but everything else is fine! perfect description of everyone..

  3. hey nice to know bout all..
    achha describe kar leta hai tu..

  4. bahut raaz baki hain batane ke liye in sab k bare mein....but......leave it.........

  5. gr8 work dude!!! keep it up!!!....infact we must learn frm ya.....khaali tym me bass net surf karte rehte least u've done smthn creative ....keep it up....;);)..

  6. hey tau!
    gud one yaar!
    it was cool... always nyc to read about frdss... keep up the gud work .. n keep blogging! :)

  7. Wow! This was such a lovely post! Glad to come across your blog :) I truly agree that school & college life is one of the best times of our life's. Thanks, for sharing your gang with us :) Take care! :)


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