An evening I would never Forget...!!!

Sometimes in life very small incidents change your lifestyle a lot, but sometimes big incidents doesn't effect you much.....dats life.... But what if some big incidents take place in your life? And what if it happens with you for the first in your life at age of 16 or 17? It was a calm october evening, especially for the 12th stantard students, as its there last month to enjoy their life, as their life's going to get harder and harder enough to crush them under their tight schedule of boards preparation followed by competitive exams(IIT), etc. Everything went as per scheduled -- starting from his school in the morning and then running back to home to have some meal (as everyone has to run for his coaching classes) -- except for until it was 6:15 pm in the evening. Actually we had our 1st class of physics by Mr. V.K.Goenka, and then from 5pm onwards we have to attend our mathematics class by Mr. Sanjay Bagga. As we all have planned to appear in one or the other competitive exams, we were also attending that "COMPETITVE CLASS"....but between that our normal and competitive class we had 15 min. break and that was the time which, anyhow, I might not forget as that was the most terrifying moment of my life till date- I must say. We were the group of 8 people(students you must say)...out of which girls usually go for the scooty ride and as for the boys, we roamed here and there. But on that day, 5 of us on 3 scooty went for a break, and me, Ashmit and Arjun stayed back, but...........soon we received a call that two of them met an accident. We never expected the seriousness of the moment until we reached the scene of accident. The accident took place near the hospital but hats off to the strength of two guys(Pulkit and Pratham) who were with the 2 girls-who met that accident, who got the two to the hospital on time. But God is not always with us, as we reached the refused to accept the two, as being an accident case. Out of the two, one was very serious(totally unconcious)..We somehow tried to and made the doctor to atleast examine her situation and atleast get us an ambulance and with the initial aids so that we could get her safely to the nearby government hospital timely, and we were provided with that. However, the main mews was about to arrive us in a couple of moments after there departure. One of the senior doctors called me and Ashmit, and told us what we neither wanted to listen, nor expected to listen, and as soon as we heard the thunderbolt from that doctor, we were left dumbstruck for couple of moments before we could have swallowed the news, no question arrises of digesting the such news. How in the world we can go for such a big things at once. We were actually informed that the girl was dead on the spot, even long before she was reached to the private hospital. That was a sudden end of the world for us, we all were facing the situation that we have never expected to face and that proved to be our big mistake, we were all standing in front of our friends dead body. I dont know why I have written this post. I dont know of the future, but I have never forgotten the evening till date. I found this as the only place where i can share things...and a bit lighten my heart. Its the first time I have shared this incident anywhere, I have not even informed my parents about this, so that they may be worried with that as I too have to go somewhere sometime on some vehicle, and if I will get late they might get worried. I am really sorry for my friends who were related to that evening somehow or the other, and that i mentioned some of your's name. I really apolozise for, but i was forced...........


  1. u could never thats for sure...
    n this was one of the harshness destiny shows us to prove its existence.

  2. This incident was really unfortunate. Death is a harsh reality of life. Seeing someone die right before your eyes, unbearable.

  3. yeah.....i agree wid u someway and aomehow we have 2 accept it........

    DEATH IS A PART OF LIFE...........


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